There isn’t a better testament to how much
Rob was loved and will be missed by so many
SLU friends. Thinking of all of you and wishing
everyone best wishes and high hopes for a
healthy and happy 2013.
Steve Lubrano ’81
Goodfellow Road
Hanover, NH 03755
Next Reunion: 35
, 2016 (
cluster with ’80 ’82)
Behind the frivolity of these notes we catch a
glimpse of classmates who are making an impact
on our world.
It starts with TV.
Sarah Wilbur Hill
was on “The
Today Show,”
Karen Heller
was on HGTV,
faced down Gordon Ramsey on “Hotel
Hell,”and most recently
Lauren Kay Podesta Sal-
appeared on Fox.
Sarah and husband David have acquired Dental
Herb Company and thus created a vertical mar-
ket for the product lines they manufacture for P.J.
Noyes Co., their pharmaceutical contract/manu-
facturing business. They have a son working in
NYC and a daughter at Wesleyan.
Lauren wrote, “I’ve been a mentor to teen girls
for many years. I help them have a smooth tran-
sition to college and then coach them through
the ups and downs of their college years…and
beyond. Last year I came out with a book –
Must-Know Secrets for Today’s College Girl
upon this experience. It’s been a fascinating jour-
ney since the book came out, including radio and
TV spots. I’m now regularly presenting at schools
and for educational organizations.” She said she’d
just been at Yale. “I couldn’t feel more gratified by
the work I’m doing,”she concluded.
John Imhoff reported in classic staccato fashion,
Granddaughter is two years, changed the color
ofmyhair (moregray), spenda lot of time inCuba,
closed the Cambridge Hotel (sad), retired from
the Reserves, closed my civilian practice, picked
up everything and moved to the Caribbean with
my wife, dog and two cats, working for the Office
of the Military Commissions, occasional visitor at
O’Kelly’s, the only Irish Pub on communist soil.”
There has been a migration of classmates back
to campus…
Dave Miller
writes, “we had a Beta Theta Pi re-
union in September. It was great, with more than
brothers back, most from ’70s and early ’80s.
Frank Pedlow
andTomKirkpatrick ’82 came
Rick Roberts
was part of it, and
and his son Trevor ’10 were there, and
Trevor’s class had other representation as well.
We kept it calmand did not storm the ATO house!”
Hans Copeland
and Betsy Purcell ’83 dropped
their daughter, Natalie, off at St. Lawrence
last August for her first year. Betsy was last
seen cajoling a weeping Hans into the car on
Sunday morning for the drive home; the old
boy just felt right at home 30-odd years later.
Hans wrote,“‘Smeals’and I dropped by the Hoot
Friday night and within minutes ran into a half
a dozen ’81s, (including)
Katie Raycroft-Meyer
Holly Hammond Williams
joined forces with 100 or so other parents and
kids for a Texas-style tailgate party with game
grills, tent and pickup trucks in a U-shape
facing the football end zone just south of
the bookstore. We cleaned up real nice.
SLU still rocks!!!”
Shawn Smeallie
and Janice made sure that
every high-end catering firm in the region
was working on their behalf during Family
Weekend last fall.
Elizabeth Perry Hess’s
daughter, Laura, is a
freshman at Wesleyan. “Laura can’t imagine be-
ing happier anywhere else,” they reported. “She
is working hard, meeting some incredibly brilliant
classmates and involved in many activities.”
wrote fromLima on the way back from
a two-week vacation in Chile, Easter Island and
Peru. Highlights were seeing the Moai on Easter
Island and Machu Picchu. “My Spanish is limited
to counting to 10,” he said, “but I managed OK.”
When not vacationing, he practices internal medi-
cine privately in South Florida.
Ellynne Skove
ran a professional training in
Prague last summer, organized an outdoor
performance work, and met up with Jeannine
Edelblut ’79 while in Europe. The two took a mid-
dle-aged ladies’ road trip from Prague through
Switzerland and Germany to Jeannine’s new
home north of Toulouse, France.
Jon Maurer
had the honor of representing
St. Lawrence as one of 120 delegates at the
investiture of Reed College’s 15th president on
September 21. Hewrites,“My daughter Stephanie
is a junior at the Portland, Ore., college. The pomp
and circumstance was inspiring. Since Portland
is home to one of the largest populations of
craft brewers, the beer was excellent.” His son is a
sophomore at Tulane.
Mark Comaratta
and Kate have relocated from
Buffalo, N.Y., to Bozeman, Mont. "Our kids have all
moved on, so it was the right time,”he said. Hewas
a vitreoretinal surgeon in Buffalo for 20 years, and
will now be practicing in Bozeman “and skiing,
mountain biking and golfing in my free time." He
keeps in touch with roommate
Jeff Chiarenzelli
chair of geology at St. Lawrence. “He, Rick Roberts
and Craig Garlock visited the Big Sky area recently
for some fly fishing and a lot of laughs.”Mark said.
We still can’t believe anyone takes us seriously.”
Karen Helle
r, in addition to being an HGTV
personality, runs a very successful New York City
real estate brokerage selling apartments and
townhouses in Manhattan and Brooklyn. With
an office in Soho, a lot of her business is in the
West Village/Chelsea, along Central Park, and
the Upper East Side. She tweets about the gossip
and news every day at @nychomesforsale.
Aggie Kirby Perkins
is still kite-boarding and
surfing when not teaching yoga, Pilates, or
training. She and 18 members of her family went
to Galway, Ireland, to welcome her 23-year-old
nephew back from the Volvo ocean race.
Aggie also let us know that
Anne Zenker’s
father had passed away. She writes, “He was
such a cool man—fit, full of life with a big heart
and a smile that could change your day.”You are
in our hearts, Anne.
Aggie also reported that
Ellen McCurdy
is “spinning and biking for causes
every year. She is a super-mom of three
accomplished athletic boys playing lacrosse and
hockey in college.”
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