Sarah Dempsey Tarantino
and Jeff are still living
in San Francisco with their daughter, Katy, and
love it. Sarah worked part-time after her daughter
was born, but stopped working last spring as an
interior designer to be a stay-at-home mom. She
is so happy! She is using her “spare”time to build
a new business, Woods & Company (
-; she designs and creates custom in-
vitations, stationery, party favors and other party
embellishments.“Both endeavors are keepingme
quite busy!”she emailed.
In June and July, Sarah and her family took a
long vacation back East. She spent “a lot of time
catching up with SLU folks!”
Caroline Jenkins
Andrea Monnat Cammarata
White Kaldor-Bull
and Sarah spent a relaxing
girls’ weekend at Caroline's family's lake house
on Lake Champlain. Jeff and Sarah also met up
Erica Hasel Stark,
husband Matt and fam-
ily for a nice lunch while they were headed up to
their vacation in New Hampshire. And they gath-
ered for brunch in West Hartford, Conn., with
Amber Christiansen Rouleau
Alison Held ‘97
and Mary Von Ohlen ‘99. Sarah says, “Everyone is
doing so well!”
Through Facebook, I heard from
Bryan Gard-
who has been a clinical pharmacist for the
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for nearly 10
years. He is working toward his master’s in health-
care administration, which he is hoping to finish
by May. Bryan’s wife, Susan, is a high school guid-
ance counselor after taking some time off when
they had their children. Kailey turned 6 in Octo-
ber and is in first grade. Andrew, 3 ½, started pre-
school in the fall. The Gardners took a family va-
cation to Darien Lake, Seabreeze and Enchanted
Forest, all in NewYork State. Bryan said,“The kids
were disappointed that they could not go on all
the rides; they were not quite tall enough. Need-
less to say, they are both quite the daredevils!”
Sarah Zimmerman McElfresh
and her family
recently moved to Farmville, Va., from Winston-
Salem, N.C. They are still getting settled, but her
two girls, ages 6 and 8, really like school. Sarah is a
Girl Scout Brownie troop leader and is playing in
the Longwood University Wind Symphony. She
helped plan the triennial SLU Geology Alumni
Conference (SLUGAC) - this time honoring the
retirement of Mark Erickson.
Graham Baird
presented his research and served on a panel.
For more, see the separate story elsewhere in
these pages.
I also heard from my old Reiff College
Aishling O’Neill Falzone
She and
welcomed a daughter, Wheatley
Lucinda, on July 26, 2012. She joins big sister
Emarie, 3 ½. They recently moved from Boston
to Kittery Point, Maine.
Sally Williams Olson
and her husband, Jake,
had a baby girl, Elise Viola Olson, on February 25,
They live in Philadelphia.
I received a Facebook message from
Cole Eells,
who lives in Malone, N.Y., with her
husband, Nick, and their three children, Owen,
9 ,
Sam, 7, and Sophie, 18 months. She teaches
seventh grade English at Malone Middle School,
but she says they spend most of their free time
taking the boys to their soccer games!
Carol Hosley Shogren
sent me a report on
her family’s annual trek to the Adirondacks from
Wisconsin. They met up with
Tracy Hatch Gior-
and her family, and
Megan Williams
Carol’s parents’ house (Stu ’68 and Lorna Nichols
Hosley ’68). Carol also saw
Edith “Ede” Ellis
her daughter Bailey. Pictured are Andrew and
Cayden Giordano along with Katie and Luke
Shogren. Stu, Lorna and Carol met Jim Gaffney
at Carol’s sister’s wedding.
I heard from
Carrie McTague McGold-
through Facebook. She and husband Chris
live in Havertown, Pa. (outside Philadelphia),
where she is a stay-at-home mom to 2-year old
Fiona and 4-month old Quinn. She completed full
Ironmen in Lake Placid in 2008 and 2009!
Julia Love
made a huge move from London to
Malaysia in July to become director of admissions
at the International School of Kuala Lumpur. Julia
says, “I’m loving my new adventure. The people
are incredibly friendly, the food is amazing, and
opportunities to travel in Southeast Asia are fas-
cinating. Anyone wanting to travel to this part of
world, please look me up!”
We have been very fortunate to have had
short but wonderful visits from two classmates
over the past few months.
Anne Campbell
spent a night with us while she was
in Washington for business from Pittsburgh,
Katy Foley
stayed with us in September
after spending a few days nearby at a
conference. We had a great time, and it was nice
to spend some girl-time free of distractions!
Please be sure to connect with our class on Face-
book and LinkedIn.We’ll have a lot of Reunion up-
dates for you shortly, so stay tuned!
Genevieve Shaw Brown ’99
East 77th Street, Apt 3B
NewYork, NY
Next Reunion: 15
May 30-June 2, 2013
cluster with ’97, ’98)
Joe Kerper ’00
Centaur Drive
Evergreen, CO 80439
Next Reunion: 15
, 2016 (
cluster with ’01, ’02)
Josh Stearns
came back to campus in October
to give a talk titled “Money, Media and the Elec-
tion.” Stearns, a free press advocate, is journalism
and public media campaign director for the web-
site Free Press, which“advocates for universal and
affordable Internet access, diverse media owner-
ship, vibrant public media and quality journalism.”
He holds a master’s degree in American studies
from the University of Massachusetts.
Stearns notes that newspapers are vanishing
while radio and TV stations come more and more
into the possession of a few big corporations
and online start-ups deliver news almost instan-
taneously. “In the space between,” he says, “local
communities are facing an unprecedented infor-
mation gap. How can media policy and citizen ac-
tion help meet the information needs of society
and advance a more open democracy?“
Bridgette Holmes Gallagher ’01
State Street
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-4375
Next Reunion: 15
, 2016 (
cluster with ’00, ’02)
Not a lot to report this time, everyone. If you
have a baby, new job, new publication, new title,
new fiancée, new husband or wife, make sure you
let me know so we can share it with old friends.
Shannon Smith ‘03 and
Matt Desroisers
comed Brynlee Matison on April 19, 2012, in
Potsdam, N.Y. Shannon and Matt co-head coach
Clarkson women’s hockey. Congratulations!
And right now, why not plan your next get-to-
gether with your SLU buddies and send me infor-
mation about that too!
Katie Evereth ’02
Marion Street #26 NEW
Denver, CO 80203
703-517-0071 (
Next Reunion: 15
, 2016 (
cluster with ’00, ’01)
Congratulations to
Melissa Cosmus
and hus-
Dave McCullough
who welcomed a baby
girl, Abigail Frances, on February 20, 2012.
More congrats are in order, for
Knowles Warburton
They run the Bend (Ore.)
Endurance Academy, a nonprofit organization
that they created nearly four years ago. Brenna
writes, “The academy is dedicated to Nordic, cy-
cling and rock climbing development programs
for all ages. We have nearly 500 young athletes in
our programs now and we’re continuing to grow.
We celebrated our third wedding anniversary and
expect our first baby in January.”
Jamie Singer Chan
married Jonathan Chan in
Boston on March 17, 2012.
Melissa Sinner Beer-
man, Lily Lukas Scola, Eileen Fenn
Dori Mullin
Angela Ferraro Volner
were all in atten-
dance. Congratulations!
Richard “Chewy” Bray
wrote, “After 10 years, I
thought it was time to let you know my where-
abouts. After that snowy May 19, 2002, I accepted
a position teaching high school chemistry in a
rural district about 15 miles east of Binghamton,
N.Y.. I bought a house, which was quickly turned
into a zoo! My girlfriend and I have two dogs,
two cats, two rabbits, a cockatiel (small bird), an
umbrella cockatoo (large parrot) and a military
macaw (another large parrot), and for a while we
were breeding bearded dragons. We still have
four of those, and then bunches of pond, fresh-
water and saltwater fish.”