Al ’52 and
daughter, Joy
Ciarcia-Levy ’86, has been hired as an adjunct pro-
fessor at New Rochelle College, teaching a class in
body language. This sounds just a bit more inter-
esting than Chuck Patricia ’46’s Business Math. (It
was the subject and student, by the way, not the
professor). Holly, Jane’s younger daughter, is the
musical director at a church in Torrington, Conn.,
having graduated from Hartt School of Music.
Jane is the official birthday cake designer and
baker for her grandchildren, and seems to have
come up with some very innovative creations.
Perhaps, in her spare time, between typing Al’s
sermons and service materials, she could open a
little bakery. You go, girl! Al is preaching month-
ly at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Ber-
nardston, Mass., and is often a guest preacher at
various Connecticut churches.
mentioned the recent passing
Billy Andes
Bill was a member of what Len
called the Production Line, along with Ed Garbers
and Tom Gerard ’50, of the undefeated 1950
hockey team. Len was the sports editor of
The Hill
during that period, when our skaters came
in from the cold to the beautiful, shiny new Ap-
pleton Arena. In retrospect, it is amazing what an
integral part of that hockey team came not from
Canada, but from the South -- Brooklyn!
Our granddaughter, Erin, by this time, will have
returned from her first semester, in London rather
than the confines of Canton. A First-Year Program
course in London: what a fantastic opportunity
for her and her classmates. Her parents, Bob ’75
and Laurie, called us from campus when they
dropped her off last fall, amazed at the many
additions to the campus, as were we when we
attended our 60th. Somany alumni have contrib-
uted so much to make St. Lawrence the wonder-
ful facility that it is today.
As we have stated, you do not have to be going
Around the World in Eighty Days in a balloon to
send us a little note on your comings and goings.
We’d love to hear from you!
Barbara Robertson Mitchell ’52
Pepperidge Road
Morristown, NJ 07960-2532
Next Reunion: 65
, 2017
John W. Taylor
passed away on July 21, 2012.
He was a member of Trinity on the Hill Episcopal
Church and was a well-known member of his
community. John lived in Los Alamos, N.M., and
was employed at Los Alamos National Labora-
tory as a nuclear physicist for 31 years. He was a
laboratory fellow and a member of the Air Force
Scientific Advisory Board. He contributed greatly
to NASA missions, especially the Cassini-Huygens
Mission to Saturn. John paid good attention to Dr.
Palmer when he went over the atomic bomb and
told us it would be on the final exam!
Audrey Stoeffler Cameron
passed away Au-
gust 4, 2012. She lived in Irvington, N.Y., and
enjoyed golf and tennis as a member of the
Ardsley Country Club. She was an active alumna
of Pi Beta Phi. In college, she was in the University
Choir and on
The Hill News.
I spoke with
Bob Bruce
He is still running and
all is well. We reminisced about the college years
and past reunions.
Lois ShaverWells ’53
PO Box 22
Ogdensburg, NY 13669
Next Reunion: 60
May 30-June 2, 2013
Hello again! I’m taking another turn as your
class reporter, so please send me your news. I’m
very grateful to those classmates who continued
to send me news at holiday time when
Rundquist Meyer
took over as reporter after me.
It’s always nice to get family pictures and news of
retirements and interesting travels.
Joan Hansen Pflugheber
had an epic journey
in the summer of 2011. Joan, who lives in Dexter,
N.Y., and her older sister traveled to Colorado to
celebrate another sister’s birthday. In phone con-
versations and a Christmas letter, Joan related their
travels, enjoying surface roads and small towns
rather than speeding alongon Interstate highways.
Julia Whitcomb Glass
has retired and is spend-
ing more time with her husband, children and
grandchildren. Julia lives in Akron, Ohio.
Nat Wells
and I attended the Reunion last June
so that we could see friends in the Class of 1952.
Eva Zeisner Butler
was there with her husband,
Frank ’52, and I had a long conversation with her.
She said that she and Frank attend his reunions,
but I hope that she’ll come back for her 60th this
June. Do all of you have it marked on your calen-
dars? Put it in red! Eva and Frank were planning a
move from Charlton, N.Y., to a nearby town, with
the goal of down-sizing.
Nat and I still like to hike, bike and canoe, though
as octogenarians it’s not as vigorous as in years
before. This is our 25th year of trail maintenance,
hoping that keeping trails open lets people enjoy
the woods and waters of the Adirondack Park.
Keep in touch by sending me your news, and I
look forward to seeing you at Reunion 2013.
Frank Shields ’54
Seward Street
Glens Falls, NY 12804
Next Reunion: 60
, 2014
The best boat-builder I know (well, also the only
one) is
Hal Lennon
His bay skiff, pictured in the
last issue with Captain Lennon at the helm while
a granddaughter provides the crew as they sail
the waters of Upper Saranac Lake, was scratch-
built. And you ask how did
Nancy Lansing
manage all this? With “great
patience,”I understand.
Jerry Welch
and wife Joan planned their usual
trek to Florida’s Keys once the grip of Rochester
winter loomed and Jerry completed his volunteer
duty as the kicking coach for the McQuaid Jesuit
High School football team. Jerry has also provid-
ed this important service to Webster Schroeder
High as well as West Irondequoit in past years.
He says he “leads the league in retirements” from
various Rochester area schools.
Dave Karlen
was inducted into the Rome, N.Y.,
Hall of Fame in July. Dave had an outstanding
record as a three-sport athlete. Among the wit-
nesses to the ceremony was Judge
Jack Grow,
retired New York Supreme Court judge. Dave
recalled that he and Jack had begun their school
days together in 1937.
Following the weekend in Rome,
and Jan-
ice Shonka ‘56 went on to Nashua, N.H., to visit
an old friend. They also spent time on Cape Cod,
where they resided prior to their move to Aiken,
S.C., which they now call home.
A group of Laurentians met in Walnut Creek, Calif., recently. Clockwise from lower left are Don Knies, 51, Bruce
MacNaughton ’52n, Nancy Allard MacNaughton ’55, Gina Macdonnald Blanchette ’52, Mo Knies and Ernie
Blanchette ’52. The men were all SAEs at St. Lawrence. Don and Mo Knies live in Dorset, England, so they trav-
eled quite a distance for lunch with college friends.