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Next Reunion: 30
, 2014 (
cluster with ’84, ’85)
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David Clauss
M.D., returned to campus last fall.
An emergency medicine physician at Fletcher Al-
len Health Care in Burlington, Vt., he gave a talk
titled “When Doctors Go Bad: The Disciplinary
Process for Physicians.”
Laura Curley Pendergast ’84
Rumpenmile Ave.
Westport, CT 06880-5329
Next Reunion: 30
, 2014 (
cluster with ’83, ’85)
Thanks so much to those of you who answered
my email! I got a terrific update from
Libby Ban-
who lives in the Los Angeles area with
her husband and son, Finn, 4. With longer days
at school for him, Lib is thinking about getting
back to “more of my own work life. I see my old
Kim Hovey
Beth Cuda Baker
when visiting back East and was lucky enough to
see a whole group of the old SLU gang in NYC for
dinner, which was so much fun, one of the high
points of my visit last Christmas!”
When I was a newly minted freshman at St. Law-
rence, I became ill almost immediately and was
sent to the infirmary. There beside me, also ill, was
the nicest girl,
Cheryl McFadden Adler.
I was
happy that my infirmary mate was such a good
egg. She sent a nice note that she was having
lunch with
Penne Brooks Weicker
in suburban
Connecticut. Cheryl spendsmuch time in her gar-
den, growing all sorts of flowers, cucumbers, wa-
termelon, pumpkins, gourds, tomatoes, zucchini
and herbs. The Adlers sent their middle child, Ju-
lia, off to college in August, so“our house is pretty
quiet with just one child left at home.”
I received a terrific update from
Cami Thomp-
who is still the women’s cross coun-
try ski coach at Dartmouth and starting her 24th
season. She has a great team this year. Cami lives
in Thetford, Vt., with husband Peter and their
year-old daughter, Sophie.
I also got a lovely note from
Sue MacKinnon
She and Tim ‘81 “are thrilled that Collin,
our oldest, is a first-year at St. Lawrence. We look
forward to catching up with other alumni who
also have Chips!” Their other son is a freshman in
high school.They are still inMendham, N.J., where
Sue is “a stay-at-home mom who volunteers for
everything! We caught up with
Aimee Clark Pe-
last winter in Colorado, and hit the slopes
with them. She’s been living outside Denver for a
few years now. It was great to spend time with her
and the family. Bumped into
Lisa Blanchard De-
who is still in the Boston area, and one of
her daughters on the Nantucket ferry.”
Bobbie Bush
of Bobbie Bush Photography, was
ranked as one of the Best Children’s Photogra-
phers in Boston, Mass., for three consecutive years
in the Boston A-List online poll. Bobbie took the
top spot in 2011, and was runner-up in both 2010
and 2012. She is celebrating 15 years with her stu-
dio in historic Salem, Mass. Congrats, Bobbie!
Byron Brewer
recently received a call from
JB” Beck
as he was visiting a client in Hartford,
Conn., and they got together for a round of golf
and “some much-needed catching up.” John has
a great job in the health care software market and
travels aroundmanaging and promoting their so-
lutions for digital record compliance. His family in-
cludes two boys and a girl and they live in Raleigh,
N.C. Byron lives in Clinton, Conn., and is running
a manufacturers rep agency in the electrical
markets, covering all New England. With a wife
and daughter, he says, “I’m outvoted at home.”
Byron sees
Dave McBain
a lot too, since Dave is
involved in the electrical business, working for a
manufacturer of specialty safety products as a re-
gional manager. Coincidentally, they were room-
mates for three years at St. Lawrence.
Elizabeth Brill’s
letter was fascinating! One
thing I learned at SLU was how much one
know and how much there is to learn. The up-
date from Elizabeth was a great reminder! She
still resides in Corning, N.Y., though she spends
lots of time working elsewhere. At the Museumof
Comparative Zoology at Harvard, she is finishing
restoring a collection of glass models of marine
invertebrates made in the late 19th century by
Leopold and Rudolph Blaschka. They made these
models and marketed them all over the world
before making the even more famous botanical
specimens, Harvard’s famous glass flowers, at the
Harvard University Herbaria.
Elizabeth spent her summer in the Virgin Islands
working with a fish parasite research team. The
primary species the team studies was found to
be a new one specific to the Caribbean, so was
Gnathiid marleyii
in honor of Bob Marley,
who continues to be such an important figure in
the region even after his death. “The relationship
among the parasites, the fish and organisms that
eat the parasites could be an indicator of overall
coral reef health,”she explains.
Eric C. Miller
has joined the faculty of USC’s An-
nenberg School for Communications and Jour-
nalism, where he teaches courses in financial
communication to graduates and undergradu-
ates. Eric, who is the chief marketing officer of
Connecticut-based Green Solar Finance, lives in
San Marino, Calif., with his wife, Leslie (Sarah Law-
rence ‘83), and daughters Zoe, 17, and Grace, 13.
Sue Kiley-Taylor’s
eldest, Kate ’16, is a freshman
at St. Lawrence and is on the volleyball team. Sue
and husband Jim ’85 reside in Vernon, N.J.
Lindsey VanVliet
is a single mom of three, still
living in Chevy Chase, Md. She has two in college,
daughter Amanda at Michigan and son Bradley a
freshman at BU. Son Clayton is a terrific lacrosse
player. He attends Sidwell Friends School in D.C.
A news release arrived on campus, says that
Jones Lang LaSalle has hired
Chris O’Callaghan
as a managing director with its Stamford,
Conn., office. He will provide strategic real
estate services to tenants and building owners
throughout the New York metropolitan area.
Former chairman of the Business Council of
Westchester County (N.Y.) and of theWestchester
Economic Development Business Coalition,
he serves on the board of trustees of New York
United Hospital Medical Center.
I see some local Laurentians from our class
around Connecticut now and then.
O’Brien Eppler
lives in New Canaan, as does
Beth Baker
Cindy Oosting Dodge
lives close by
in Fairfield. We usually try to attend a SLU-Yale
hockey game, which is always a fun-filled night!
On Sept. 15, 2012, at Joe’s Pond, near Danville, Vt., a half-dozen Phi Sig alumni from the classes of
and ‘87 enjoyed their annual get-together. From left are
Tim Corley ‘87, Chris DeLorenzo
who gets a nod for submitting the picture),
Dan Boardman ‘86, Pete Leinbach ‘87n, Dan O’
Connor III ‘87,
Andy Mager ‘87.