Bud Rich
aka Lennie) is enjoying his new life
in Las Vegas, living with his daughter and son-in-
law. One granddaughter lives in Las Vegas, and
the other in New London, Conn. He has lunch
with Hal Hirschfeld ‘46 about twice a week and
enjoys going to the theater. He remembers build-
ing a radio transmitter in the physics department
with Hal—highly illegal, but it became part of
KSLU. Bud was the technician and Hal was the an-
nouncer. Mrs. Gladys Pasel was the faculty person
in what was called RadioWorkshop.
It was sad to hear about
Marilyn Merrill
passing. She was one of the first
people I met at SLU. She lived next door to me
in Dean-Eaton with
Martha Williams
nie Sponable Stahler
both deceased. She and
Platt ’44 were married for 67 years and have a
great family following at SLU. We kept in touch
since our St. Lawrence days.
Ann Miller Hilchie ’46
Indian Oaks Drive
Apt. I-309
Vero Beach, FL 32966
Next Reunion: 70
, 2016
Bob Bullock graduated in 1948, but I can’t help
but claim him for our class. I knew him in White
Plains High School and we started St. Lawrence
together in 1942. Serving in the Army delayed his
for the University of Florida’s Indian River Research
and Education Center in Fort Pierce. His love of vol-
leyball took up his spare time, even at lunch break.
One of his co-workers described him as a perfect
example of a man of patience, persistence, humor,
humility, honesty, integrity and great compassion.
All who knew him admired him.
Jack Joa
passed away on May 30, 2012. He was
a math teacher and coach in Skaneateles, N.Y.,
and ardent golfer.
For more on both, see“InMemory.”I look forward
to hearing from you. We do need each other.
Guilford“Chip”Forbes ’47
Trailwood Court
Bingham Farms, MI 48025-
Next Reunion: 70
, 2017
Gloria Kidd Golden
her husband, John, are
long-time residents and
boosters of FDR’s home-
town, Hyde Park, N.Y. Quoting a July 4 article in
Hudson Valley News
, “...
it was the deplorable
condition of the old police station that really got
their attention, along with the cramped quarters
the two town justices were operating out of at
town hall.” They began a multi-year effort to or-
ganize and gain support for change, culminating
in the 2009 passage of a referendum authorizing
construction of a new police/court facility. It’s
complete now, and is named the John and Glo-
ria Golden Building in recognition of their lead-
ership. Congratulations, Gloria and John!
I have noted before that, at least in my opinion,
our Class Notes are not the place to record and
comment on the deaths of classmates. The “In
Memory” page of the alumni website is updated
every Friday. That is the place to look. See https://
AliceWalsh Kennedy ’48
Smoke Rise Village II
New Hope, PA 18938-1275
215-862-2344 (
Business and Fax)
Next Reunion: 65
May 30-June 2, 2013
In July,
Carmen Tringali Carbone
came up from
Virginia and we drove to Beacon, N.Y., to attend
the wedding of
Georgia Heppe Kudan
Chuck ’49’s daughter, Liz. It was so nice seeing all
the family. Georgia was my matron of honor, and
I’ve always been“Aunt Alice.”
Marge Sabia Crotty
lost her son, Neil, last June.
She was in California in September with family
and friends for his lovely memorial. Carmen Car-
bone’s daughter, Nancy, was on vacation in Cali-
fornia that week and was able to see Marge.
Betty Myers Francois
her son, Thomas ’76, and
his wife, Ann Lalonde ’77, took us to the U.S. Open
tennis tournament in August. We saw Serena
Williams win! Perfect weather, and staying with
Thomas and Ann in their delightful home was an-
other memorable occasion.
I left a message at
Lillian Belmont Costareg-
and George ’50 returned my call. I hadn’t
talked to him in over 20 years! Lillian was away
for a few days so we reminisced about football at
SLU in the ’40s, when Lillian was a cheerleader
cheering him on.
John Quirk
was in Florida in September for a
couple of weeks and had lunch with Jack ’50 and
June Cosgrove Hefti
We were sorry to hear Jim
Maley’49 passed away in July. Jim always came
with John to our class reunions and made sure he
was in our class picture.
Several classmates have passed away recently. I
received a note from Ann Miller Hilchie ’46 with
Robert Bullock’s
obituary. He passed away July
31, 2012,
in Fort Pierce, Fla. Ann knew Robert
from White Plains, N.Y., and he started out in her
class. Also,
Agatha Thomas Flores
passed away
on August 21, 2012. She was a member of Kappa
Delta sorority.
John S. Miller
D.M.D., passed
away on August 12, 2012, in Lowville, N.Y.
Our condolences to their families. For more on
Dr. Bullock, see“In Memory.”
Now keep in touch, but not by an obituary!
See you at 65
For information about becoming a reporter for this
class, please contact Sharon Henry, 315-229-5585
or Kim Hissong, 315-229-
Next Reunion: 65
, 2014
Barbara Grouls Audet ’50
Bent Tree Circle
Ft. Myers, FL 33907
Next Reunion: 65
, 2015
The only news I have to report is that of a great
loss. Our Class President for Life,
Bill Davis,
cated the position on October 1, 2012, after a
long and courageous battle with cancer. And no
one can take his place. There’s a formal notice in
In Memory,” and the following words from
express the feelings many of us share:
I have many good memories of Bill and his de-
votion to St. Lawrence, especially to our class. Be-
cause we lived in Canton, Ollie Audet and I often
worked with Bill on reunion activities. Remember
the antique cars and the Army duck we rode in? It
was Bill who brought members of our class back
from all over the country (and world) to reunions.
Barb and Harold Wilder, Bryan and Joyce Kruger
Ringo and ‘Bun’ Sperling and Peg ’52 were other
important local members of a group that met at
least once a year through 2011.We will remember
years of class leadership in fundraising, participa-
tion, winning six Hervey trophies and starting the
tradition of Class Dinners.
We had this great guy in our lives for a good
many years. Lucky are we for having him around.”
Many of you undoubtedly have Bill Davis mem-
ories also; please share them. We plan to com-
memorate Bill at our 2013 Reunion (can you be-
lieve 63 years?), and hope many of you will be
able to participate. If time or distance prevents
your attendance, please consider making your
annual gift to St. Lawrence in memory of Bill and
his many contributions to our class and our alma
mater. Details will follow.
In the meantime, how about sending me some
Jack and Janet Tag O’Loughlin ’51
Lake Dornoch Drive
Pinehurst, NC 28734-3579
Next Reunion: 65
, 2016
A happy and prosperous 2013 to you all. To all
you youngsters out there, time does fly faster and
faster, whether you want it to or not.
We received a nice note from Ellen and
from their home on Cape Cod. They have
been on cruises to Alaska and along the Danube,
and taken trips to graduations, weddings, etc.
Their extended family numbers 22. Not to be out-
done, we are currently at 24. This brings tomind a
class I took back in the ’50s, Population Problems.
Could we be the problems? Doubt it.
Dick Salomon
spent three summer weeks on
Chateaugay Lake, in the northern Adirondacks,
where he owns a cabin. His family has had an
association with Tanager Lodge, a children’s
camp, on that lake, since 1925. He noted that
Brad Phelps
was on the staff there for a few years
during high school and college.
Hudson Valley News