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Web Site Quiz

After Words: Reports, observations and reflections on the September 11 attacks

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The Quiz

You can't fail this quiz, but you can win a prize! The first 3 people who respond with correct answers to all 20 questions will receive a $25 gift certificate to Brewer Bookstore, good for your next visit to campus. Every answer is found on the Web site, we promise.

1. What are three cities that have Young Alumni Committees?
2. Name the majors at St. Lawrence that have the word "studies" in their title.
3. What Brush Art Gallery exhibition will be in place at reunion 2002?
4. Who were the captains of the 2001 men's and women's soccer teams?
5. How do you make a reservation at Canaras Conference Center?
6. What First-Year Program includes Dr. Ron Flores as a faculty team member?
7. How many restaurants are in Canton?
8. Which St. Lawrence office can provide you with a copy of your transcript?
9. How many home hockey games did the Saints women play (excluding play-offs)?
10. When was Campaign St. Lawrence publicly launched?
11. What is the logo for the Student Life division?
12. What time does the IT Help Desk close on Fridays?
13. Who maintains the NetNews on-line newsletter?
14. Who maintains the St. Lawrence In the News Web site?
15. Who is the first student tour guide for the on-line campus tour?
16. What links can you find on the Scarlet Letter homepage?
17. What graphic image is featured on the libraries' homepage?
18. Name at least three pre-professional programs at St. Lawrence.
19. Name the graduate programs at St. Lawrence.
20. What's Lisa Cania's email address? Once you find it, send her your answers to qualify for the contest!