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Table of Contents

The Academic Bill of Rights: Yea or Nay?

The Academic Bill of Rights - What is It?

It's My Right!...

Thelmo Resolution in Support of Civility, Free Speech and Dialogue

Is Tolerance Enough

If We Agree in Love

The Responsible Use of Freedom

Sticks and Stones...

What's Out There: Researching Academic Freedom

Alumni Accomplishments

The Kenya Connection

Laurentian Reviews

Table of Contents

The Thelomathesian Society
Resolution in Support of Civility, Free Speech and Dialogue
Passed, November 9, 2004

While we urge professionalism and restraint in dialogue between groups particularly on sensitive issues, we also stress that politeness should never preempt upfront and decisive attacks on actions, literature, social structures or opinions which are racist, classist, sexist, (or) homophobic, as well as other forms of discrimination, as outlined in the student handbook. We, as the Thelomathesian Society, recognize that there exist differences between personal attacks on individuals and those on larger social structures or ideas, and advocate tolerance towards individuals and the free expression of opinions towards the latter. We also recognize that dealing with sensitive issues such as these can often times be uncomfortable and some degree of discomfort is necessary and useful in dealing with these injustices that plague our society and which we as a student body are dedicated to addressing.

Whereas the recognition of free speech is both supported and encouraged by the Thelomathesian Society, we affirm the rights of academic freedom and such speech so long as opinions expressed do not include personal attacks and do not constitute forms of discriminatory harassment as defined by, yet not limited to, University regulations;

And whereas we do not support attempts to undermine free speech, or personal
attacks that have been made on individuals in our community;

And whereas the Thelomathesian Society encourages civility and dialogue without said harmful actions;

Be It Resolved:
We, the Thelomathesian Society, expect all members of our campus community to
hold themselves to such civility and dialogue, and offer to serve in any capacity that will in turn encourage such civility and dialogue.

The Thelomathesian Society Executive Board
Peter S. Snedeker ’06, President
Alex R. Sheppard ’07, Vice President of University Relations
Adam W. Casler ’06, Vice President of Senate Affairs
Molly F. Ryan ’05, Secretary
Heather L. Thomas ’05, Student Delegate to the Board of Trustees
Saurabh Gupta ’05, SLUSAF Central Treasurer