John and I made an unexpected trip toMaryland
and Virginia in August, but not for pleasure. His
son-in-law, a retired Naval aviator, passed away in
April, and his remains were buried in a very mov-
ing ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. We
spent a day exploring Baltimore’s Inner Harbor
and the National Aquarium before flying back to
Washington state.
Please tap out an email and let me know what
you’ve been up to, would you? There are many of
you we haven’t heard from in a loooong time. And
how‘bout somemore news fromReunion. Thanks!
Anne Lauriat ’68
Horace Rd.
Belmont, MA 02478-2315
Next Reunion: 50
, 2018
What fun to hear from some oldies but goodies,
Bernie Campanella
who lives in Harrisburg,
Pa., and works for builder Fine Line Homes. He
wrote, “I doubt that I am the class’s first great-
grandfather but I will give it a shot. My oldest
granddaughter delivered my first great-grandson
in July.” Congratulations, Bernie! Do we have any
other [gasp] great-grandparents?
I was delighted to receive a long email from
Leanna Abraham Landsmann
who said she,
Julia Costello, Ann Todhunter Brode
Tracy Knapp Cabanis
couldn’t get to Canton
for the reunion, so had their own. They met in
Colorado at photographer John Kelly ’69’s “End
of the Road” ranch.
Tracy came with husband Francois and her son
Craig ’91, who teaches Spanish and French in Den-
ver. Tracy is retired from Knopf, and she and Fran-
cois split their time between France and NewYork.
Julia had tales of exciting excavations the world
over and by now has returned from a dig in
Lebanon. She continues to run her successful
firm Foothills Resources out of Mokelumne Hill,
Calif. Dr. Costello is a widely recognized author-
ity on cultural resource management of historic
sites in the Western United States.
Ann brought husband Ben, a painter of Califor-
nia landscapes who sketched the magnificent
vistas from Kelly's ranch. Ann continues her
bodywork practice in Santa Barbara. She’s work-
ing on a new book on aging and made sure ev-
eryone did their morning exercises. Her website
Leanna came from New York’s Finger Lakes via
Jupiter, Fla., where she now lives half the year.
She continues to write a weekly syndicated col-
umn on education (“A+ Advice for Parents”). She
and husband Chip Block are actively supporting
the growth of the Scripps Research Institute’s
new Jupiter campus.
Jim Butler
drove in from Denver to join the
festivities. At one point they called Prof. Jack
Culpepper in Canton, “who parsed some geo-
political scenarios we’d been arguing about…it
wouldn’t have been a reunion without checking
in with Jack.”
Hap Lawrence
emailed me before he and Brig
took off for Germany and Austria from Los Angles,
where they live: “I still plug away at the acting
career, hitting the odd commercial or play; re-
cently appeared suspicious in an educational
film for the Department of Homeland Security
about identifying people who look suspicious!”
October found them on a cruise in Turkey and
Greece. Hap says his daughter is hoping to go to
grad school to study opera.
Scarsdale attorney
Dennis Angel
never writes
me about his work—only the gigs he and his jazz
band have. His new CD is “Forever Funk.”
Kathleen “Waj” Wajda Howlett
and I had our
annual reunion in nearby Cape Ann. Waj outdid
herself and procured a boat on which we dined.
As neither of us has kids, grandkids or spouses,
we could skip formalities and go to pure gossip.
None of which I can repeat. She did say, for pub-
lication, that Joel ’67 and
Jennifer Baird Bixby
have celebrated their 45
wedding anniversary.
Can any other SLU couples claim that record?
Let me know!
Patti Black Giltner ’69
Pellett Street
Norwich, NY 13815
Next Reunion: 45
, 2015 (
cluster with ’70, ’71)
First I must apologize for not getting a column
into the last issue. Sometimes things just hap-
pen. So some of this news might be a bit old,
but here we go.
Steve Cribari
is still teaching law (mostly evi-
dence and criminal procedure) at the University
of Minnesota, and has been named co-director of
Notre Dame Law School’s Summer London Law
Programme. He“lamented”that he would have to
be in London during the Olympics. He occasion-
ally remains in London for part of the academic
year as a distinguished visiting professor. He also
teaches cultural property law (trafficking in loot-
ed artifacts, restitution of stolen art works, things
like that) at Minnesota and in London and, most
recently, at the University of Arkansas School of
Law. I was delighted that he included his latest
published poem, “Cracked Highways, Forgotten
Countryside,” in
The 66 News
Spring 2012), the
journal of the Rt. 66 Association of Illinois. I loved
it and have kept a copy.
Judi McCuen Rood
wrote that she and Bob
had Gulf get-togethers with Dan ‘69 and An-
nette Herrick of Naples,
Jane Jochum
and Bill
Christ ’68 of Estero, and
Lisa Strang Lewis
Dave of LaBelle. Bob and Judi spent time at
their summer place on Lake Bonaparte, which is
only about one and a half hours from campus,
and hoped to visit before returning to Barefoot
Beach. While playing Senior AAA men’s softball
in Naples, Fla., they ran into Frank “Doc” Fusco
who was on the team that beat Bob’s in the
final playoff game. Judi quipped, “Once an ath-
lete, always an athlete, and, of course, once a
cheerleader --- well, you know the rest, lol!”
Finally, I received word from the alumni office
Chris Kelly
has coauthored a published
book titled
The Lost Tavern,
an historical novel
that takes place in the 1700s on Cape Cod and
the high seas. There was more on this book in
the last issue, and check Amazon and Kirkus re-
views for more information.
Dennis Szymanski ’70
Hillwood Ave.
Falls Church, VA 22042-2420
Next Reunion: 45
, 2015 (
cluster with ’69, ’71)
Jeff Kellogg
and Cheryl are grandparents! Jeff
wrote that“beautiful Anna Grace Byrne was born
in June, our first grandchild, and obviously we
are very excited!” Now to go about the business
of spoiling her!
John Hartmann
wanted us to hear the news:
I’ve retired! Woohoo! I plan to pursue songwrit-
ing and recording demos in my home studio
sometimes in collaboration with son J.P.) -- an
activity I suspended over 40 years ago to earn
a living. Back to what I love. No more getting
up at 4:15 a.m. for my hour-and-40 minute com-
mute to NYC. Now, it’s .just a five-second com-
mute to the studio, where I can finally realize one
of my principal career goals: to be able to work
in my pajamas!”
Dodging bad weather up and down the East
Rick Lajeskie
and I, with our long-suffer-
ing spouses, made our way to South Carolina for
a lovely wedding last summer.
Ron Hayden
Winnie Madden ‘69 were excellent hosts for the
marriage of their son, Danny. We took advantage
of them and their beautiful home on a cove adja-
cent to Lake Greenwood, S.C.
Andy Kaye
and family left their Bay Area home
in the rear-view mirror and visited with a number
of fraternity brothers and classmates last summer.
In New Jersey, they caught up with Rick Lajeskie
Jim Liotta
They stayed with
Jimmy Col-
and Lynne in Clayton, N.Y., and saw the
sights of the St. Lawrence River. Later, they vis-
ited Jim Benedict ‘71 and Jeffy at their place on
Chenango Lake near Norwich, N.Y.
It’s great having visitors; it’s about the only time
Kathy and I get to see the sights in D.C. Andy and
Janet’s teenagers, Justin and Emily, are real troop-
ers; we never saw or heard them acting like teen-
Hey, class reporting just wouldn’t be the same
without a little groveling for input. Some contrib-
ute at least annually and for those words you have
my thanks.
Tom Pape
recently joined the club.
Tom flew combat missions in Iraq! We would not
have known had Tom not taken a few minutes to
e-chat. I know you’re out there somewhere.