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Next Reunion: 20
, 2015 (
cluster with ’95, ’96)
The following item appeared in the last issue
with a significant error, which we regret, and is
reprinted here correctly.)
Nima Massoomi
told University officials that
his surgical office in San Francisco has been certi-
fied as the first LEED Platinum surgical office not
just in the U.S., but in the world. “We are basically
on par with some of the Fortune 500 companies
such as Adobe, Cisco and so on,”he says. He is an
oral andmaxillofacial and facial cosmetic surgeon
with an office in Cupertino, Calif., in addition to
the one in San Francisco.
Samantha C. Bixby ’95
Spring Canyon Heights, #103
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Next Reunion: 20
, 2015 (
cluster with ’94, ’96)
Tanya R. Parrott ’96
Handerson Place, #405
Manassas Park, VA 20111
Next Reunion: 20
, 2015 (
cluster with ’94, ’95)
Joy Sullivan-Ritter
sent the University this
photo of her and
Brian Ritter’s
kids, Brody and
Emma, with their cousin Ryan Schmidt ‘15, start-
ing right offensive tackle on the football team,
prior to the University of Rochester game last
fall. “They may be future Laurentians,” Joy noted.
Attempts to contact a dozen or so classmates
via email to scrounge up some news for this col-
umn met with no response. I’ll keep trying. In
the meantime, drop me a line or send me a note
on Facebook to let everyone know how you are
and what you’ve been up to!
I took a cross-country road trip last summer—
two weeks in the Jeep, checking out America.
I saw some of the big sights: the Grand Can-
yon, Yellowstone and Old Faithful, and Arches
National Park. And I saw lots of sights off the
beaten path: Craters of the Moon National Park
in Idaho), the Barbed Wire Museum (LaCrosse,
Kan.), and I even stood on the corner inWinslow,
Ariz., straight out of “Take It Easy,” by the Eagles.
The best parts, though, were when I stopped
to visit old friends. Just outside of Albuquerque,
N.M., I visited with
Kristen Winkler Sillence
and her husband, Chris, and kids, Kyra and Cam.
They have a lovely hillside home with an incred-
ible view of Sandia Mountain. (At least, I think
that’s the name. I’m pretty sure it means “water-
melon” in Spanish, and it describes how amaz-
ing the mountain looks when the setting sun
makes it appear red and green.) I spent a great
afternoon with them, catching up and being en-
tertained by the kids. I’ve never seen so many
cool kinds of cacti as they have growing in their
backyard. They have an impressive garden, too,
and when I left, Kristen gave me several jars of
their homemade jams and jellies.
A few days later, I made it to the Pacific Ocean
and caught up with Lucas Clark ’97. Lucas came
down from Santa Cruz, where he lives and works,
to meet me in Monterey, where we went to the
aquarium and walked around the fishermen’s
wharf. We did a scenic ride called 17-Mile Drive,
which took us by Pebble Beach and the famous
Pebble Beach tree, and then drove along the
coast for a little while. Even though we had a
great dinner at one of the wharf restaurants, I’m
afraid I wasn’t a very good dining companion; I
kept turning my attention to the sea lions on the
nearby dock and the pelicans nesting and eating
on the roof of the next building. They were all so
fascinating, I couldn’t focus on my meal!
All in all, it was a great trip and I can’t wait to do it
again—especially because one of my reasons for
heading to California was to see
Corrin Cramer
in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, our sched-
ules didn’t sync up. She and her family were vaca-
tioning on the East Coast when I got to California.
So until the next road trip, I’ll have to depend
on you to send news. At least
Neil Cifuentes
sent news to the alumni office: While on a trip to
Sweden, Neil, who also has his M.Ed. from St. Law-
rence, shared a flight with Viggo Mortensen ’80.
We had a nice chat after the flight,” Neil said. “He
is a very nice guy!”
Kerri Williams ’97
Fingar Rd.
Hudson, NY 12534-4271
c) 518-567-9980
Next Reunion: 15th, May 30-June 2, 2013
cluster with ’98, 99)
Kerri Williams
is your new class reporter!
Please send her your news at any of the contacts
provided above.
MelissaWilson MacGregor‘98
N. 23rd Road
Arlington, VA. 22207
Next Reunion: 15
May 30-June 2, 2013
cluster with ’97, ’99)
We’re only a few months away from our 15
union! I hope everyone is planning to join us on
campus on May 30. It will be a fantastic weekend
and we are hoping for a record-breaking turnout.
Whether or not you are attending, I encourage
you to make a donation in recognition of the
occasion, and to ensure that future classes have
the same wonderful memories of SLU as we all
have. Donations of any size count!
Twenty-two former Saints baseball players and coaches convened in and around Saratoga Springs last July 13-
to celebrate the old and the new. All either played for or coached with Tom Fay during Fay’s 38-year career.
From left seated are
Mike Moran ’98, Chris Butzbach ’97
Jeff Brainard ’76
while standing from left are
Dan Jalbert ’98, Greg DiCenzo ’98, Andy Toner ’98
behind DiCenzo),
TomMcGuire ’76, Tom Fay M’70
coach 1972-2010),
Paul Pierce ’00
Paul Patterson (assistant coach 1981-2006),
Hugh Lappe ’76
and current
head coach Pete Hoy.“Boating, golf and stories galore...”said Brainard, who kindly submitted the picture.