I received word over the summer of the deaths
Sandra Taylor Fletcher
Ben Olds.
For de-
tails, see“In Memory.”
Sandy was a sociology major and member
of Alpha Delta Pi and did many campus activi-
ties. She was a program administrator for the
Ashtabula (Ohio) County Department of Job and
Family Services from 1973 to 2006, and was in-
volved in a host of community causes, advisory
councils and boards involving families, children,
seniors and mental health.
One of the best memories I have of Ben Olds
was as houseboy at the Kappa Lodge. He worked
there with
Tom Smith
and the two of them of
fered all manner of “guy” opinions to those of us
who hung around the kitchen after dinner. A big
guy with a big heart and a quiet smile, Ben spent
most of his adult life in Valdez, Alaska, working
in various fuel supply businesses. He finished his
career working for the Valdez City School District
as facilities manager.
My 2-pound grandson Harrison (born three
months early on November 18, 2011) was a
whopping 20 pounds nine months later! By the
time this message is in your hands, I’m guessing
he’ll be moving forward in his development stag-
es as well. Many thanks for your prayers and kind
remarks. Daughter Molly is a junior at Syracuse
University and an information studies (IT) major.
She spent last summer as an intern for JP Morgan
Chase, discovering corporate America. Time will
tell where this leads.
Stay connected!
Linda Tirelli Herrmann ’73
Lebanon Hills Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15228-1819
Next Reunion: 40
May 30-June 2, 2013
I’m sure you’ve all received your reminder from
St. Lawrence about Reunion and share my disbe-
lief – how can we have graduated 40 years ago?!
I hope many of you are planning a trip to Can-
ton in May, but in the meantime, here’s what I’ve
heard from classmates.
Vicky MacLean
is enjoying retirement and
spends her time dog-training for retriever field
trials and doing a lot of Forest Service history
research. Last spring she received a Historic Pres-
ervation Award from the Lewis and Clark County
historic preservation committee for her history
of the Helena National Forest, where she worked
for 21 years. She is working on a two-volume
project on the old ranger stations of Montana,
which has taken her all over the state to little
towns and remote places.
Cathy Morris Meehan
and her husband, Mike,
have been in Bradenton, Fla., for 10 years. Prior
to that, they lived in Vail, Col., and Rochester, N.Y.
They have two sons and a daughter out on their
own in Florida and Colorado. The largest focus
of Cathy’s life right now, aside from family, is her
church activities. She sings in the choir, plays
hand bells, and occasionally plays piano and or-
gan. She is also vice chairman of the congrega-
tion, all of which keeps her quite busy.
Sue LaMantia Brown
sent the University a
picture of herself, left, and Terry Cappelli Sut-
kowski ‘79 out for dinner at the Red Lion Inn in
Stockbridge, Mass. They live in the same neigh-
borhood in Delmar, N.Y., and met at a book club
meeting. “As SLU alums,” Sue said, “we have been
fast friends ever since.”
During a trip to Chicago, I tried to get together
Debby Wood Lawson,
but things didn’t
work out. We managed to speak on the phone,
though, and I found out that Debby recently
downsized and moved, and was gearing up for
another year as an elementary school librarian.
That’s it for news. Please write and let me know
what you’ve been up to!
Sandra CicconeWagner ’74
Walking Path Place
San Diego, CA 92130
Next Reunion: 40
, 2014
pleased to capture sec-
ond place in the USATF
National Master Mara-
Twin Cities Region’s 60-
age group Masters
Championship run in
Minneapolis in October.
Happy to finish in 2:58,”
he posted. With more
than 8,000 registrants,
Lee ranked 225
overall and had a pace of 6:49
per mile. At the start of the race, the temperature
was 28 degrees.
Lee reports, “Prior to the race I received many
words of encouragement from the St. Lawrence
alumni running community, most of themyoung-
er than me. After the race I received many con-
gratulations, again from that community. I owe
a lot of thanks for that support.” He says he was
cheered by his classmate
Kevin Dooley
at the
three-mile mark.
Lee continues, “Word got out that I was looking
for a St. Lawrence top to wear. Alumni stepped
up to offer to loan me their personal uniforms. I
was a bit embarrassed, knowing how sentimen-
tally attached you can get to your uniform. But
when I said‘I’ll just use a non-SLU racing top,’Chris
Sammy" Wilcox ’00 said, ‘like heck you will,’ and
handed me his.” He enjoyed running alongside
Hilary St. John ’10 for a while.
When he’s not running, Lee works in the
insurance industry in Glens Falls, N.Y. He and
Linda Bergkvist Pollock ’75 have three sons,
including Ryan ’05.
Our 40th reunion will be in 2014. Yes, I realize
it is over one year away, but it is not too soon to
start thinking about it. What reunion activities,
entertainment, tours, etc. would interest you
and your family? For those whose last time at
St. Lawrence was for our graduation – what
would bring you back to campus? For those who
attended previous reunions – what would make
this reunion special for you?
Send me an email or call and let me know your
suggestions for the 40
reunion. I am also on
Facebook, so you could contact me that way as
well. While you are at it, please let me know what
you and yours have been doing.
Amherst, Mass., was the scene a fewmonths ago of a gathering of college friends (front from left)
Linda Sten ’78,
Wendy Fradley Monroe ’77, JimMcCabe ’77, Bill Little ’77, Cliff Sinnott ’77
Tom Falk ’77
and (back from
Sue Hess ’78, Kirby Van Vleet ’77, Pat Wadsworth ’77, Linda Palombi-Quay ’78
and hostess
Connor ’77
For details, see the Class of ’77 column.