Lynne Gilbert Agoston ’90
Farmland Drive
Rockville, Maryland
Next Reunion: 25
, 2015
Hope everyone had a nice fall. St. Lawrence
received a note from
Ed Parham
reporting that
his wife,
Claire Puccia
who teaches introductory
and world history at Siena College in Loudonville,
N.Y., was appointed to run the college’s new
Center for Faculty Excellence and Innovation
Congratulations, Claire
Karyn Edwards
and husband Dick Niles ’87
took their kids on an RV trip over the summer,
driving from Los Angeles to Seattle and visiting
four cities and seven national parks. They had a
mini-reunion in Portland, Ore., of, from left, Kate
Wiggin ’92, herself, Rinna Carroll Jackson ’90
and Lisa Miosi ’88.
Rin has her own art company, Sleeping Bee
Studio. Kate is a naturopathic pediatrician and
Lisa is a high school counselor. Karyn, who is as-
sistant principal at Herndon (Va.) Middle School,
said it was“great to reconnect, reminisce and real-
ize how timeless our SLU friendships are.”
John Linsley ’04 (KSP fall ’02)
Perkins Row | Topsfield, MA01983 |
| (978) 500-6342
A year after her fall ’02 KSP,
Emily Hunter Pyenson
Emory University) re-
turned to Kenya to write her undergraduate thesis about multilingual young
women in Mombasa, and then studied sociolinguistics at the University of
St. Andrews in Scotland. She then headed for the West Coast to work in
non-profit and volunteer management, including for the 2010 Olympics in
Vancouver. She’s now in Washington, D.C., “spending most of the year at
home with my 2-year-old son, Anders." In the summers she teaches Swedish
at Concordia Language Villages, a language immersion program for young
people. Emily would love to get back in touch with friends fromher KSP: epy-
Katie Gauthier ’04
KSP fall ’02) recently moved to the St. Louis area with
her fiancé. Katie works for the International Institute of St. Louis, which sup-
ports the city’s refugee and immigrant communities.
Eric Klapper ’04
KSP fall ’02) marriedMaggieTober in a back-yard wedding
in Buffalo, N.Y. on Memorial Day Weekend. Both work at Tapestry Charter
School in Buffalo.
Sajana Blank ’08
KSP spring ’06) is working for the Kennedy-Lugar Youth
Exchange and Study Program, which is funded by the U.S. Department of
State and provides scholarships to students from largely Muslim countries
to study in the U.S. for an academic year. “This position has allowed me to
learn more about other regions of Africa (and the world), specifically North
Africa and also the Middle East,” she says. She’s practiced her Swahili with
partners and students fromTanzania and Kenya, and traveled to Egypt and
Also from the spring ’06 KSP,
LincolnDavie ’07
recently began as a graduate
student in the department of education at Montana State University in
Alex Eaton ’08
KSP fall ’06) and Margot Brooks ’08 have bought a farm in
Upper Jay, N.Y., where they plan to make cheese. They said, “There is a lot
of work to be done before we are up and running.” Follow their progress at
Ajiri Tea (
, a producer of award-winning teas founded in
Sara Holby
Bowdoin College, KSP fall ’06) and her mother,
Funkhouser Holby ’79
KSP fall ’78), won the 2012 Sofi Gold Award for
Innovation in Packaging from the National Association for the Specialty
Food Trade, Inc. They also won the Buyer’s Choice award for Best Black Tea
at the 2012 World Tea Expo. Ajiri is based in western Kenya; 100 percent of
profits support the education of local orphans through the Ajiri Foundation.
Long-time KSP support staff member Douglas Ngaira is doing well in
retirement, farming maize and beans and caring for livestock on his family
farm in Kitale, Kenya. He joined the KSP team in the early 1980s when the
programwas still based in theWestlands area of Nairobi.
As always, contact me with news, updates, and photos. I look forward to
hearing from you.
Swahili for "What's the News?")
Habari Gani?
The KSP and the Peace Corps
As a follow-up to the last issue’s article on KSP alumni working in Africa,
several have also served in the Peace Corps in Africa:
Greg Bagnato ’93 (KSP fall ’91): Niger, agro-forestry extension
Christopher Burns ’95 (KSP fall ’93): Ghana, forestry; training officer/
associate director, Peace Corps Niger; country desk officer, Peace Corps
Brendan Hayes ’04 (KSP spring ’03): Swaziland, community health
Stanzi McGlynn ’10 (KSP spring ’09): Senegal, community
economic development
Natalie McKennerney ’04 (KSP spring ’03): Malawi, education
John McPeak ’88 (KSP fall ’87): Senegal, agricultural extension
Heather Elizabeth Patt ‘96 (KSP spring ‘95): Madagascar, environment/
community development
Justin Sullivan ’07 (KSP spring ’06): Tanzania, health education
Kelly Thayer ’00 (KSP fall ‘98): Tanzania, community development
Chris Stolz ’00
KSP fall ’99) was in touch from Kinshasa in the
Democratic Republic of the Congo, where for three years he has
been working on a police reform program with the consulting firm
Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI). Chris has also worked for DAI
in East Timor, Kenya, Liberia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. He writes,
I pass through Nairobi occasionally, but have only made it back to
the KSP’s Karen center once, in 2007, when I did get to see Wairimu
Ndirangu, one of the program’s co-directors.” On the KSP he met his
Emily Brotherton
Washington University). They married in
and have been travelling the world together pretty much ever
since. “Our semester had at least five of us who have gone on to work
in Africa in some way, and I still feel incredibly fortunate to have been
able to do the KSP,” Chris said.