sent an update on an annual alumni
golf weekend, this year at the beginning of Sep-
tember near Lake George, N.Y. Attendees in-
Greg Smith, Angelo “Butch” Rose, F.K.
Grunert, Jamie Fitzsimmons, Kelly Kernaghan
and Mike O’Neil ’89. Jim said that in addition to
some golf, biking and mountain climbing, there
was an episode involving Butch, Greg, Jamie and
Kelly trying to kill each other on go-carts in Lake
George. Mike, Greg and Kelly all live in southern
Connecticut and attend their (eight, collectively)
kids’sporting events. Butch is still near Rochester,
N.Y., working in his law practice and growing his
fan base as a musician (check him out on iTunes).
F.K. also lives in the Rochester area with his wife,
Betsey, and their 13-year-old son, Fritz. Jamie is in
New Jersey with his kids, and Jim lives in Marble-
head, Mass., with his wife and four boys. Jim said,
Everybody seems to be doing great and we are
lucky to see each other at least once a year.”
Ken Polk ’91
Rana Court
Williamsville NY 14221
716-830-6438 (
716-626-6120 (
Fax: 716-626-6099
Next Reunion: 25
, 2016
I saw
Betsy Brunton Peters
in Buffalo in Au-
gust. Betsy came into town all the way from
Maine to support a high school friend who had
lost her husband (who happened to be a good
friend of mine). She is running a small business
in Maine (and doing very well) and keeps in touch
with a few St. Lawrence friends.
I also spoke via email and Facebook with
White Weisbeck
who was trying to convince
husband Steve to go to St. Lawrence’s reunion
last June and/or his 25
high school reunion in
Buffalo in July. Unfortunately, neither worked,
but I hope to see them soon. Steve and Kim are
still in Rochester, N.Y.
Speaking of Facebook, while I am connected
with many of you, I usually don’t share your news
in this column unless you ask. So, if there is some-
thing you want to share with your classmates,
please email me or connect with me on Facebook
and send me a message. I hope to have more
news for you in the future.
Lisa Kiene ’92
West 66th Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64113
Facebook: SLU ’92
Next Reunion: 25
, 2017
In August I enjoyed a four-week paid sabbati-
cal from Cerner, where I have worked for nine
years. I hadn’t had this much time off in a row
since graduation, so I was in heaven! I visited
three states that I had never been to: Alabama,
Louisiana and Arkansas. Only five left: Alaska,
Idaho, North Dakota, Oregon and Wisconsin…
if you live in one of these, I hope to see you!
My goal is to explore all 50 before 50.
Twelve classmates got together over
Columbus Day weekend at
K.C. Fuller
Fuller family) ski house in Park City,
Utah. They spent the weekend hiking in the
mountains, eating great food and reminiscing
about their years at St. Lawrence.
The group reports that everyone is doing great.
K.C. is a successful real estate agent with three
boys in St. Helena, Calif.
Jessica Burton
lives in
Peaks Island, Maine, has two girls and works at
Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative. She
recently raised money for cancer research and
participated in a triathlon.
Kate Coughlin Dah-
lives in Lincoln, Mass., and has two boys. She
is still an avid painter and is putting together a
show in the Boston area.
CourtneyWalsh Darby
has three children and is very active in Darien,
Conn., on a variety of town/school/community
Liz Carey Doyle
who teaches preschool
in Jackson Hole, Wyo., reports that her oldest of
three children has become a better skier than she,
which we all find hard to believe. She is active in
the mountains, skiing, taking frequent river trips
and hiking with her children.
Others who were there:
Maria Waters Ferlic
has two children and is a
pediatric nurse just south of Denver.
Kathleen Fitzgerald
continues her work for
the African Wildlife Foundation, working to pro-
tect wildlife corridors throughout Africa. She re-
cently moved to Johannesburg, South Africa, to
be with her husband.
Amy Clemens Harvey
of Carbondale, Col.,
also was there. Amy has two girls, continues her
career and writes a fun blog on the side.
Tori Mills
lives in Cleveland and works for a
watershed partnership. She is an avid traveler
and has some terrific entrepreneurial ideas in
the works.
Stephanie Mueller
lives in Burlington, Vt., has
two children and continues to work for Vermont
Natural Resource Council, where she has been
for several years.
Liz Comiskey Peirce
recently moved to
Falmouth, Maine, from Newburyport, Mass. She
is home with her two boys and is an avid surfer
in her free time.
Leslie Raynor
has two boys, lives in Denver and
for the past five years has been the coordinator
of special education services for students with
disabilities at a charter school, the Denver School
of Science and Technology. She makes frequent
trips into the mountains, where you can find her
hiking and skiing in her spare time.
Missing from this annual reunion were
from Denver;
Perrin Tingley Krin-
of Golden, Col., who has started working
on a degree in life coaching, has three children,
trains for triathlons and plays tennis in her free
Sandy Jonquieres Oakley
who lives in the
Albany, N.Y., area with her two girls and is a so-
cial worker for the all-girls St. Anne’s School; and
Amanda Pearson
who has one son and lives in
D.C., where she is finishing a master’s in public
health. She hopes to move back to the Boston
area upon completion of the program. Amaz-
ingly, this group has met every year for the past
years and look forward to their 21st reunion
next year on the Cape.
Marc Kremer
moved from Tokyo to Miami in
June 2012. He started a tech business called
), which is a smart-
phone-based loyalty program for small- to me-
dium-size businesses.
Cheryl Liebman Guliner
reports she has “Irish
Triplets”: Lexie and Chase, 3 in December; and
Amanda, 2 in December. They left the City and
moved to Greenwich, Conn. “We are official sub-
urbanites,” she wrote.
Hilary Martin
sent a quick note after returning
from mountain biking the White Rim Trail in the
Canyonlands of Utah. She said it was beautiful
as they rode 100 miles along the canyons. “I feel
so lucky to live in a place where you can just
jump in your car and go to these spectacular
national parks!” she said.
Judy Rader Richardson
live in the
San Francisco Bay Area (Piedmont) and have
three gorgeous children (Lucy, 9; Maisy, 6; Will,
Judy is having great success in residential
real estate, and Robin does high-tech marketing
for software companies.
Justin Scott
has started his own company in
Kansas City, Mo. Focused on media relations,
public relations and investor relations, Scott
Communications assists clients with key busi-
ness communication initiatives, both large and
small in scale. For more information, check out
Carey Flynn Thomasson
joined a USTA tennis
team and went all season undefeated. She then
went to state finals and won, earning a trip to
the regionals, where they played seven states.
She came in third! She says it was fun and very
exciting. Husband Dan brought the children to
watch, and daughter Hollis thought Carey was
in the Olympics!
Rob Zapletal
sent a note that he wife
are living in New Milford, Conn. Anne is
working at theMarvelwood School in Kent, Conn.,
and he is a financial manager in IBM’s outsourcing
business. Their two daughters are both playing
hockey this year, so they have a busy schedule,
but are all healthy and happy.
If anyone is interested in being the class reporter,
I certainly don’t want you to think that I am hog-
ging the assignment. I ammost willing to pass the
baton at anytime, so just let St. Lawrence or me
know. Stay in touch: send news!
Chris Gardner ’93
Mt. Pleasant Terrace
Newtown, CT 06470
203-364-0822 (
203-264-5554 (
Fax: 203-264-7098
Next Reunion: 25
, 2018