house that they’ve both been working hard on
fixing up. Chinasa said she is enjoying her job in
the Albany Public Library system.
Lindsay Farrar
has also been making some
home improvements at her Albany house. She
was elected president of the board of the Friends
of Camp Little Notch, a former Girl Scout camp
that I know was very important to her in the Ad-
irondacks that they have transformed into a pub-
lic facility. They have summer camps for kids and
adult weekend activities as well. I visited the camp
last summer and it is beautiful.
I got together with
Liz Chadwick Burns
Chinasa for a summer trip to Enchanted Forest in
Old Forge, N.Y. Liz and her husband are looking
at buying a house in Ogdensburg, where they
own property. Liz works at a nearby hospital
with area youths.
I went to a party hosted by Nikki Freeman ’04,
M’05 last summer in Castleton. Mike Buckley
Kendra Stasko’06, M’07, Ann Dargie ’07, Kat
Bagley Maher ’07, Andy Jones ’06, Matt Coleman
and many others were there. It was mainly a
rugby affair but a huge, fun event for everyone
and great seeing so many folks in one place.
In international news,
Ziggy Low
is keeping busy
still in The Netherlands with studying and travel
in Europe.
Clementine Vitek Buyle
and husband
Hendrik have plans to move from Belgium, where
they’ve been for a few years, to the U.S. tempo-
rarily, until they move a bit more permanently
to Australia. They spent about a year there a few
years ago and really liked it so they’re going back.
I saw
Jess Engelbrecht
briefly over the summer
when we tried to meet up to see the NewYork Gi-
ants camp in Albany. She’s still in Baltimore, last I
heard, really enjoying her job there.
Here in Troy, N.Y., I’m taking on a few extra proj-
ects along with my newspaper reporting. I’m
doing freelance work for the
Ballston Journal
Malta, N.Y., which is growing a lot right now, and
doing work for the New York State Association of
School Business Officials. I was recently asked to
help with a possible documentary and eventual
movie about a local incident. I’m waiting until I
hear the official green light to get more than kind
of excited. I’ve been keeping busy with volun-
teer work as well and just concluded a skydiving
fundraiser for Make-A-Wish. It was my first tan-
dem experience, although I did static line skydiv-
ing in Malone my first year at St. Lawrence.
As always, I appreciate any updates, so feel
free to contact me via email, Facebook, Twitter,
LinkedIn, Google+, or even snail mail.
AdamCasler ’06
Hennepin Road Apts.
Loudon Road
Albany, NY 12211
Next Reunion: 10
, 2016
Thank you to those of you who submitted
notes. It was a little light; please send an update,
especially classmates who we haven’t heard
from in a while!
Trish McMahon
was married on August 11,
to Troy Tisdale, in Port Angeles, Wash. The
two met as volunteers with the Clallam County
Fire District, where Trish is an EMT and Troy is a
lieutenant. A picture of the happy couple is on the
Wedding Album page.
I got a quick email from
Laura Dix,
who writes,
Back in April I left my job at the United Nations
and NYC after I was offered a new position as a
regional coordinator with a volunteer abroad
company called Global Vision International in
Cape Town, South Africa. If anyone would like to
get involved with humanitarian or conservation
projects abroad, please get in touch!”
I attended the wedding of Jon Cardinal ’08 and
Brittany Lee Paull in Washington, D.C., back in
September, with St. Lawrence Chaplain Kathleen
Buckley. It was a great event with Laurentians
from the 1980s through 2010. The wedding was
held at the Arts Club of Washington, and Jon had
five St. Lawrence alums in his wedding party. It
was nice to see many familiar faces, including
Molly Ryan ’05, John Gursky ’07, Drew Crawford
Kirk Donovan ’08, Liz Boyd ’08, Emily
Gullickson ’08, Zoe Geer ’09, Lisa Romas Congiu
and Brian Congiu ’08.
Ben Lee
is an attorney at Carter, Conboy, Case,
Blackmore, Maloney & Laird, P.C.,www.carter-, in Albany, N.Y. Ben returned to
campus in October for the Alpha Tau Omega
rechartering ceremony, when 49 new men were
welcomed as brothers. Ben noted that a good
time was had by all.
Rachel Henderson
writes, “I have been the as-
sistant editor of New SouthMedia, Inc., since April
working full-time there, and recently gradu-
ated withmy master’s degree in professional writ-
ing and editing from West Virginia University. I
also got engaged to Mark Coon, who is originally
from Syracuse, N.Y., in July at my family’s home in
Yaak, Mont. Mark will finish law school at WVU
next May and be stationed as a JAG with the U.S.
Air Force somewhere, so we’re waiting for our as-
signment before planning anything.” Congratula-
tions on your graduation and engagement!
Megan Bernier ’07
Mildon Road
Canton, NY 13617
404-617-7851 (
Next Reunion: 10
, 2017
One of the great things about living in Canton
is watching the influx of new St. Lawrence stu-
dents arrive for the year. I walked around cam-
pus and couldn’t help but feel the energy and
excitement in the air. Remember that? It’s hard
to believe it was more than nine years ago. We
all had to stand in that long line that, by 8:30
a.m. that fateful Monday morning, had wrapped
itself all the way out past Lee and Eben Holden.
The process is much easier now – thank good-
ness! – but it still feels like yesterday, doesn’t it?
Of course, after getting all of your emails about
marriages and babies, I was brought right back
down to Earth!
It was great to hear from
Noelle O’Brien
had just moved from Philadelphia to Boston for a
job as a college counselor.“I’mworking at Bottom
Line, a fantastic organization that helps low-in-
come first-generation college students,” she said.
I’m excited to connect and reconnect with SLU
alums in the Boston area!”
I was thrilled to get an email from Delta sister
Jenni Sullivan,
who is in Seattle and loving it!
She has just started graduate school at USC. “It’s
a virtual degree, so I don’t have to be in Southern
California to complete it,” she said. She’s getting
a master’s in social work with a concentration in
military therapy, which is“tough but I couldn’t be
happier!” She finds time to meet up with fellow
Delta Justine Peters ’05 every chance she gets.
Throughout the fall,
John Gursky
spent time
abroad as part of his job as assistant director of
international admissions for Boston University. He
wrote from Thailand to update me on his adven-
tures in Asia, which included a“SLU in Hong Kong”
dinner with Drew Crawford ’08, who works at
CaseWestern Reserve University and also recruits
abroad. Before heading out, both John and Drew
joined several Laurentians for the marriage of Jon
Cardinal ’08 and Brittany Lee Paull on September
1, 2012,
inWashington, D.C.
I hadn’t heard from
Erin McDermott
in a while,
so her long note to me was more than welcomed!
She is living the life in Park City, Utah, and spends
her free time mountain biking, hiking and skiing.
All of her other time is spent on her doctorate in
physical therapy at the University of Utah.
Erin was a bridesmaid in
Sarah Lauridsen
Eric Morgan’s
wedding in New London, N.H.,
last June.
Nick Guyer
was a groomsman at the
event, which was filled with Laurentians. After the
celebration, Erin visited with
Erin Mellow,
who is
teaching and coaching field hockey and lacrosse
at Kimball Union Academy and has started a mas-
ter’s program in international education. She also
shared that
Ashley Currier
John Trainor
married August 4, 2012, in Portsmouth, N.H.
Sarah is promotions manager for a ski/binding
company, Marker Volkl USA in Lebanon, N.H.
She has continued her painting career; see sh- or her Facebook page, SHL Art. Eric is in
his third and final year at Vermont Law School.
He has spent two summers working in Rutland,
Vt., first for the state prosecutor’s office, and
last summer at Ryan Smith & Carbine, where
Andrew Maass ’83 is an attorney. Sarah and Eric
live in South Royalton, Vt.
I also heard from
Laura Mc-
who married Chris
Clark in June 2, 2012, at the
shore in New Jersey. “Married
life is different but I love it and
I couldn’t ask for anything else,”
she says.
Meg Martin (
in red
had the privilege of standing by
Laura’s side as Laura said,“I do.”
Here’s where I “fess up” to a
huge error I made. I don’t know how it slipped
by me before, but Meg had a beautiful baby girl,
Ireland, in July 2011. I’m lucky that I get to see
her every so often around town and had the
pleasure of attending Ireland’s first birthday par-
ty with
Erin Coakley Lassial
last summer. There
was just a part of me that couldn’t get over be-
ing at my friend’s daughter’s first birthday party. I
guess we’re getting to that time in our lives!