In the winter 2012 issue, I reported on “Bud
Thomas ‘53 and Martha Cheney Daly....” How
Daly” got into my copy will never be known. In
the following issue, spring 2012, I explained that
I tried to contact Martha about the error, but she
and Bud were off on an extended cruise. Martha
had not noticed the error, she reports. And the
cruise they were on was indeed long. Leaving LA
by ship, they made stops in the Hawaiian Islands,
then Australia, Bali and Singapore. From there
they returned to the states via London. No won-
der she missed the“Daly.”
Bud and Martha had a summer gathering with
Barbara Glendenning Platt ‘53, Greta Pearson
Brown ‘53, Dave Torrey ‘53 and Denny Andrews
at Madison, Conn. They also enjoyed a more
recent cruise along the coast of Maine. It was de-
lightful, Martha reported.
Mimi and I send our warmest best wishes for
Don’t forget the St. Lawrence Fund. It needs
us all now.
Joyce SullivanThompson ’55
Garrison Road
Glens Falls, NY 12804-2036
Next Reunion: 60
, 2015 (
cluster with ’56)
Fall 2012 had several fun celebrations with Dave
s 79th birthday on September 5, our 55th
wedding anniversary on September 7 and my
th birthday on October 7. Time is definitely
marching on.
George Stade
commented on the recent St.
Lawrence magazine article about all our alum-
ni who are college teachers and said he was
one, too. George taught at Columbia Univer-
sity for over 40 years and won the Great Teachers
Award. Before all that, while working on his Ph.D.,
he taught at NYU and Turgers. He and wife Doro-
thy Fletcher Stade ‘56 reside in Northville, N.Y.
I see Glens Falls resident
Bill Green
and wife
MaryAnn often at one of our local restaurants:
the Heidelberg, owned by our son-in-law
Tom Collins and his wife, our daughter, Liz
Thompson Collins ‘87.
I enjoyed meeting and visiting with John Pez-
dek ‘03, the new St. Lawrence director of major
gifts. He helped us with our local send-off party
for the Class of 2016.
Here’s to more news and happy, healthy days.
Keep in touch.
Priscilla Harvey Schroeder ’56
Windbrook Court
Westlake Village, CA 91361-3538
Next Reunion: 60
, 2015 (
cluster with ’55)
I received a call from
Dick Contee
asking about
the cluster reunion. Everyone is still talking about
the wonderful time in 2011 and they are anxious
for the next one.
BunnieWhite Lord
says it best,
Looking forward to Reunion …. The sooner the
better!” This reporter loves the class enthusiasm!
Our illustrious leader,
Doris Kloppenburg Ferry,
says the theme is “Sinners and Saints – An Affair
to Remember” with a gala dinner and gathering
of the classes of ’55 and ’56. To entertain all of us
will be our own
Dave Powers
Ernie Mazza
Of course, our Sinners and Saints will perform.
Doris and Bob ’59 celebrated their 57
sary in Maine. Doris’ message is, “Keep in shape
for the reunion.” She and Bob play tennis and
bike and kayak every day. They set the example
for the rest of us.
Lucy Tower
Fred Funke
are having a mini-
family reunion to celebrate their 55 years of mar-
riage. Son Bill ’89 and wife Suzanne and their
grandsons are coming from Orlando, Fla., son
Fred ’87 from New York City and son Dave, who
lives near Hamilton. Many congratulations! Lucy
and Fred are joining Sally Forrest ’55 and
ey Walker
Wayne Lausin
and Gwen, and
and Terry for a weekend in Canton for the
Moose” reunion. Sources tell this reporter that
there is a contest called “Last Moose Standing.”
Congratulations are in order for Mickey and Sally
for 55 years of marriage.
Beta Theta Pi had an Affinity Reunion the same
weekend. Fred, Mickey,Wayne and Bob are all Be-
tas, and they all joined President Fox for dinner as
part of the Beta celebration.
Mary Ellen“Reggie”Thiele Rooney
wrote from
Quebec City about a most amazing illumination
class. She found a lady fromFrance in Quebec and
she put me on parchment, which is goat hide,
and we used all organic materials like sea shell
powder and ox juice to treat it with. Eventually I
will use real gold. I had wanted to do a very small
book of my haiku and put it on homemade paper
and write it by hand….. kind of my own elegy for
the memory of the book as we once knew it.”
Another 57
anniversary is being observed, by
Steve Avery
and Nancy. Steve is celebrating
another milestone along with
Dick Bierly
: 80
birthday club. Congratulations to both of you.
Steve is still active after more than five years in
the International Junior Golf Academy, where he
contributes in an inter-generational way to our
youth. Steve and Nancy spend quality time with
twin grandchildren, age 6. He stays in touch with
Dick Contee
who has lived in Delaware for seven
years with his wife, Phyllis. He also has numerous
grandchildren to brag about.
Dick Bierly’s 80
birthday party was held at
the North Carolina Coastal Federation property
where Dick has donated many hours of service.
His three children and eight grandchildren joined
with the band and 50 local friends to honor Dick.
Here’s wishing himmany, many more!
Kudos to our “devil” Hundley Thompson! “H.A.,”
of Charlotte, N.C., becomes the eighth person
ever to be named to the WBT1110 radio station
Hall of Fame. In 1985, he founded Rose Chauf-
feuredTransportation and built it into a multi-mil-
lion-dollar family enterprise. Today, the company
is the leading corporate ground transportation
service in the Carolinas and the winner of many
awards. During the Democratic Convention, the
company received a big spike in business, re-
quiring Hundley to chauffeur. For comments on
his new book, see the last issue (
magazine), page 5. Many anecdotes can be read
on Hundley’s site,
Jan Knost
writes about his “geezer charter” for
striped bass off Block Island, which was most
successful. The seven of them averaged 73 years
Are you hosting a gathering for Laurentians?
Is a wedding, happy hour, movie night or
golf match on the horizon?
We want to be there too!
Let us know and we will send a custom-made “SLU in a
Box” filled with St. Lawrence “spirit items”
pens | cups | napkins | banners | name tags with
lanyards |window decals | beverage openers | and more!
That’s the spiri
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be directed to
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