Dana Professor of Economics
received honorable mention in
the Reason Foundation's 2012 Bastiat
Prize for Journalism. The prize "cel-
ebrates writing that captures the spirit
and creativity of Claude Frédéric Bas-
tiat, a 19th-century French economist
and classical liberal who used humor,
satire and simplicity to make powerful
cases for liberty and free markets that
have stood the test of time."
Translations by Professor of Physics
Daniel W. Koon
of two works of fic-
tion and one of non-fiction written by
Cuban science fiction writers have been
published recently. Koon has taught
science fiction, particularly interna-
tional science fiction, in the First-Year
Program, and maintains the largest
Cuban science fiction site in the English
CFCubana/CubanSF.html. —MD
The Gridiron
the yearbook,
begins to appear sporadically.
The Laurentian
begins as an
alumni and literary monthly; it’s
now an annual student literary
Senior Owen D. Young proposes
that the Thelomathesian Society
become the representative
dent government body
Take THAT, Breast Cancer!
Last fall's Power of Pink Week, spearheaded by the Student-Athlete Advisory Commit-
tee, raised $5,400 for the Gouverneur Business Women, an organization that assists
those fighting breast cancer. In just three years, St. Lawrence has raised $18,800 for
the cause. Shirts like those pictured may still be on sale:
When the Saints football team traveled to Long Island for
their November game against the U.S. Merchant Marine Acad-
emy, a bus wasn’t the only vehicle going along. This U-Haul
truck packed full of clothing and
goods for victims of Hurricane Sandy
went too. Team members organized
the relief supplies drive and also raised
$600 for the Red Cross.
The effort was part of a multi-
pronged initiative, organized by
students, to address needs brought on
by the hurricane. Other fundraising drives, supply collections
for delivery during the Thanksgiving Break, and an “adopt a
community” project were among the thrusts.
The football players also raised money throughout the 2012
season to benefit troops facing hardships at Fort Drum, about
an hour southwest of campus near Watertown, N.Y. The team
hosted "Tribute to the Troops" for the Sept.
home game against Norwich University,
raising $7,675 for USO: Fort Drum, a group
dedicated to lifting the spirits of troops and
their families.
In conjunction with that fundraising effort,
a panel presentation on campus in September
addressed Fort Drum's presence in the North
Country and the mental and physical hardships faced by those
stationed on the base. Presenters included Army Col. (ret.)
Eric Wagenaar ’83.
Saints Live Up to Their Name