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Next Reunion: 40
, 2015
Mary Izant ’76
Harcourt Drive
Cleveland Heights, OH 44106
Next Reunion: 40
, 2016
News about Joseph “Joedy” Meszaros appeared
in the last issue with a significant error, which we
regret, and is reprinted here correctly.)
Joedy Meszaros
reports being “unable to take
my daily run due to a sciatic inflammation.” He
says swimming helps, so “I’m in the pool every
day trying to keep my sanity and metabolism el-
evated until I get this lifestyle impediment figured
out. A little ‘gain frommy pain’advice to you oth-
er near-sexagenarian recreational athletes: the
push through it’ approach may not be as effec-
tive a training protocol as it was in your mid-20s."
Joedy has added responsibilities for his com-
pany’s new products initiative. “I’ve always been
passionate about the stuff of CPG marketing, so,
when they actually let me do it, going to work is a
lot more fun,”he says.
Ron “Luca” Pelligra
reports that “Over 100
Betas from four decades converged for ‘Beta
Zeta Reunion in Larryland’ the weekend of Sept.
Memories of the past were relived and
new ones created. Go Saints!”I hope for more for
the next column!
Bill Durkin
writes, “I was on campus with my
youngest son, Alec, for a tour and interview. Ad-
missions does such a nice job to make the visit
worthwhile. The campus looks terrific and wan-
dering around made me think back to that most
enjoyable weekend we all spent together a few
years back at our 30
Brenda Hensler Reiter
spent time in New York
City in late September, setting up her son Austin
in a new apartment, and meeting up with
Michael Dale
Amy Mellencamp.
She then
headed to Rochester, N.Y., for her husband’s
board meeting and they spent time fly-fishing
in the area.
Alex Chamberlain
wrote, “I will be seeing
if he hasn’t left for greener pastures, and
his brother Nick ‘75 when I go to a high school
reunion in Rochester, N.Y. Life remains good in
the mountains. Still working for the largest health
system in Idaho, just completed a master’s in
bioethics, kids all thriving in various careers or
educational pursuits, and St. Lawrence friends are
welcome to crash at our mountain home. Every
season has its attractions: skiing, snowshoeing,
rafting, hiking, etc.”
Larry Buonocore
wrote, “Hope all is well 36
years after graduation!! I am still with IBM (West
Chester, Pa., office), in sales, celebrating my 35th
anniversary in February. Seems like a long time
but it is still fun. Our children, Danielle, 28, and
Michael, 25, are pretty much off the payroll
but there is still a lot of their stuff around the
house. My wife, Susan, is enjoying her time at
the beach and spends a considerable amount of
it caring for her 90+ parents.”
Dawn Pollock Gregory
sent a wonderful up-
date: “We toured the North Country and saw SLU
and Canton on a rainy day in August. The school
and downtown Canton looked amazingly un-
changed to me. I was happy to find Brewer Book-
store, in a spacious building on Park Street.”
Dawn hoped to connect with
Ellie Bell Menz
who she also knew from high school in Fishkill,
N.Y., but “was disappointed I did not find her.”
Ellie is a CPA in Canton and she has taught in
Canton and in Potsdam.
Not too long ago,” Dawn said, “I corresponded
Gail Sauer Bessette.
I was looking up
things to do in the Adirondacks and found Gail’s
art in local galleries! Gail is a prolific and very suc-
cessful artist living most of the time in Malone,
N.Y., and part-time in Sedona, Ariz. She and I
shared the Vienna Program and traveled togeth-
er in our junior year. I had no idea my European
traveling mate was such a talented artist! What a
wonderful discovery.
Gail and I wish we could get in touch with some
of our other Vienna companions, like
Mike Bot-
tini, Artie S., Ted Lewkowicz
Debbie Harmon
Lewkowicz ’77,
Claire, Doni Davis
and Phoebe
Kornfeld ’77...and perhaps have a reunion ... at our
th? Does anyone knowwhere these people are
now? Write to me:
Dawn and her husband drove through Saratoga
Springs, N.Y., on their way to her 40th high school
reunion, and she “impetuously called
Furgal Lacovino,
who shared Dean-Eaton and
Whitman dorms with me. I had not seen Melanie
or heard fromher in 20 years, but she joined us for
lunch and it was as if it was yesterday. Melanie is
teaching in Saratoga Springs.”
Dawn reports corresponding with
Diane Caso-
who owns a fishing charter business in
Homer, Alaska (
and also earned her doctorate in counseling and
worked on Long Island part of the year; and with
Scott Schaffer
an attorney and arbitrator in em-
ployment and labor law in West Hartford, Conn.,
and in Florida. “I love his newsletter about em-
ployment issues!”she said.
Dawn added that her son and his band, PK,“were
invited to MTV studios and the Huffington Press
recently. To download their music or watch their
videos go to
Scott Shabot
has started a radio show, every Fri-
day at the Digital Power Hour onWSBR AM740, or
over the web at
/ or
HD 3 96.5.“I discuss how the Internet affects your
life and business,”he said.
Donna Winfield Fleece
wrote, “I enjoy work-
ing as a school psychologist in Sarasota, Fla.,
while continuing to live in St. Petersburg. I was ap-
pointed by the mayor to the City of St. Peters-
burg’s Arts Advisory Committee. We construct
the cultural plan for the city and also award grant
money. As a side benefit I enjoy being invited to
lots of art exhibitions and performances. I also
play the guitar and keyboard, and sing in a band
with several of my friends. We have a lot of fun
and make a lot of noise. I also enjoy creating graf-
fiti art and am working with an artist on a project
on a ‘legal wall’downtown. Life is good.”
I spent two weeks in the Seattle area in August,
visiting my brother and his wife. I had coffee and
a quick catch-up with
Jeff Seely
one morning at a
local café. He returned from the LA area the night
before, and the next day he was headed out for
a month with his wife on their sailboat, cruising
through the San Juan Islands and up the coast of
Canada. I then headed to Bainbridge Island for a
week, having orchestrated a family reunion.
After my next email blast, please hit “REPLY” and
type! Thank you all.
Brothers of Beta Theta Pi fraternity enjoyed a well-attended reunion on campus in September. Reports are that
over 100 Betas were on hand for activities that included tours of the former Beta House, the Beta Temple and
campus; a reception hosted by President Bill Fox ’75, himself a Beta; a barbecue; and a careers panel for students.
Among those there were, kneeling,
Jerry Finerghty ’74
left, and
Bob Kirschner ’74
and standing, left to right,
Mike Bongiovanni ’76, Hugh Lappe ’76, Kevin McGrath ’77, President Fox, Terrill “Teb” Barnard ’74, Ron
Pelligra ’76, Kevin Kelley ’76
Tom Hoffman ’75