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After Words: Reports, observations and reflections on the September 11 attacks

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Class Notes


Jerry Benack
88-2 Ball Road, High Acres
Syracuse, NY 13215-1633

With most of us deeply affected by the horrible disasters of the September-and-after terrorisms, a changing world confronts us! For this November script, intended for early 2002 publication, it is difficult to find adequate words for this column. Nevertheless, Americans have never failed to overcome adversity, and WE WON'T!

An unrelated matter is that your class reporter has finally reached his 95th year on this formerly delightful earth! Thus, it is long overdue that my reporter duties should "cease and desist," of necessity, and I hereby cast a confirming vote for that motion after our 70th reunion next spring. It has been an enjoyable experience to help chronicle our prolonged era since Alma Mater tossed us out into that Depression. We hope that '32ers will keep us all updated via a successor reporter or direct access to the alumni office, or otherwise!

Gratefully yours for all your help and patience through 21 years!

Roberta Ryther Agnew      '33
20 Kiwassa Road
Saranac Lake, NY 12983

Betty Helin Conboy      '34
585 D Avenida Majorca
Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Albert A. Walters      '35
574 Blue Ridge Avenue
Piscataway, NJ 08854-5014

A couple of phone calls were successful but others weren't in trying to contact classmates.

Bill Sawyer and spouse Ruth made a trip in the spring to the San Antonio area of Texas and to their old home area of New York State in the summer. Next is a trip to Cape Canaveral to see and hear a shuttle launch. After living in Florida for a good number of years, they'll be patronizing home industry. They also attended the St. Lawrence reception in Palm Beach last spring - didn't see anyone else there from our time. How's that for active seniors?

Herb Padgett and his wife, Irene, also in Florida, have been stays-at-home. Herb's eyesight is weak, and while this limits his activities, he is still able to read and keep otherwise occupied. He had to give up golf, which he very much enjoyed. No plans to travel.

Couldn't raise Mary "Mel" Lewis Overlease on the phone, so she may have left Hammond early to winter farther south. She thought earlier that this year she would winter with her daughter near Utica rather than drive to the Carolinas as she used to.

Haven't been able to get an answer on Margaret "Peg" Robinson Nyquist's phone since I received a note from a year ago, although the phone rings normally. Guess I'll have to resort to old-fashioned letter writing, although phoning is much easier as I've been having eye problems over the past year. Can't drive but the next-door neighbor kindly takes me grocery shopping each week and other friends get me out of the house, so generally I'm getting along reasonably. Thank the Lord for kind neighbors and friends.

How about a note from some of you not visually impaired?


For information about becoming a reporter for this class, please contact Leigh Berry in the alumni and parent programs office, 315-229-5925 or

John H. Hauser     
80 North Main Street
Kent, CT 06757-1525

I have agreed to offer my services as a reporter for our class-if no one else wants the job! Because 1937 was so long ago, and because we've been out of circulation for so long, perhaps a bit of history is in order.

First though, I must sadly report that my girlfriend, beginning at a Tri-Delt party in 1935, and continuing until June 24, 1939, when she became my wife for the next 62+ years, Constance Terry Hauser, died on December 1, 2001. Well-wishers may direct remembrances, other than flowers, to the St. Lawrence University development office.

So on with that history. At the invitation of President Seelye, I did not accept a job offer as a sales trainee at Goodrich Tire and instead worked for St. Lawrence from July 1937 to May 1941 with the title of assistant alumni secretary (to Atwood Manley '14). My job was to run the annual Alumni Fund for Atwood and to recruit prospective male students. Connie worked in Herring Library after our marriage. During the ensuing years, we hosted St. Lawrence get-togethers, worked on Alumni Fund drives and entertained prospective students at our homes in Illinois, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. I was a member of the Alumni Council in the late '50s or early '60s and was an alumni trustee nominee in the '60s, only to be defeated by my fraternity brother and friend, Kent Faulkner '42.

Please share your news with the class.


For information about becoming a reporter for this class, please contact Leigh Berry in the alumni and parent programs office, 315-229-5925 or


For information about becoming a reporter for this class, please contact Leigh Berry in the alumni and parent programs office, 315-229-5925 or

Mark "Barney" Brown '40
501 Via Casitas, Apt. 211
Greenbrae, CA 94904-1930
Fax: 415-461-0241

Time for another column and this one will be quite short. In spite of e-mail queries to a few classmates, I have only three to report on.

Nathan Niles reported sad news for which we extend our sympathy to him. I wrote in an earlier column that wife Margaret's Alzheimer's had required that she move to a skilled nursing facility. Unfortunately, she passed away on October 12. Nate is trying to fill his lonely hours with computer work for the Annapolis Rotary Club. He has also started reading "boat for sale" ads and hopes to get back on the water. Happy memories, Nate, and best of luck to you.

Nate also lost his brother, Al '38, who had moved into a rehabilitation and living center in Norway, Maine, with physical problems including congenital heart failure. I think many of us remember Al driving around the campus and Canton in his rather tired Model A.

Charlie and Marjorie "Midge" Hall Silver know very well the problems of a class correspondent as they worked this beat for several years. They have reduced their travel but welcome visits from family and friends and they planned a family Christmas get-together at their home in Florida. They say their golf is getting pretty bad and I say, welcome to the club. Charlie says they are not ready for assisted living but he is getting doggone tired of keeping up the yard. Plant it in gravel, Charlie.

Bea and I did take our three-week driving trip to Colorado and on to Nebraska. We were heading into Lincoln on September 11 and spent most of our visit glued to the TV. A terrible, evil act and I hope we can extract what passes for justice. I understand SLU lost five graduates and I'm sure many of us lost someone we knew.

End of report. Keep me posted, friends. Letter, card, e-mail or telephone - anybody out there? Cheers.


Mary Coakley Farris      '41
4120 NW 13th Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32605-4611

I haven't heard from anyone recently. I called Harry Carhart, who was headed for a nap after spending a long day at the hospital where he volunteers. He said that Ron Sinclair is holding his own. He and Harry chat on the phone once a week.

I visited St. Lawrence twice last summer and had a wonderful time. The second time, my son, Greg, and his wife, Susan, accompanied daughter Susan and me and we stayed at the river house of my nephew Tom Coakley, vice president for administrative operations at the University, on the St. Lawrence River. I hadn't reminded the kids to bring their birth certificates, so we couldn't cross over into Canada. The new field house is a great addition to the campus.

Scattered as far and wide as we are, geographically, we should have some very interesting news to share. How about sending me a letter? As I write this we are preparing for the Christmas holidays. Hope yours was special-let us know.

Bill Buschmann   '42
632 St. Andrews Drive
Gulf Shores, AL 36542


Walter Boris      '43
2017 Glen Drive
Jackson, MI 49203-3822

Walter Boris has agreed, upon appeal from some of his classmates, to take on the duties of class reporter. Please send all your news to him by any of the means indicated above.


Elizabeth Dietrich  Ackerley     '44
42 Cedar Lane
Scotia, NY 12302-5524

Recently I met Doris Clark '43 when doing grocery shopping. Doris gave me the sad news that in October she had attended a memorial service in Amsterdam for Clifford Greene, husband of Helen "Betty" Traver Greene. My sincere sympathy to Betty.

I heard from Larry Eschen '43, who keeps in touch with Joe Kistner '43 and Harry Helfrich. Harry and wife Nancy were at their summer home in Portage, Maine, where Harry was recovering from another shoulder operation. You can't keep Harry down. Larry tells me Joe "has become a prolific writer." I hope we'll hear more about it.

I am delighted to report that my third great-grandchild greeted the world on November 4. Rhiannon is the daughter of Tim and Mary Beth Augustine, and joins sister Brynne, who is a big 3 years old.

It would seem all my classmates are on extended vacations or sabbaticals. The saying is "no news is good news," but not at 42 Cedar Lane in Scotia. I love phone calls or letters.

Keep joy in your lives. I'm a firm believer that smiles, laughter and a few belly laughs make us all better and more productive individuals.


Jane Amer Wolf '45
3450 Evans Road, 134D
Atlanta, GA 30341-5815

Sixty years ago last fall, we all found our way to Canton, N.Y., to become - for the most part - the Class of '45. By December, Pearl Harbor pitched us into World War II. Many joined the military, others had to leave campus for various reasons and eventually with the V-12 programs some accelerated into the class of '44; others moved into ours. So be it!

In our class for the 1942 edition of the Gridiron are 244 names listed alphabetically. Then in the 1996 alumni directory, 103 names are listed BUT 13 of those have an asterisk - meaning their address is unknown. Where are my classmates? Who remembers whom and what?

Modern Maturity figured us out in their November/December issue. Their puzzle page stated: " It was a very good year, 1945!" Did you enjoy that?

Monnie Dewitt Kimball called me last March to report waking up the previous November with an awful back pain. Neighbors took her to a clinic and then she was transferred to a hospital and wonderful doctor at Yale. To quote Monnie: "I am so healthy, if it could happen to me, no one on the planet is safe!" She also claims that since we are "birds of a feather" she won't fly away until I do.

Yes, Marilyn Carter Metsger, it was Pat Ulrich Janney who sent me the information on your husband.

Carolyn Thomasma "Tommy" Spiegel, what are you doing? Do you ever hear from Marjorie Matthius Horton, who shared bacteriology lab with me? Then there was Elizabeth Shanesy Kiralis in that creative writing class where we'd wish each other Merry Christmas on the 25th of any month. Just noticed Margaret Sanders Graveley's name - she accelerated into our class, right? Where in California are you, Margaret Carr Starr? Dorothy Durland Robinson, surely you can spare me information.

The way I look at it, if you are ill, we could write. If you are deceased, can't someone tell me? We can always remember. Let's give it a try.

In the meantime, congratulate me - I am a great-granmommy! A young man named Connor arrived October 8, 2001. What a thrill for one of two girls, who had two girls, one of whom had a girl. Are you following? Our daughter Martha claims the parents are doing fabulously well.

Please give me a call. I have an answering machine. Say "hello," give your name, your whereabouts and hang up. Thank you.


Ann Miller Hilchie     '46
5 Constitution Drive
5815-4 Marina Drive
Sebastian, FL 42958

We have news from Bette Hitchcock Campbell. It is wonderful to catch up with her after so many years have elapsed. In 1969 she married Dr. Wells Campbell, a friend for many years. Their home base is Smyrna, Del., but they do travel extensively. They manage four or five trips a year even though Wells is still practicing three days a week. Generally their itinerary includes a trip to New Orleans, the Outer Banks and St. Lawrence's Camp Canaras, Saranac Lake, N.Y. Bette was travel editor for the News Journal in Wilmington, Del., and this enabled her to see many places, such as Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Saudi Arabia. She also took two trips around the world and individual countries. Last year they enjoyed Spain and Portugal. A few years ago they visited Sally Sloat on their way to Alaska. "Hitch" says Sally hasn't changed a bit.

Bette has three children, five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. She is thankful for a great life and a good recovery from brain surgery in June.

Joyce Walsh Burgess is still living on Cape Cod, but has moved from North Chatham to South Yarmouth. I had hoped to see her when we were on the Cape in September. Unfortunately, we came home early because we arrived the day before September 11, so we didn't feel like vacationing when our countrymen were suffering.

Judy Woodhead DeRitter, Joe '63 and Joan Langlois Richardson '57 had planned a wonderful trip to France with the St. Lawrence alumni travelers, but this trip has been postponed until April because their original departure date was September 14.

Judy and the Richardsons attended the Laurentian Leadership Weekend on a rainy October weekend in Canton. The cultural benefits were well worth combatting the weather. A highlight of the weekend was a stirring speech by Steve Forbes. Judy said it was a pleasure to visit Barb Griffiths Klemens '47's wonderful yarn shop. She also had a visit with Jack Klemens '48 at the Athletic Hall of Fame Luncheon.

Judy did such a fine job as president of the Albany Panhellenic, she was elected to swing the gavel another year. When I am in Glenmont, I see Judy at Panhellenic functions and sometimes in between.

If you have enjoyed news of your classmates, treat us to your lives.


Marjorie Watters Longley    
34 Gramercy Park, Apt. 9 B-F
New York, NY 10003-1731

Mark it on your calendars now! Our 55th Reunion (how did we get here so fast?!) is the weekend of May 30-June 2. Our Reunion Committee includes Jean Townsend Browning, Patty O'Neil Cottrill, Bell Herndon and Bill Weaver and is chaired by Pat Mitchell Infantine (planning), Herb and Sylvia Allen Watkins and yours truly (development). Conversations with class members indicate a turnout close to the numbers of our 50th.

It is with sadness that I note the passing of Chuck Stephenson last June 26. A celebrated member of the Navy V-12 on campus and accomplished athlete, Chuck and his wife, Marian, returned to campus in 1995 to celebrate the 50th reunion of the V-12.

Also with sadness, I report the passing of Millie Wallin Martin's husband, Joe, who, although a Dartmouth alumnus, enjoyed our SLU reunions and class members very much.

Kay Murphy Shelley, who suffered a serious stroke last year, has returned to her state of origin, Minnesota. She lives in St. Paul.

I was scheduled for a trek on the Silk Route September 8, which fortunately was postponed to April. Not the time for American tourists in Uzbekistan. However, plenty to keep me busy in NYC. Individuals and organizations in my neighborhood set up a food station at our local precinct and provided breakfast and dinner for a month for hundreds of the World Trade Center rescue workers. Little enough we could do. When the workers returned from Ground Zero, they looked like they had been drawn through a knothole.

I was more of a witness to the disaster than I would have cared to be. As I returned home from the polls that primary day I heard a very loud noise. I looked up and saw American Airlines Flight 11 just clearing our rooftops. I thought, "What's with that plane?! It's too low. It's going to hit something." It did. I was on jury duty Sept. 11, so I dutifully headed for the courthouse, which is just a few blocks from the World Trade Center. The streets were full of people looking up at the North Tower with smoke pouring out. As we looked, the second plane crashed into the second tower. Now we knew this was not an accident.

I was dismissed from jury duty (I was the only one to show up), but continued serving for the next two weeks until we reached a verdict. During lunch breaks I walked down to Ground Zero. Devastating. Television doesn't begin to capture the reality. The good news is that New Yorkers are tough, resilient and resolute - and united. These events make our Reunion all the more special - a chance to see good friends. Be sure to come. God bless.

Marjorie Sabia Crotty      '48
9352 Balcom Avenue
Northridge, CA 91325-2343
818-885-1362 (phone and fax)

Harlan J. Infantine      '49
1552 Heifer Road
Skaneateles, NY 13152-9620
Fax: 315-682-4490, attn: Pat Infantine


George P. "Scotty"   McAloon   '50
71 Church Street
Alexandria Bay, NY 13607-1817
800-852-2565 (business)
Fax: 315-482-4722

The Class of 1950 is responsible for a great deal of stress on its class reporter when you don't communicate with me. What can we write about if you don't call, write, fax or e-mail some information?

All was not lost as the alumni office sent me two items: one dealt with the death of Charles Lill. It was an obituary and mentioned that he studied at Notre Dame and St. Lawrence. We scoured the Compass in 1949 and '50, and found only a mention of him in a list of students in the 1948 Compass. We pride ourselves on being able to recognize all the members of our class, but Charles Lill we neither recognized nor knew.

The other was from Anne Dawson O'Malley '49, who visited when Pi Phis came back in 2000 and in July of this year sent a notation to the alumni office that she had read Andy Doty's book, Backwards into Battle. I have mentioned it in my column a few times and there was review in this magazine. If you want to get a copy of Andy's book, let me know and I will arrange to have Andy send you one (for a price).

Marylee Hahn Merritt after our last reunion sent me a note saying that I included 104 classmates at the Color Guard Dinner. As she arrived late, it should be 105, so we stand corrected. Unfortunately, that was Marylee's last notation to me.

We want to take you back to the reunion of June 2001. Among the items as gifts or whatever you could purchase were sketches of Appleton Arena. We purchased three of them and sent them on to the roommates. We described in our letter to the roommates some dermatology problems we had, which were corrected very simply, and I received great advice from Tommy Gerard: "Stay out of the sun." Tommy told me that he had had lunch with John Westlye '52, who is in good spirits and gets around with a cane. Westlye always has some great opinions. Tommy also said that he had lunch with Anne Nardi Rogers, who had been married but then divorced. She and her second husband live about two miles from Tommy and I guess it was good talking about various things. He also said that he and Doug Westerberg '51, another roommate, were in touch because they were looking at the Stanley Cups.

As you can see there is "much ado" about nothing. Lower your class reporter's stress level. As you will not read this until February (assuming all goes well), we wish you wealth, health, and happiness in the new year. Remember when we thought 2000 was a big deal? Here we are at 2002!


Jane Raymond Ciarcia      '51
119-D Angel Drive
Waterbury, CT 06708-1211


Jane Hallock Combs
941 Walston Road
Almo, KY 42020

This spring we'll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of our graduation! But we are too YOUNG! How could it possibly be our 50th? There obviously has been some mistake!

Since the University is obviously going along with this GROSS error, I've been getting notification of classmates who intend to be heading up to Canton next spring.

Rebecca Oliver Bowman plans to be there. She spends "half the year or more in Hobe Sound, Fla.," but still has a house in Canton. Becky attends alum Tri-Delta meetings when she is in the North Country. Last year she went to Ireland, risking life and limb, to kiss the Blarney Stone. Had a great time.

Becky (whose daughter, Mary, is Class of '81) enjoys golfing and does volunteer work in both Florida and Canton.

Tom Glover and his wife, Diane Preussner Glover '57, will be on hand. Tom says, "In the Tick Tock tradition, I continue caricaturing here and abroad," though he says "actually golf is overtaking work."

Tom and Diane have four "grand-Larries" courtesy of offspring Bruce '83 and Leslie '85. More on Tom later.

Another planning to be at our celebrations is Don Boice Jr. Don has been living in Grantham, N.H., for 19 years. Both his married children and grandchildren live within 20 miles of him. He spends "most of the winters in Florida with friends on a golf course." Although retired, Don has worked for the last 16 years as a part-time realtor.

Another classmate who will be heading toward Canton next May is Evelyn Benson Blount. Evie, who has four children and five grandchildren, lives in Naples, Fla., and summers in Henderson Harbor, N.Y. She is retired, golfs, bikes and volunteers in community service. When she has free time she gardens and COOKS. (I MUST go visit!)

Naturally, Barbara Robertson Mitchell will be at our reunion. (She'd better be! She is co-chairman.) Barb says, "all you '52ers - we want you at our 50th reunion. Call your friends and tell them to pack their bags and attend the big event on May 30-June 2, 2002. See you there!"

Lloyd Cox also is assured of a ticket to Canton. He is chairing the reunion with Barb. They are busy developing committees to support their efforts. Let them know if you're interested in helping.

Marguerite "Peggy" Henshaw Sperling will be there. You'll recognize her because she'll be wearing her "freshman beanie." (Actually, we are ALL supposed to wear them.)

"I'm ALIVE and traveling!" says Richard Brush. Dick is obviously all set to leave for Canton. What fun!

Paul Blankman plans to be with us for the great event. (If he can tear himself away from all his endeavors.) He is a very fine photographer and recently has been making beautiful greeting cards adorned with his excellent photos (occasionally even throwing in a little original verse).

Our class is so diverse and talented. Speaking of talent, I told you I wanted to add a bit more about Tom Glover. We all remember his caricatures. (What did he charge? $2 a piece? Everyone had them done......and the big mural at the Tick Tock which was still there at our 45th reunion.)

I recently received some clippings from the Darien News Review that did a great report about Tom. Let me condense it a bit by saying that he has come up in the world (and probably charges more than $2 for a picture now). He and Diane have traveled all over the world as Tom draws his specialty for such folks as Time, RJR Nabisco, Sears, the New York Times, Honda, Minolta, AT&T, IBM, CBS, NBS, the Olympics and (as they say) a "host of others"! Wow!

Do you suppose instead of a composite photo of our class, Tom could just DRAW us? At $2 a person....if we have 100 of us show up, he could make himself a neat $200. The possibilities are MIND-boggling! How 'bout it Tom?

This is going to be one fantastic reunion. Anyone who misses it is (as we say in Kentucky) an absolute idjit! Write, call or e-mail (note the new number and address above) and tell me you are coming!


Ruth Rundquist Meyer '53
50 Shelley Drive
Granby, CT 06035

Much has changed in the lives of all of us in the two months that have passed since I wrote my last column. It is my sincere hope that no member of the Class of '53 has been personally affected by the tragedy of September 11.

A newsy letter from Paul Clements gave me a rundown on his activities since graduation, which included stints with General Electric and Sears Roebuck in the Boston area, where he and wife Peggy raised four children. Then they returned to Canton, where Paul purchased and operated the Bing Stevens Office Products and Sporting Goods store, while Peggy ran Crowell Jewelers in the same building on Main Street. In 1993, they moved to Dolgeville, N.Y., into an 1879 Colonial Revival house, which they have been restoring ever since. One day this may become a B&B. Take note, classmates. Their travels have included a 9,000-mile auto trip across the United States, a trip to Europe and also to the Dominican Republic, where their eldest son is a State Department diplomat at the U.S. Embassy. Paul and Peggy are looking forward to Reunion 2003.

Barbara Hutt Phillips relates an incredible experience singing with a massed choir of over 500 voices at the International Church Music Festival in Bern, Switzerland, in early summer 2001. Her New Bern, N.C., group also visited Salzburg, Oberammergau, Lucerne, Interlaken and Geneva. The Phillipses enjoyed the remainder of the summer at their summer home on the St. Lawrence River, with non-stop visits from family and friends.

Bill Rollins and wife Harriet Perkins '52 moved to Hendersonville, N.C., in 1992 when he retired from a career as a college professor in California. They spend summers at Long Lake in the Adirondacks and return to California for a month each winter. Aerobics, tennis, travel and visits with their two sons keep them busy in their retirement.

William Fox received an MS in physics in 1953 after two years at St. Lawrence on a fellowship for research in ultrasonics and polymers. This led to a career in research and development, first at the Franklin Institute Research Laboratories in Philadelphia, where he met his wife, Charlotte. In 1957 he joined the technical staff at AT&T's Bell Laboratories, where he worked on transistor development for AT&T's first transistorized Underseas Telephone Cable as well as for future undersea cable devices. Since his retirement in 1981 Bill and Charlotte spend time in both Pennsylvania and Florida with their three children and five grandchildren.

William Fox worked on transistor development for AT&T's first transistorized Underseas Telephone Cable as well as for future undersea cable devices.

A letter from Betty Buchanan Dunn included the news that, after visiting the North Country last spring, her family became the happy owners of a camp on Lake Ozonia in St. Lawrence County. Betty is retired but still volunteers at the Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, Va., when she is not traveling with husband Leo, who has been assigned as an advocate for patients involved in clinical research trials at the Medical College of Virginia. Son Cary practices Mohs surgery in Sarasota, Fla., while daughter Laurie lives in Silver Spring, Md., and works in Baltimore. On a sad note, Betty mentioned the death of Sheila "Teddy" Hill, a two-year member of the Class of '53, who died of lung cancer in July 2001.

The alumni office sends word that Richard Anderson recently rode on the first passenger train on the line through Canton since 1964, a special excursion. This brings back fond memories of the trip to New York City on the "Canton Creeper" for Christmas break.

Bill Kronk has been restricted to his local area by his doctor. However, he hopes to be well enough to travel to Canton for Reunion 2003. I hope so too, Bill, and want to take this opportunity to urge all classmates who possibly can return for our 50th to do so.


Frank Shields      '54
84 State Street
Canton, NY 13617

Greetings to my classmates from my home near "the Hill." I have been asked to take on the class notes duties by Barbara Thorn Heineman, and I am happy and honored to be able to serve the class. As I am facing a bit of surgery as I write this in November, I will simply let you know that the next issue will contain a lot of good stuff that I expect to get in the mail. I would not, however, let the opportunity pass without expressing my thanks and, I know, yours to our faithful class reporter for these many years of toil on our behalf. Thanks, Barb, for all your fine work.

Fondest regards to all. Please be in touch. You too, Barb!


Joyce Sullivan Thompson      '55
12 Garrison Road
Glens Falls, NY 12804-2036
Fax: 518-761-2064

We enjoyed Laurentian Leadership Weekend in Canton, October 5-7. Our daughter Liz Thompson Collins '87 was inducted in the St. Lawrence Athletic Hall of Fame. She was one of the few women in St. Lawrence history to swim in NCAA championship meets in each of her four years. Liz finished her Saint career as a 13-time All-America, captained the team in 1987 and helped establish St. Lawrence records in the 400-free relay, the 800-free relay and the 400-medley relay. Those records remain today. She also helped the 400-medley and 400-free relay teams win New York State championships. It was a family gathering with sisters Martha Coy '81, Sarah Thompson '82, Amy Collins '85 and twin sister Carrie Mauro (Brown '87) attending.

Dave Thompson '54 was excited to see Ted Stratford '57 be inducted also. He was a Saint football player and an outstanding football coach at St. Lawrence for a 10-season career. "Bear" is a middle school science teacher in Saranac Lake and keeps busy coaching too. Frank Shields '54 read all the citations at the induction and did an excellent job. Frank was inducted in 1994.

It is a unique experience to visit the new and renovated recreational and athletic facilities on campus. Between Augsbury Physical Education Center and the Sammis Tennis Courts, the new 102,000-square-foot Newell Field House contains an indoor track, tennis courts, a climbing wall and a 133-station fitness center. It's definitely worth a trip to Canton to see the impressive campus changes made in the past few years.

I had a luncheon visit with Harold "Rit" Lennon in August in Saratoga. He still owns Lennon's in New Hartford, my favorite jewelry store. Nick and Barbara Thorn Heineman '54 called from their home in Greensboro, Ga., and suggested we think about skiing in Aspen with the St. Lawrence group in March. Sounds like a nice plan.

Wish there was more news to report. Please keep in touch.


Lucy Tower Funke '56
119 Davis Road
New Berlin, NY 13411-9510
Phone and fax: 607-847-8158

The following is edited from the Ottawa Citizen under the headline "Michael Pitfield's Private War: The relentless disease that stalks Ottawa's former top bureaucrat." "It was to have been nothing more than a short speech given in a banquet room of the Chateau Laurier. Corporate donors, politicians, board members assembled for the official launch of Parkinson Society Canada. Peter 'Michael' Pitfield was the featured speaker. Michael had been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in the late '80s. Public speeches had become a rarity but on this occasion, he delivered a heroic speech. Although slowed by Parkinson's, it was apparent he still had enormous wit and elegance."

Peter 'Michael' Pitfield was a close friend of Pierre Trudeau and worked faithfully for four different prime ministers. He represented so much of Canada's history and was considered a brilliant public servant. Somehow Michael has managed to turn back the clock on Parkinson's.

A brief history of Michael includes his unprecedented graduation from SLU, at age 16, where he received a degree in science. Immediately following graduation he enrolled at McGill University. He passed the bar exam in 1959, but was too young to sign legal documents. He was a clerk in the Justice Department in Ottawa until he could begin work as a lawyer. When he was just 27 years old, he was described as the most formidable intellect to come to Ottawa in a generation. He was a close friend of Pierre Trudeau and worked faithfully for four different prime ministers.

Michael would leave public service 23 years later. While in public service he was routinely considered to be the smartest person in the room. He always had a great love for the intricacies of governance. He also had a very refined sense of duty, and civic responsibility. He represented so much of Canada's history and was considered a brilliant public servant.

Michael married late in life, at 35, to Nancy Snow, and they raised three children, Caroline, Thomas and Kate, who live in Toronto. Nancy recently succumbed to cancer. In spite of his disability, Michael has managed to keep the large family home so the children can come to visit.

When Michael was experiencing the advanced stages of Parkinson's, he spent more than two years researching every aspect of deep brain stimulation. Recognizing there was no other alternative, he opted for complicated major brain surgery. The surgery would entail implanting electrodes in the brain that would then be hooked up to a pacemaker inserted in his chest. Several weeks after surgery the pacemaker would be hooked up to a computer, which adjusts the electrical currents passing through the electrodes. In short, a computer would reprogram his brain.

After an arduous series of hospital stays and numerous return visits and severe exhaustion Michael was able to schedule the newspaper interview. Did the operation work? Michael says, "Yes, I believe it did!" Somehow Michael has managed to turn back the clock on Parkinson's and anticipates at least another five good years. He can pick up a spoon (as simple as that sounds), wear good shoes (without rubber soles to keep from falling) and the greatest blessing is once again, Michael can read a book.

Greta Jacobsen is having fun traveling with her sister Karen and brother Leif, plus their spouses. They were thrilled to be on hand at the L'Anse au Meadow, Newfoundland, celebration of the 1000-year anniversary of the Viking landing. The scene was exciting and included a direct descendant of "Leif the Lucky" who sailed a 70-foot Viking ship replica, called "Islandinger," from Greenland to New York City in a four-month voyage. Greta's youngest son, Scott, who is a lawyer in NYC, marked his 36th birthday by watching the arrival of the "Islandinger" there on October 5. He commented to his mother that it might have been easier if they had all come to New York to see it.

Greta retired in November 2000 and spent four months traveling 14,000 miles, including a trip to Ireland, where she encountered a rare blizzard in Dublin and the advent of "hoof and mouth disease." Clorox rugs greeted her at the air terminal and the St. Patrick celebrations were canceled.


For information about becoming a reporter for this class, please contact Leigh Berry in the alumni and parent programs office, 315-229-5925 or


Lennelle "Lennie"       '58
Dougherty McKinnon
5 Jay Street
Canton, NY 13617

I am starting the countdown now! There are only about 15 months until our 45th reunion! While that may seem a long way off right now, we all know how quickly the last 45 years have flown. So begin to clear the decks for June 2003 so you can get back on campus, touch base with your classmates, and see firsthand all the exciting growth that is taking place at SLU.

Pete Van de Water, Bill Lewis and I have enjoyed the new soccer facility and the success of the soccer teams in the fall. Bill has a new hip, which is temporarily slowing him down, but only slightly. Reports are that Pete did begin to get his golf game in shape, but we never managed to get together for a round. It was a terrific summer for golf and my game did revive a bit. Next summer for sure!

My plans include spending three months in Alabama this winter. I will miss the hockey, but not the snow. McKinnGunn Travel had to postpone our trip to France due to the September tragedy, but April in Paris sounds good! Barbara Blair Nangle and husband Phil are coming along. Barbara and Phil enjoy a couple of trips a year, usually one in the United States and one abroad. It should be great fun.

In an attempt to close the time gap between the submission of the class notes and the publication of the magazine, the University will place the class notes on the University Web site. Well before the magazine arrives in your mailbox, those of you who are at least somewhat familiar with the World Wide Web can read all about the Class of '58.

Of course, that means you have to provide me with some material for the column. I have had no notes, e-mails, or other communications from any of you since my June column. Are you out there? Inquiring minds want to know where you are and what you are up to!

Have a good spring and keep in mind June 2003!


Linda Marlow Castle      '59
P.O. Box 766
Lexington, VA 24450
Fax: 540-464-5727

I write on November 11, exactly two months from our country's great September 11 tragedy. Each of us will always remember the very moment and place that we heard the news. I found myself in a remote part of Alaska on the final leg of a two-week trip - a wonderful gift to myself. It was a W&L Alumni College-sponsored trip that took us into Denali National Park, where we walked the tundra and learned about the wildlife there. The train to Anchorage is a "must" experience. From there it was by bus to the Kenai Peninsula to see glaciers and marine life by boat. The final leg of our trip was by float plane to Brooks Lodge on the Katmai Peninsula to observe bears - no TV or telephones, only computer printouts courtesy of the rangers to inform us of the terrorist attack.

So there we were, stranded. In the face of the tragedy, the inconvenience was nothing. It made for a strange feeling to be so isolated.

Amazingly, the flight ban lifted in time for me to depart on my originally scheduled flight and I arrived at Dulles Airport on the 14th. Some of our group were unable to rebook flights for up to five days. Spending that weekend with two of my children and experiencing the sense of patriotism in the Washington area was overwhelming. Living "normally" is a challenge.

From time to time I find myself in another wonderful "SLU/W&L connection" experience and on my 18-person Alaska trip it happened again. Barbara and David Crosby, parents of Susan Crosby '91, were travelling companions. With little other news to report, I told them that they might well become the feature of my column!

Ruth Carling Budlong forwarded a very nice thank-you note from Kristin Carmichael '03, the recipient of our Class of 1959 Scholarship. This young woman is a most deserving student. She is living in International House alongside some of SLU's international students. She had the lead in Noises Off, which opened on campus in mid-October. Kristin hopes to study in London.

One of my favorite TV channels is Animal Planet. A week ago I turned it on for a few minutes and found myself watching "A Pet Story" featuring a couple who raise prize-winning llamas. It showed the farm, how the llamas are trained, and the national competition at which their "pets" are shown. Part way through, a name printed on the screen caught my attention immediately - Dan Goodyear! Sure enough, as I looked more closely, it was SLU's own Danny Goodyear '60! Dan, what fun to see you so unexpectedly and enjoying life on your llama ranch/farm!! I may sound like an advertisement for that channel but it is great fun if you like wildlife shows or stories about animals. Take a look and you might catch Dan on a re-run!


Ann Younger Moore '60
41 Brookside Drive
Wilbraham, MA 01095-2122

I really wish I had some news from the Class of 1960 now that I have learned to use my computer for word processing! Won't you please drop me a note? Even a postcard would be most welcome!

Since leaving the Alumni Council I have very little opportunity to see St. Lawrence alums. However, I did run into E. Harlan "Hal" King '61 while Jay and I were oystering on Cape Cod in early November. He has relocated to Pocasset from New Hampshire, where he worked for many years as a most distinguished school principal. He is enjoying his retirement by sailing, running and volunteering for the Council on Aging. He and his wife, Jan, have two daughters, one who recently presented him with a grandson and the other who will be married in the spring.


Hulit Pressley Taylor      '61
1 Penfield Avenue
Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520-3014
Fax: 914-271-4839

Starting with joyous notes, Carole Sperzel Clark wrote, "Our daughter Tricia became engaged in August. We are delighted that she has found Mr. Wonderful. I've been updating my Web site, so please go to www. and you will see what I've been up to." And on Nov. 3, Sue Hunter Schultz and Joe Sherin's daughter, Colleen, was married in St. Paul. Best wishes to all!

But I must also share tragic news. In early September, Judith Burgevin Johnson lost her eldest son, Klay, in a house fire in Australia. And on September 11, Tom Maltby's son, Christian, an employee of Cantor Fitzgerald, was killed in the attack on the World Trade Center. Our hearts go out to both families.

Tim Stevens wrote, "We returned to Anchorage a short time ago from our place on the river. There, we have no television, electricity, telephone, etc. So we had limited contact with what was going on (the attacks) except for one local radio station. I was pleased to see how rapidly the country forgot about petty politics and started pulling together.... We are off to Mexico for our annual trip next week."

Patty Linderoth Taylor sent me an advanced copy of her notes for the Kappa Newsletter. Many thanks, Patty!

Nancyann Orth is working for her son's business, Global Computer Systems. However, she says she'd rather be out gardening or at the beach. Her son, Alan, became engaged this year and her daughter Anne and her boyfriend are building a house about 20 minutes away, so she is very lucky to have her two children so close. Nancy and a group of high school friends went on a three-day weekend to Cape Cod and then on a canoe trip. Many laughs!! Nancy has steeped herself in Russian history in preparation for a tour to Moscow and St. Petersburg next October to look at art and architecture, including the Pushkin museum.

Anita Hills Weeks is located near the New Jersey Shore and has children living nearby in Paoli, Pa. Her daughter is in the Wharton MBA program and working full-time in Tokyo. "Neets" is mostly retired from massage therapy although she still does some.

Linda Baker Rencurrel keeps busy with kayaking, golf and other activities through a huge Cape Cod retirement community. Ron '62 has been crewing on a sailboat. They traveled this past summer for 21/2 weeks in Scandinavia and loved it.

Lynne Parker Eldridge ran into Linda at the grocery store and was prompted to write. She also lives on Cape Cod with her husband, Dana, a naturalist and interpreter for the National Seashore. He has written two books about the Cape and Lynne is his "agent" and distributor on the Cape! They were looking forward to heading south in January with bikes and canoe and visiting the state parks, plus exploring the many rivers Florida has. During the summer, they rent their home and live on a 34-foot Catboat that Dana built. They have eight grandchildren between them so it is a challenge to keep up with all the birthdays, etc.

Caroline "Canna" Smyth Rocco wrote that her girls are both in New York City and safe. Carrie is with Sotheby's; Catherine and her husband just had a baby girl, Elizabeth Frances Goodwin. Canna still sells lots of real estate in the McLean, Va., office of Coldwell Banker, while Frank plays a bit of golf.

 Kay Robertson Tomasi and husband Jim traveled to Nova Scotia, rather than their planned Rhine River cruise in September. They ski at Stratton in the winter with an over 50 group called the Trailblazers. They were looking forward to spending Christmas in Salt Lake City with their son John and his fiancŽe - a May wedding is planned!

Barb Bramwell Jolly and Patty are both in an NAIC Investment Club. Barb unfortunately broke her foot on Memorial Day and the healing has been slower than desired, but she is back to playing golf and "construction" with her 3-year-old grandson.

And from Patty herself: "My passion is still knitting. Last summer John '59 and I visited France, specifically Paris and the Dordogne region and Switzerland, touring the Bernese Oberland and hiking the Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt. We had a fun trip heli-hiking in British Columbia in August, just as beautiful as the heli-skiing the year before. We are active in the Over the Hill Gang, hosting one ski trip a year. During the winter John teaches x-country skiing and telemarking at Keystone, while I give snowshoe nature tours. In the summer I teach wildflower classes at the local community college."

In mid-October Judy Casadonte McDowell hosted a class luncheon at their home in Ridgewood, N.J. Such a fun time! Judy produced a scrapbook from freshman year complete with our Orientation schedule, the SLU handbook, Rush Party favors, photos - a real treasure! Judy loves retirement and when Al retires, they plan to move to her family home in Little Falls.

Chico Kieswetter and his friend, Linda, were with us for a short time. Ken Shilkret regaled us with family stories. He's thinking of retiring and moving upstate. Sue Edmonds Carroll is delighted to have a precious granddaughter. She also told me about her three-week business trip last January to India. Fascinating!

Natalie Beaumont continues to win ballroom dance competitions.

Natalie Beaumont continues to win ballroom dance competitions. Cinnie Baldwin Luscombe told us that her husband, Paul (Lafayette College '60), has written a biography of former Lafayette basketball coach William "Butch" van Breda Kolff. And a first-timer at these gatherings was Ed Schwesinger, who's living in Connecticut. Oddly enough, he bumped into Steve Brecher, whom he'd not seen in at least a year, at dinner that night and he wants to come to the next luncheon! Look forward to seeing you, Steve!

In early October, Natalie and I attended Laurentian Leadership Weekend on campus. It was great! Neither of us will ever forget driving through the Adirondacks at peak season. Spectacular! And guess who we met for coffee at the Brewer Bookstore - Connie Meng! What a treat that was! She's bought a home in Canton and is working full-time for WSLU, the NPR station. John Butler was also there for the weekend and was going to try to visit Connie, too.

Paul and I are planning to move to Washington, D.C. in the late spring. Will keep you posted. In the meantime, wishing you a healthy 2002 and hope we can all keep in touch.


Cynthia E. Wilson     
303 Commonwealth Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301-2319

Bill Brenner had an oped piece printed in the Sullivan County Democrat advocating the use of wind power as a source of inexpensive energy for Sullivan, Ulster and Orange counties, New York. Bill lives in Grahamsville, N.Y., and is president of Brenner Income Tax Centers Inc. In 2000, Bill ran as the candidate of the Republican and Green parties for an Assembly seat.

Paul Levi has been elected to the board of directors of the American Academy of Periodontology. The academy works to increase public awareness of periodontal disease, stimulate clinical research and enhance educational programs and opportunities.

Paul Levi has been elected to the board of directors of the American Academy of Periodontology. Paul received the Clinical Faculty Teaching Award of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. He has been invited to present courses in Germany and at three universities in Thailand.

Paul maintains a private practice in Burlington, Vt., and chairs the postdoctoral clinical program in periodontology at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. He also holds academic appointments in the department of surgery, Medical Center of Vermont, and the University of Vermont, School of Allied Health Sciences. In June 2001, Paul received the Clinical Faculty Teaching Award of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. He has been invited to present courses in Germany and at three universities in Thailand, where he recently worked with the faculty of Prince of Songkla University in a free dental clinic at the Thailand Naval Base in Songkla, Thailand.

Remember, our 40th reunion is just three months away!


Leah Kollmer Puzzo '63
135 Hillcrest Avenue
Leonia, NJ 07605-1508
Fax: 201-461-1775

Karen Allred Huffaker welcomed her second granddaughter, Madeline Hruska, on October 24, 2001.

Arnie '65 and Ann Breitner O'Reilly e-mailed that in 2001 they traveled to Huatulco, Mexico, in February and then went to Florida for March and part of April. On the return to home in Clayton, N.Y., their children (Alynda '90 and Shawn) gave them a party to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary. Shawn's wife had a baby in September, making their fourth grandchild.

I have been back to campus several times this fall. It is lovely! A place of serenity and relative safety after the disaster of September 11. Please pray for peace and God bless all of us.


E. Denley Rafferty      '64
505 Cypress Point Drive, #272
Mountain View, CA 94043
Fax: 408-774-8697

Gosh I hope you all are well and enduring in the wake of the terrorist attacks. This will appear about five months following September 11; I'm writing it in November....

I have had the pleasure of partying with several people from our class in the last few months. In September Nancy Baldwin Finlay, Carol Lankford-Gross '66, Nancy Current Martin and I ferried over to Angel Island in San Francisco Bay for a hike and picnic (picture in this issue). We all live in Northern California now.

The following weekend I spent some time with Tom Heavey, who attended his daughter Kristin's dance program in San Francisco. After graduating from SLU, Tom served in the Marine Corps for four years. He received a master's in counseling at Keene State College. He started a biking business with wife Susan Leedham '65 but sold the business in 1991 and next served as guidance counselor and then director at Kearsarge Regional High School in Sutton, N.H. He now lives with second wife Mary Lou in Henniker, N.H. Two years ago they were in Salt Lake City, where he was a support counselor, and afterward they spent a summer traveling in Alaska. Tom now does consulting work (reality therapy and choice theory) at schools and privately. He also is studying jazz guitar.

I vacationed in North Carolina for a week in November and a mutual friend invited Pam Webber Whedon for dinner. She left St. Lawrence for her junior year abroad (in France with Barbi Zinner Lindsay Reed), finished up at Syracuse University and went on for graduate school in speech and drama. In 1970, Pam moved to NYC, where she met husband Tom Whedon, who later was co-executive producer of "The Golden Girls" and other comedies. They have been married 28 years and reared five sons (three of his and two of theirs). Jed, 26, is a musician/video game designer and Zach, 22, is a senior at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Conn.

They spent 25 years in the Los Angeles area, where Pam was both an artist and an art teacher. Now Pam is fulfilling her life-long dream, attending graduate school full-time as an art history major at UNC in Chapel Hill, N.C. Pam and Tom have resided in Durham, N.C., for the past four years. Her sister Rosemary "Posy" Webber '67 is now living in Riverside, Conn., and has been married to Brian McGlynn for 20 years. They have a son, Bob, 13, who is in junior high. Posy was an illustrator for the Wall Street Journal.

Ron Cantlie writes that he and Barbara "Betsy" Harris '66 have been married 35 years and have three children and three grandchildren. After 30 years, Ron retired from GE in January 1999 and soon took on work at a small manufacturing company in northeast Ohio. Betsy is the international director of alumnae communications for Pi Beta Phi and in her travels has run into several sorority sisters from SLU. Ron and Betsy lived in Shanghai, China, for the year 1998, which was a highlight of their life together.

Harry Andrews writes that following his Vetsville days, he and wife Mary moved to Denver and then Honolulu for graduate school. He then took a teacher training position in the Caroline Islands for a few years, after which they moved to Michigan, where Harry was director of biomedical communications in the Medical School at Michigan State. He then began a doctoral program. Although Mary continues to work, Harry has retired from the Medical School and just does special projects, one of which is the MSU semester program in India (which is where they met in the Peace Corps years ago). Harry and Mary are living in Mason, Mich.

Harry Andrews has retired from the MSU Medical School and just does special projects, one of which is the MSU semester program in India.

Harry mentioned that he sees Ron Mason periodically and that Ron led the Michigan State Spartan hockey team against the University of Michigan October 6 in front of the largest crowd ever assembled for a hockey game. It was outdoors and attended by over 70,000. Ron has been inducted into the SLU Athletic Hall of Fame.

Jan Plumadore's son, Dustin, was a captain on the Army football team last fall. A Syracuse newspaper story described Dustin's successful efforts to get his father together with an old Vietnam War buddy for the Army-Navy game last December 1.

BTW, if you would like your e-mail address to be on the SLU Web site, please let Leigh Berry know at 315-229-5925 (or toll free at 888-758-4438) or


Jane Petrie Davis '65
Box 730
Manchester Center, VT 05255-0730
Fax: 802-362-1404 (w)

I haven't heard from anyone from the class this season so I'll send news of Laurentians I've talked to or seen this past year. Last spring I talked to Eileen Simpson Matrazzo. She is divorced, a grandmother and has been teaching high school English in Scarborough, Maine, for over 20 years. Melanie Feintuch is also divorced, a grandmother and living and working in Reading, Mass.

Nancy Hall Sugahara is renovating a house in New Vernon, N.J. She has a son at Colgate, a daughter at Harvard and another daughter at Tufts.

Dave Sampson lives in Troy and stopped by on his way to some event. It was great seeing both Dave and his wife, Arlene Mernit '67. He said he'd seen Dave and Margee Burns Grow recently.

Marty Denson Beisler '66 stopped by to say hello. She was accompanied by her two daughters. She looks terrific, lives in northern Maine and has two grandchildren.

My daughter, Tori '96, just purchased a house in Portland, Maine. She teaches 9th and 10th grade English in Falmouth. She keeps in touch with many of her classmates.

Please contact me by e-mail, Jill Casler Colver, Diane Lapham Crichton, Alice Rothmann Demarest, Molly Gierasch, Debbie Spencer Jackson, Anne Townsend, Joan Savin, Carol Nichols Wurmnest and Leslie Shill Homer. After the Pi Phi house closed, I was able to retrieve two sorority composites for 1963 and 1965. I have them hanging in my house and look at our young faces often.

Gerry and Kathy Folger    Schwieger  '66
69 Southfield Road
Cranbury, NJ 08512


John and Dottie       '67
Houghton Kosicki
PO Box 704
Concord, MA 01742-0704

Since this is our first column since the tragedy of September 11, we want to express our sympathy to the families and friends of St. Lawrence alumni who perished. We were especially saddened that Rich Stewart '89, who had done a banking internship with John, was among those who lost their lives.

Sue Chisnall Waldron wrote that she was sorry to have missed the reunion last spring, but son Alex was graduating the week before. Sue had spent a weekend with Helen Hartford Bonner and they'd had a great time together discussing jobs, children, hobbies (golf) and retirement!

In September, Debby Gay Scipione was visiting family in Massachusetts and stopped by to see us in our new digs on the Middlesex School campus. It was fun to catch up with her.

Chuck Verro, one of John's old geology buddies, sent a newsy e-mail from Vancouver, Wash. Chuck writes, "I stayed on the geology track until '83. I did some good international work; saw places I would never have seen any other way. But, as fun as it was, I eventually did get the urge to settle down. I left geology in '83 - three years after getting married. I ended up on the pastoral staff of a large church in Reno, Nev., doing some international work with their missionaries and also doing most of the counseling. I found that I liked the counseling and eventually went back to grad school. Now I'm in private practice in Vancouver and really enjoy it. I also have a contract with the state doing in-home crisis intervention work with families when there's an out-of-control teen in the mix." Chuck has been married for 21 years to Jeanna and they are the proud parents of two teens - Josh and Micaella. Chuck and Jeanna keep extremely busy now that their kids are getting into driving- Washington requires 50 hours of driving with the parents before they can test for their license.

Had a chance to catch up with Natalie Ammarell; we discussed all the benefits of moving from Massachusetts to North Carolina! She is living in Chapel Hill, where she continues to run her own business consulting for non-profits. This gives her ample opportunity for travel, with a number of clients in the Boston area. She is often up this way. Natalie is the president of a social service agency, which serves the homeless in Chapel Hill and the surrounding area. She stays in touch with Lyn and Carol Ezick Wheeler, as well as Ann Spies, who is reportedly enjoying her retirement from teaching.

Clare Rogers Matthews has her own environmental management-consulting firm. She works with a wide variety of clients, including a cruise line, a paint company and a school system.

When working in Boston, Natalie stays with Clare Rogers Matthews in nearby Belmont. After earning her M.Ed., Clare taught for a couple of years before returning to the world of business. Clare now has her own environmental management-consulting firm. She works with a wide variety of clients, including a cruise line, a paint company and a school system, which keeps things interesting! Clare's son, Mark, is married and lives in Wilmington, Del., where he works for MBNA. Last December, Clare held a "mini-reunion" at her home. Guests included Sarah Ritchell Edelstein, Rosemary "Posy" Webber McGlynn, Diane "Dee Dee" Holt, Gloria Thompson, Ellen Widen, Mary Jane Choinsky Kurtz and Anne Lauriat '68.

John had a chance to visit with Bill Martin at a gathering of SLU alums at the Brookline Country Club. Bill is the president of CME North American Merchant Energy, which develops new merchant power plant opportunities throughout North America.


Anne Lauriat      '68
11 Howard St.
Arlington, MA 02476-6004

A phone call from Nancy Nichols DeCarvalho brought the news of her teaching ESL and GED for immigrants and at-risk youth. She is divorced and lives in Brockton, Mass. A voice mail came from Betty Spence in New York City, where she works for Catalyst.

Rick Herbek, long-time village manager of Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y., wrote to say how much he and his wife are enjoying their first grandchild, Savannah. The Herbeks spend a week at Canaras with other Laurentians each summer. Considerably farther north in New York, Bruce Crawford has joined the Champlain National Bank of Plattsburgh as vice president for commercial lending and business development.

I had a great visit with Susan Doscher Underwood and her daughter, Dana, this fall when they traveled from Winnetka, Ill., to visit Boston college campuses. Daughter Elizabeth '03 is very excited about her London Program this spring.

In fact, I recently heard President Dan Sullivan speak of the many foreign study programs available to students and I was insanely jealous (also of the freshman experience). The Sullivans were at an alumni reception in Boston, where I popped in, heard Dan's enthusiastic talk and spoke briefly to photographer Will Traub '66 and Elizabeth James.

Jim and Nancy Olpp Thurber celebrated the marriage of their daughter Courtney in Atlanta. Greg and Val Hinsdale Connor have two daughters, one already married and the other to be married this July. Val continues her work as a librarian at Caledonia/Mumford Central Schools. She also teaches and directs the middle school plays.

My news involves a new address - from Andover to Arlington, where I now live in my own apartment. I am hoping to break into the world of voice-overs - yet another career change.

What's new with you or a classmate? E-mail, call or write to the new location above!


Patti Black Giltner       '69
16 Pellett Street
Norwich, NY 13815
Fax: 607-334-2321

What surprises I have had recently! One night in September the phone rang and it was Ned Fox wanting to share some exciting news. He had recently finished a bike ride from Montreal to Portland, Maine, for AIDS vaccine research. He was one of 2,000 riders and 1,000 crew members. They biked 415 miles in five days, and he survived with no damage. He said he did it as his "last gasp" before middle age, and because he has seen so much heartbreak due to AIDS in his work. Congratulations to Ned, who raised almost $9,000 for the cause. Ned said that he hears from Virginia "Sissy" Vickers Braun, who still lives in Lima, Peru.

Ned Fox finished a bike ride from Montreal to Portland, Maine, for AIDS vaccine research. They biked 415 miles in five days, and he raised almost $9,000 for the cause.

The second surprise: while going through papers I brought home after cleaning out my classroom, finding an old e-mail from Steve Cribari that got lost during computer crashes and moves over a year ago. So I e-mailed Steve to confirm the old news and he e-mailed right back with newer information. He's a visiting law professor at the University of Denver Law School, where he teaches, among other things, a course in forensic examination of computers. He was conducting a program on forensic computer evidence at the FBI National Academy, Quantico, Va., on September 11. He said that it was an experience that reminded him of the late '60s at St. Lawrence.

Steve Cribari, a visiting law professor at the University of Denver Law School, is a celebrated playwright, poet and composer.

In addition to teaching law, Steve is a celebrated playwright, poet and composer. Two of his one-act plays have received honorable mention in different competitions. His "Sonata for Solo Cello" was produced as part of Summer-Play '99 in Denver, and his poetry is included in a peace oratorio that has been performed in various venues in Germany over the last two years. Steve mentioned that he is sporadically in touch with Bob and Gail Kearney Cashman, who are grandparents, and Gennaro Cibelli.

The third surprise was, in doing a name search for a lost classmate, I may have made a find. I sent a note to see if it is - so stay tuned for the result.

In August, Pat Lynch and I traveled to Vermont for a short vacation. Even living in New York, it was my first visit to that lovely state, other than during a look at Middlebury with my daughter years ago. We stayed in Killington, visited Stowe and, of course, HAD to stop at Ben and Jerry's.

Be sure to visit the SLU Web site at There is always something interesting. Until next time, as the events of September 11 stay ever fresh in our memories, hold tight to those you love and never miss an opportunity to tell them how you feel. Take time to find people with whom you have lost touch. You just never know....

Nancy Ivers Osterwise      '70
360 Spring Mill Road
Villanova, PA 19085
Fax: 610-527-6425

For information about becoming a reporter for this class, please contact Leigh Berry in the alumni and parent programs office, 315-229-5925 or


Susan Christensen Besanceney
73 Briar Hill Road
Orchard Park, New York 14127

Now that the holidays are over, I hope you are getting in touch will all your SLU friends and making plans to attend our 30th reunion.

Pete De Vasto writes that he's been living in California since 1971. He had a chance to learn computer programming through a program the state set up for the legally blind. He has been working with computers ever since. He is now UNIX system administrator for a company involved in the Human Genome project. If things work out for Pete, he will be off to Lisbon, Portugal, soon to have an implant done that might give him a limited form of vision.

Pete De Vasto had a chance to learn computer programming through a program the state set up for the legally blind. He is now UNIX system administrator for a company involved in the Human Genome project.

Glennee Beams Falzareno has the following news. An update on Anne Marie Scully Gold calls for congratulations on her new position as library director for Sacramento, Cal.; looks like a move is in the offing! On the other side of the country we find Jim and Jeanne McCowan Tuttle living in Clifton Park, N.Y., close to Jim's law practice and convenient for Jeanne's court reporting business. Their daughter Andrea is a junior at Villanova and is quite the accomplished equestrian, riding for eight years at the Quiet Run Farm in Saratoga; it is owned by Melissa Morrell Countryman '75. Their son Graham is a junior in high school and plays on the premier soccer team with the son of Greg '72 and Suzanne Grande and is also into ski racing for Willard Mountain, where the Tuttles occasionally run into John '73 and Stephanie Copeland. Looking in a more southerly direction, Eileen McGrath is a librarian at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has just concluded a recent term as president of the Campus Librarians Association.


Barbarajean Schaefer Blodgett
1145 Harrison Street
Watertown, NY 13601-3811
E-mail: or

Expect a phone call, or perhaps a personal note inviting you back to campus for our 30th Reunion. Hard to believe, but true...we are smack in the middle of a grand cluster including '71 and '73, for what looks to be a great time. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing many of you. It's always nice to receive your cards and letters, but even nicer to see you in person.

Speaking of seeing each other in person, a group of "over the hill gals" did it again, this time in Cape Cod. Jane Terrell Barry '73, wife of Kevin Barry, hosted a good dozen fine-seasoned females at her place on the Cape. I had to drop out at the last minute, but Liz Marden Marshall was there comparing hip replacements with Cindy Combs O'Hara '73. Nancy Conklin Malcolm and Lisa Levison Peters represented the class of '71 while a host of women represented the class of '73: Nancy Niedrach Fidler, Dona Reisigl Pinkard, Valerie Moore-Harris and Chris Brown Kitch (all the way from California!). The class of '74 had Betsy Leonard Snedeker, Peggy McLellan Dutcher and Anne Evans Lewis present. Frankly, I was on the phone for well over an hour with this group, and I must say, even I had a hard time getting a word in edgewise! What fun and what a wonderful multi-class showing...just like it will be in late May, RIGHT? It really isn't hard to do, just pick up the phone or e-mail a few fond friends from long ago and pretty soon things start to snowball.

Just before press time, Mike Keenan was named head coach and assistant general manager of the Florida Panthers. They're the seventh NHL team Mike has coached.

See you at Reunion!


Faith Prentice White
35 Richards Road
Chenango Forks, NY 13746

I recently received a great letter about a summer reunion from Peter Nelson. He and seven members of ATO from the classes of 1972, 1973 and 1974 and their families gathered at Harry "Butch" Hagan's home in Flanders, N.J., to say hello to Fred Lappe, who resides in Park City, Utah, and was back East to visit his family.

Butch is a regional manager for an industrial hardware distributor. He and wife Anne have four lovely children. Their oldest son is a baseball player and his name is Mickey. He also wears number 7, as did Butch's baseball idol, Mickey Mantle.

Fred's brother Hugh '75 also graduated from SLU. Fred brought his wife, Trina, and their two children to the reunion. He has his own construction company in Utah, which deals in specialty residential carpentry. Fred looks like he could still put his old SLU hockey jersey on and rush the net!

Ross Nichols '72 and wife Bev brought an ATO picture album of SLU photos that caused the children present to make a number of comments about the length of their fathers' hair, clothing and appearances. Many of the children didn't believe their fathers had ever been that young! Bev and Ross operate a chain of retail ski and bicycle shops in New York and Connecticut. Their oldest son, Ryan, graduated from SLU in 2000, and their youngest son, Evan, is attending Lafayette in Pennsylvania.

Tim Foley '74 and his wife were busy at the party with four children under the age of five. Tim was quite adept at changing diapers. During changes he was regaling his audience and children about the likelihood of a successful season for the Red Sox. Since the host and the majority of the guests were Yankees fans, as they had been in their St. Lawrence years, they gently told Tim that this was no different than any other year for the Boston Red Sox. And it wasn't.

John McGeehan is teaching Advanced Placement courses in history in the Hamptons. John had gone to law school after teaching for 10 years. He practiced law for 10 years, but realized that teaching was his true calling. John and his wife compete in triathlons.

Dennis DeVany is the assistant to the director of the Civil Aeronautics Board in Washington. Dennis and his wife and two sons reside in Bethesda, Md. He's in great shape and runs 3-4 miles a day. He was so youthful-looking and fit that many of the group didn't recognize him until he started telling some humorous stories that he was noted for back at the ATO house.

Dennis DeVany is the assistant to the director of the Civil Aeronautics Board in Washington.

Peter is teaching social studies at Franklin D. Roosevelt High School in Hyde Park, N.Y. After St. Lawrence he sold property and liability insurance for nearly 15 years before he became a teacher. He was married and divorced and is working on his tennis and golf games. He hopes to ski in the Catskills and the Berkshires this winter. Peter returned to SLU last fall and was very impressed by the construction on campus, such as the renovation of the Owen D. Young Library, the new Newell Field House, Pinkard Track and the soccer and lacrosse fields.

I have paraphrased most of Peter's letter but would like to quote his last few sentences. "Hopefully alumni will dig deeply to assist President Sullivan's efforts to push St. Lawrence upward on the pecking order of competitive independent liberal arts colleges. In retrospect I have few regrets (over) the education I received from St. Lawrence. Occasionally I will pull out my old text from the required Humanities course, The Western Heritage of Faith and Reason, when I need some clarification on some philosophical or religious point."

Peter and his fellow classmates came to the same conclusion that my mini-reunion group came to - we can't wait another 28 years before we get together again. Friendships made nearly 30 years ago are too valuable not to rekindle and nurture! Thank you, Peter, for all the news!

My only other news is from Barbara "Missy" Banta Mercier. Missy is teaching social studies at Oswego High School, in Oswego, N.Y. In the past three years she has traveled to the People's Republic of China and South Korea on summer fellowships. She has the pleasure of teaching in the same school with her daughter Meghan.

Debbie Bessey Benjamin dropped a quick note to tell me her son was required to purchase Lydia Minatoya '72's text for a course at Tufts University. Also in the "St. Lawrence is everywhere" category, my mother, son and eight out of 10 employees have the same physician that they all rave about, Dr. Tom Martin '89.

After the events of September 11, we all have a more urgent need to reconnect with old friends from the past. Hope you'll join us at our reunion, May 30-June 2. See you there!


Jill Martin Barker      '74
181 High Street
No. Andover, MA 01845

I hope by the time this reaches you, we are all considerably healed and in a better emotional place than where we were when this was written last fall. Also, I know I speak for so many others when I say that the SLU Web site that was created after the 9/11 attack was an important connection and greatly appreciated by alumni.

Late last spring Richard Rubin departed his post as principal of Mendon Center Elementary School to become principal of Holbrook Road School, Middle Country School District, Centereach, Long Island. In the news clipping Richard states, "I am originally from New York and am returning home." According to the article, "Rubin came to Pittsford after 10 years as an administrator with the Rochester City School District, preceded by five years as a teacher with that district." After SLU he received his master's in education administration and administrative education from SUNY Brockport.

Judge John B. Nesbitt of Palmyra (or of Lyons, depending on which newsclipping one reads) has been named to the New York State Bar Association Journal board of editors. According to the articles, John was chosen based on his "considerable experience writing and editing in the legal field for many years. Judge Nesbitt received his law degree from Syracuse University College of Law. He was partner in Nesbitt & Williams LLP and was an assistant Wayne County District Attorney. He has served as president of the Wayne County Bar Association [and] is the author of numerous articles."

The Thousand Islands Sun in Alexandria Bay, N.Y., reports that Alexandria Central School counselor Phil Lavarnway was honored as commencement speaker for that school's graduation exercises last June. It was particularly fitting because his son, Steven, was class president and gave the closing remarks at the ceremony. Phil began his teaching career at Alexandria Central in 1969 in P.E. and health, and became a school counselor in 1980. Phil has about as many degrees as one can get from St. Lawrence: he completed his M.Ed. in 1974, master's in counseling in 1978, and administrative certificate in 1988.

Judge John B. Nesbitt of Palmyra (or of Lyons, depending on which newsclipping one reads) has been named to the New York State Bar Association Journal board of editors.

And while we're on the subject of education, Kathleen Martinson of Luther College (Iowa) has been selected as Iowa's Outstanding Higher Education Art Educator of the Year 2001-2002. As such, she is also Iowa's nominee for the Western Region Award at the national level. Kate has been working extensively with the design concepts for a new community arts building. Kate also has a long list of published works. She is an accomplished fiber artist, with an MFA in book arts from the University of Alabama, sharing her expertise with her community in a variety of forums. And, most notably, "Kate is a highly regarded member of the education faculty at Luther College. Students and staff both praised her enthusiasm and leadership skills. To quote a student of Kate's, 'Kate is one of the most incredible individuals that I have ever met. I just hope that a few of her wonderful qualities such as motivation, sincerity, honesty, enthusiasm, creativity and encouragement, and passions have rubbed off onto me.'" This state award was presented to Kate on October 6 in Council Bluffs at the Annual AEI Fall Conference.

Kathleen Martinson of Luther College (Iowa) has been selected as Iowa's Outstanding Higher Education Art Educator of the Year 2001-2002.

Two more choice news bites come courtesy of the alumni e-mail registration.

"Hal Zimmerman has just returned from Kuwait where he worked as a senior Oracle developer for the Kuwait Air Force. His team built the Oracle application that manages the supply and maintenance for the F/A-18 and C-130 aircraft. Hal had an interesting 12 months living in Kuwait City in a villa with a swimming pool and date gardens. He was about 100 yards from the beach and the Persian Gulf. Very glad to be back home, Hal now works as an Oracle database developer at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C."

Chris Gibson Tuttle wrote in, "I haven't been back to SLU in quite a while, but my family and my husband's have quite a long SLU legacy. I went to SLU, as did my sister Margot Gibson '83. She married Richard Beattie '84. My husband's brother, Warren Tuttle, graduated in '77, as did his wife Lynn Ruane. Her cousin, Kathleen Ruane Martinson, graduated with me in '74. I am now the reunion coordinator at Colgate University in Hamilton, N.Y., which is my hometown. Funny how things work out...."

That about wraps it up. And so friends, share some news with your classmates. Till next time, be good, be healthy, be happy!

Janeen Gould Frank '75
7430 Hunters Hollow Trail
Novelty, OH 44072-9541
Fax: 440-338-1955


Susan Higgins      '76
7012 Lorelei Drive
Bozeman, MT 59715

After one short year as your reporter, it's been wonderful to learn about and share your life's pursuits, joys and challenges. Please keep those communications strong; these class notes represent a great opportunity to stay connected and to reacquaint. I'm kicking myself for not reaching out to know you better when we were mere babes at SLU. . . . better late than never.

We received a fascinating news article about Jim Boucher, president and CEO of Caldwell Manufacturing Company in Rochester, N.Y. Caldwell, a window hardware manufacturing business, was started by Jim's family in 1888, and now has 500 employees in Rochester, Maryland, Mississippi and England. Jim grew up in the family business, and after graduating from St. Lawrence, worked for five years at a bank and then at two manufacturing companies before he came back to Caldwell. Jim's colleagues describe him as a true leader with vision and a thirst for knowledge, not to mention respect for his employees. He and his wife, Karen, are deeply involved in community work. They have an 11-year-old son, Matthew.

There's more news from our Reunion update booklet, which you did not receive unless you attended. Richard Greenfield has been operating a wholesale meat distribution company in White Plains, N.Y.; he's been married to Janet Goldberg for 20 years, and they have "four terrific children," the oldest of whom is attending Tufts. For Thomas Healy, "since graduation, life has been interesting, curious, both happy and sad, and ultimately, challenging. I received my law degree in 1979 and embarked upon two years of prosecuting bad guys in southeastern Massachusetts for the Bristol County District Attorney's Office. My brother, Jim, and I began our current law firm, Healy and Healy, P.C., in 1983. Our litigation practice is a 10-lawyer firm which was located in Boston, and now in Wellesley, Mass. The success of the firm has been a great source of satisfaction." Thomas is the father of three wonderful children. He's been deeply involved with the Republican Party in Democratic Massachusetts, with two unsuccessful bids for public office (Governor's Council and State Senate). Nonetheless, he has contributed to Republican administrations in several appointed positions. He says, "When in Boston, look me up - I always enjoy sharing my hometown with St. Lawrence friends."

Brian Henry became a part-time photographer in 1983 and has had well over 200 photos published in North America and Europe, including 15 cover shots.

Brian Henry became a part-time photographer in 1983 and has had well over 200 photos published in North America and Europe, including 15 cover shots. His work has appeared in magazines such as Wildbird, Bird Watcher's Digest, Birder's World, Adirondack Life, and the NYS Conservationist. Classmates are encouraged to check out the Web site, click on Springboard, click the archives, and click on July 2000 for a sampling of his work. He wrote, "I am also the proud father of a son, Christopher, 16, whose future will be with design networks for computers (Dad had no clue). I have remained a die-hard Saints hockey fan and travel to many games." His biggest thrill, though, was Coach Joe Marsh inviting him to join him on the bench for the 50th anniversary of Appleton Arena game vs. Dartmouth last January. "What an honor! A once-in-a-lifetime chance to offer the players and coaching staff my support (from the bench)," he wrote.

Aimee Gilleaudeau Lundy writes that she and Mark '75 have been married for 17 years and have two daughters, 13 and 15. They live in Cincinnati, where Mark is a senior scientist for Procter and Gamble and Aimee is the manager of information systems for the Health Alliance, a merger of five hospitals in the city.

Jennifer Lamb Martin sends a warm hello. She's married to Keith Martin, a partner in an investment company, and they live in Central Toronto with three great kids. After SLU, Jennifer completed her M.Ed. at Springfield College and then worked in Toronto (sharing a house with Daphne Mackenzie Spindler '75 and Corry Terfloth '77), managing fitness programs. Jennifer still delights in reviewing her French, and planned a three-week family trip to France last summer "hopefully to inspire our children to love French language and culture, comme la vie ‡ Rouen"!

Kathy McInerney Olney is happy and healthy in Rome, N.Y., with her three children (Jay, 14, Julie, 12, and Sheila, 5) and husband Joe, who runs two family businesses, one of which is a ski area. "Youngest daughter Sheila has introduced us to a whole new world of friends - most of her buddies have parents who are a little younger than 47." (I can relate!) Kathy continues to teach French and Spanish at the local junior high school. "The Timsons are our most recent visitors; for city folk, they sure can schuss the board! We'd love to have company any time; come visit us at the Woods Valley in Westernville!" she said.

Ken Najarian is an interventional radiologist in Burlington, Vt., doing lots of snowboarding and windsurfing and playing drums in a rock band. He writes that he has great memories of St. Lawrence - "Billy's, the UC, exams, playing botch in front of Phi Sig, and stealing the SAE pig are a few of the special moments."

After graduation, Pam Zinter Rice received her master's degree in cellular biology. She and her family live in Rochester, N.Y., where she has been teaching science for 25 years. "I hope that over the years I have influenced many children into pursuing a career focused on the biological sciences in some way," Pam wrote. "My love of international travel has never ended and I have been lucky enough to find a wonderful husband who has that love as well, so we continue to explore new countries as often as we can."

So much more to come. Greetings from me and my family here in Montana. Stay warm and happy.


Bonnie Steuart Taylor     
9823 Fosbak Drive
Vienna, VA 22182

Joseph Braz '76 and Meredith Horton Braz sent this news via the alumni office: "Meredith and I have moved around New England, between western Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine, but have settled down in Maine now for 12 years. I'm currently working for a small consulting firm in the Old Port in Portland, providing a variety of services to the disability insurance industry. This has been a welcome change from working in large corporate environments for 20-plus years. Meredith is the registrar and director of student financial services for Bates College in Lewiston, spending entirely too much time (but loving it!) involved in committee work and leadership positions there and in various industry organizations. She's great at what she does and recognized for it.

"We have two sons, Daniel, 22, and Jeremy, 16. Dan is a Chip, SLU '01, and a broker for Paine Webber in Boston. While he approaches life like he has the world by the tail, Jeremy is a junior in high school and starting to contemplate his college plans with the usual vagueness and uncertainty of a teenager and second child. We are blessed with great kids!

"Mere and I celebrate our 25th anniversary of marriage this year. We've been to England and Scotland to celebrate this summer and never fail to appreciate what life has given us. There is nothing more precious in life than to find the right one and to build a life together.

"I continue to see my best friend and kindred spirit, Dave Garber, as often as time permits. Mere and I have a cabin in the Berkshires that we built 20 years ago and it just so happens to be equidistant from my house and Dave's (Syracuse area) and serves as the base for most of our adventures. Dave has been teaching physical education in Fulton, N.Y., since 1978, has become a nationally ranked cross-country skier in New York, and is enamored of kayaking in Alaska and climbing the mountains of the Western states during his summer breaks. Six years ago I helped him raise a beautiful post-and-beam house, all of the joinery having been done by Dave himself. We continue to push and challenge each other physically like a couple of old fools, but never get enough. When we're 80 and rocking on the porch at my cabin, we'll probably see who can rock fastest or longest, and as always, I'll gracefully let him win." Joe and Meredith plan to be in Canton for our 25th reunion in 2002.

Kim Linker Stebbings wrote, "I have been the VP of sales and marketing for a startup in Colorado Springs that was doing diabetes disease management on the Web. Unfortunately, due to the uncertainty on Wall Street and funding issues we had to close our doors. I'm now considering new opportunities. My husband and I love Colorado, and this year we celebrated 20 years of marriage by taking a trip to Hawaii and renewing our vows there with some friends. (We had eloped to Hawaii to tie the knot, so we thought it would be fun to go back and not have to rent-a-witness!) We now have two beautiful grandchildren - a grandson who is 11 and granddaughter who is 2."

Donna Laskowski Brassard sent news that she moved to Maine two years ago to become the publisher of Maine biz - a bi-weekly business publication for the state. She notes, "my husband and kids have settled in very well - we love Maine." Their daughter is a senior in high school and Donna says, "We have started the college search."

Kevin Hopkins has been a leading advocate for providing healthcare and reconstructive surgery for people in other countries and is the founder and director of Small World Foundation, a non-profit that provides such surgeries for children and adults around the world.

In September, Kevin Hopkins joined Driscoll Children's Hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas, as a craniomaxilofacial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He also maintains a private practice in Corpus Christi. Prior to joining Driscoll, Kevin was associated with the International Craniofacial Institute in Dallas. He graduated from the Boston University School of Medicine and completed his internships at St. Luke's Hospital Center in NYC. Dr. Hopkins has been a leading advocate for providing healthcare and reconstructive surgery for people in other countries and is the founder and director of Small World Foundation, a non-profit that provides such surgeries for children and adults around the world.

Nancy Dayton Houston lives in Provo, Utah, with husband Stephen - an archaeologist who teaches at Brigham Young University - and their children, Hannah, 12, and Anders, 16. Nancy says they all enjoy "skiing, hiking and camping and have plenty of room for visitors - hint!"

Priscilla "PJ" Sweet is a food chemist for New York State specializing in pesticide detection. She and her husband, Dan Novak, are planning to be in Canton for the 25th reunion. Priscilla writes, "My 16-year-old daughter, Erika, is a sophomore in high school and my 20-year-old daughter, Angel, is a sophomore at Union College in Schenectady."

As noted in the Poughkeepsie Journal, Jim Davenport was promoted to vice president of business banking at Rondout Savings Bank. His experience includes positions at First Union, Key Bank and Premier Bank.

Kevin McGrath, Jay Ireland and Jim Brush are our 25th Reunion Development co-chairs. They are working toward many generous contributions to our class gift.


Michelle DeLuca Smith      '78
15 Knapp Street
Easton, CT 06612

"In a way, Jim Yellen ran the race of his life on September 11." So began a CNNmoney story on October 31 about our classmate who was preparing to run the New York Marathon a ninth time on November 4. We were all touched by the events of that day. We all grieve. And we can all feel pride in our friend's courage. Because I cannot tell it better, I offer it here, in significant part:

He was coming out of the subway to get to his job as a lawyer for Morgan Stanley at the World Trade Center when the first plane slammed into Tower 1. He saw bodies falling to the ground, and the second plane hit Tower 2. Yellen stood by the fountain near the two towers in shock, watching the horror unfold around him. Then Tower 2 started to collapse. He started running and made it to safety just ahead of the ugly cloud of black smoke and debris. For those memories, and for New York, Yellen is running his ninth New York Marathon on Sunday.

"I haven't trained this year, but it doesn't matter," said Yellen. "I'm just going to run. It's incredibly important for me to run this year." Yellen ran his first marathon in 1993 as a way to quit his two-pack-a-day smoking habit. Since then, he's run a total of 13 marathons, including races in Paris, Prague, Rome and Stockholm. He finishes anywhere between about 4 hours 15 minutes and 5 hours. "There's still nothing like New York," Yellen said. "I like to say it's a 26-mile standing ovation for you."

He said one of the great things about New York was that he could see the World Trade Center as he made his way in the herd of runners over the Verrazano Bridge from Staten Island into Brooklyn. For the next 16 miles, until runners crossed into Manhattan over the Queensboro Bridge, the towers were like a good luck charm over his left shoulder. "I've worked in the World Trade Center, either Tower 1 or 2, since 1985," Yellen said. "In every marathon, standing on that bridge, I've stared at my office."

On Feb. 26, 1993, when a terrorist bomb killed six people and injured more than 1,000 others at the Trade Center, Yellen was getting ready to leave his office to teach a class at Fordham Law School. At the time, he was working on the 58th floor. He made his way down the smoke-filled staircase, his book bag on his shoulder. It took him three hours. "I know what it's like going down those stairs," he recalled.

On Sept. 11, as Yellen stood in the shadow of the towers under attack, he kept thinking about the firefighters and police rushing inside. It never occurred to him that the mighty buildings would come down. He was frozen in the spot, unable to believe what was happening. "It seemed to take only seconds for the building to pancake," Yellen recalled. "I was about 150 feet away. Watching it go down jolted me out of my shock."

He turned and started running.

"I had to outrun the smoke, which was coming at me very fast," he said. "As soon as I got about 100 yards away I knew it wasn't going to catch me." When he got to Broadway, it was pandemonium.

When he sees video of the aftermath, he's always struck by how tame it seems compared to the actual day. There was a powerful burning smell. And there was the thunderous sound of the buildings crashing down, like a detonation. And blended in were the people all around him, whispering, screaming, or crying, "Oh my God."

A few days later, Yellen decided to talk to his students at Fordham. The tragedy was so raw in his mind, he was shaking. While most of his co-workers made it to safety, seven lost their lives.

"I told them my story," he said. "And then I said, 'When you're in a panic about your final exams in March, remember this talk. All you're going to think about is whether you'll make law review, and being at the top of your class, and getting a good job. But what's important are the people in your life and the people that are close to you.'"

For Yellen, what's important Sunday will be running for all of the victims, his lost colleagues, and the graceful landmark that was such a big part of his life. "I've run all these marathons since 1993 looking at those buildings," he said. "I have to run. Otherwise the terrorists succeeded."


Kim Hoffmann Amoroso      '79
35 Cedar Street
Marblehead, MA 01945

Reo Rice wrote me a letter the other day. He is living in Greensboro, N.C., and is working at Overnite Transportation in management. He is also working on his master's in transportation management at Wake Forest in Winston-Salem. He is engaged to Mattie Smith, a graduate of UNC at Greensboro (my master's alma mater). She is a VP of Gate City Community Development Center. They are getting married next fall. His phone is 338-336-6094 and his address is 1015 E. Barton St., Greensboro, NC 27407. He would love to hear from classmates.

I have run into Patti O'Loughlin Cameron recently. Our children are both at Brooks School in North Andover, Mass. Her daughter Kate is a junior and my son Eric is a sophomore.

I am planning a mini-reunion with some SLUers in NYC in a few weeks as I write this, so I'll let you know how it went in the next issue.


Margaret Ingalls Walton      '80
483 West Street Road
Kennett Square, PA 19348

Linda Terrell Mitchell is one member of our class who works directly in the airline industry. (You might have seen her picture and the announcement when it appeared in the Summer 2000 issue of this magazine. She is vice president and general counsel of America West Airlines in Phoenix, Ariz.) I asked her how last fall's events were affecting her and America West. According to Linda, "Before September 11, I had the best job of any lawyer I know. We have a great management team here and while we are rising to the challenge of 'saving the airline,' the stress is a bit overwhelming at times. Otherwise, I'm great - I live in paradise, I have two beautiful children, I'm married to the love of my life...I just need a new career."

Linda also had news about other members of our class: "I see Frank Kane once or twice a year when he visits his baseball player clients during spring training or fall league in Phoenix. I'm still waiting for him to represent one of the World Champion Diamondbacks so I can get better tickets and autographs. I also see Joann 'Jo' Davey Piehler every once in a while. She and her husband own a gymnastics school near Albany but they like to vacation in the West. Last August they came through Phoenix on their way to Sedona. Finally, Viggo Mortensen and I were both inducted into the Wall of Achievement as distinguished alumni of Watertown High School. Viggo didn't attend (I heard he was living in Australia) but sent a statement of thanks and congratulations."

I telephoned Susan Schultz Laluk right before Thanksgiving to find out about her appointment as Media Committee co-chair for the Greater Rochester Association for Women Attorneys. The GRAWA, a chapter of the Women's Bar Association of the State of New York, promotes the advancement of women in society and in the legal profession. Besides writing the GRAWA's newsletter, Susan is "a founding board member of Digital Rochester, a networking group for technology and business. We want to reinvigorate Rochester's high-tech business community," says Susan. She specializes in corporate and intellectual law as a partner with Boylan Brown Code Fowler Vigdor & Wilson LLP and clearly sees the importance of keeping a strong technology industry in Rochester. As of January 2002, she is president of the board for Wilson Commencement Park, a housing and day care facility for low-income single parents. The organization helps people move off welfare toward self-sufficiency. Besides these activities, Susan, with her husband, David, and their two children (ages 13 and 11), enjoys skiing on family vacations. She keeps in touch with Tamsen Olver Benson, located in Olympia, Wash., and Holly Finch, who is a children's librarian in Chesapeake, Va.

Donna Dittman Hale, of Williamsburg, Va., registered on the alumni e-mail directory and said she's working part-time as the director of community grants programs for Williamsburg Community Health Foundation. "This gives me the time to meet and greet the school bus for my son Wilson, 10. I'm also the coordinator of a weekly meditation group, president of my homeowners' association and chair of the school system's Gifted Advisory Council. We also have a terrific organization in Williamsburg called All Together that is attempting to bring the community together through dialogue around racism. It has been really heartening to see the outpouring of interest in getting involved in our community in all these areas in response to the events of 9/11/01. I used to think that being the president of the homeowner's association meant getting everyone's complaints, but I am now experiencing a resurgence of interest in making this community and this world a better place to live for all. I'd love to hear from any SLU alums visiting the Williamsburg area for a little bit of history and fun."

Another classmate checking out the alumni directory recently was Tom Larrabee. He lives near Utica, N.Y., where he used to be the city's commissioner for urban and economic development. He and his partner just moved into a new home in New Hartford, N.Y. Tom likes his civic work and church duties and enjoys traveling. He also stays in touch with Curt and Teri Podnorszki '81 Ulrich in Ballston Lake, N.Y., and Bob Barnish of Rochester, N.Y.

You've heard of the Gallup Poll but have you heard about Zogby International? That's where Tom works. "It's the country's leading polling and market research firm and is the polling team for NBC, Reuters News Service and Abu Dhabi TV," explains Tom. Political races make up 28% of the company's business. Zogby just completed survey and election projects in Africa, South Korea, Panama, Iran and Argentina. "In addition," Tom says, "I'm working on several joint ventures for Zogby, mostly with academic institutions - starting education and research centers around the world." Sounds like something from which SLU could benefit.

There may have been other members of our class running in the 2001 New York City Marathon last fall but, thanks to Scott Liebman, I actually heard about Dick Southwick of Syracuse, N.Y.

Dick returned to his hometown of Syracuse after SLU and went to Syracuse University Law School. He's now a federal prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney's office. Dick likes to hike, kayak and travel in the Adirondacks and out West. He must also like to run because he trained for and ran in the NYC Marathon. In Dick's words, it "was awesome. It was my first marathon and the NYC crowds were amazing. Nearly every runner wore red, white and blue or an American flag. Many people wore pictures of people lost in the attacks. The foreign runners (one third of the participants) were wonderful and many had shirts that expressed their sentiments of solidarity with us."

A highpoint for Dick in the race came around Mile 25 in Central Park. Scott jumped in the race and ran with Dick "the whole rest of the way (nearly half a mile) until about 50 yards from the finish line. It was great to have him there because I was beat and Scott, being a NYC resident, knew how far we were from the final turn to the finish. It was fantastic to have my good friend pace me in."

In the Spring 2001 issue of this magazine, I mentioned that Chuck Long, of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, has an annual ritual of bringing his boat to NYC for pick-up by a delivery skipper who sails the Trinity south for the winter. The trip involves sailing across Lake Erie to Buffalo, stepping down the mast so the boat can fit under the bridges on the Erie Canal, and running to Albany, N.Y. There the mast goes back up and he sails down the Hudson to the Liberty Harbor Marina. In the spring, the trip is reversed to get the boat to Cleveland. Tom Roulston '81 and his family served as weekend crew in the past.

On the spring trip to Cleveland last year, Chuck was able to spend an evening with Cal and Jody Southwick in their hometown of Ilion, N.Y. Chuck says, "The trip is completed over three or four weekends with a different crew of friends participating each weekend. I hope I can enlist more SLU buddies to make this trip." Should be just about time to call Chuck and plan a spring or fall vacation....

Check out SLU's Web site at It's simple: go to the alumni e-mail directory and click on 1980. While you're registering your e-mail address, drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you. And can anyone tell me news of Sylva Balian, Mike Collins or Karen Kietzman?


Mary Bowman Popovich      '81
88 State Street
Skaneateles, NY 13152-1210

Hello, Class of 1981.....are you out there??? I haven't been receiving much news from any of you and need your help to make our column awesome!

Fortunately, I got news from Ray Celeste, who survived the attack on the Pentagon. In Ray's words, "You really develop a different perspective on life when you make it through a harrowing experience. May God rest the souls of all those who perished." I believe all of us feel the way Ray does and will continue to count all the precious blessings we have in life. Ray works for the Defense Department.

Some happy news was received from Beth Hanggeli Anderson. She celebrated her marriage on August 4, 2001. The wedding was at Beth and Bill's cabin on the banks of the North Fork of the Coeur d'Alene River (see photo within these pages). Beth's sister, Debra Hanggeli Doda '83, was the matron of honor. Hope Dean was also there to help celebrate. Beth and her husband started a woodworking/cabinetmaking business in April, which keeps them busy. Beth also works at North Idaho College in the external relations department and owns a house in Post Falls, Idaho.

Geoff Megargee works at the Holocaust Museum, where he is in charge of compiling and editing a multi-volume encyclopedic history of all the camps and ghettos in Nazi Germany and Nazi-dominated territories.

Geoff Megargee sent an update from the Washington, D.C., area too. He received his Ph.D. in military history from Ohio State in 1998 and moved to Washington, where he worked with the U.S. Commission on National Security.

Geoff currently works at the Holocaust Museum, where he is in charge of compiling and editing a multi-volume encyclopedic history of all the camps and ghettos in Nazi Germany and Nazi-dominated territories. In 2000, the University Press of Kansas published Geoff's book, Inside Hitler's High Command. His book received the Society for Military History's Distinguished Book Award. He adds, "best of all, a year ago, I married Robin Frank."

Congratulations, Geoff!

Ending on an exciting note, I'm heading for New York City to enjoy a KDS weekend! Chris Koski '79, Elizabeth Collins Macomber '79, Kim Hoffmann Amoroso '79, Peggy Stutts Clark '80, Maria Tilaro Higgins, Karen "Kix" Krehbiel Keasler and I plan to have a wonderful time reminiscing and carrying on in an appropriate SLU fashion! I hope to come home with lots of news for the next column but I still need more help. So keep those e-mails and phone calls coming!


Karen Helle Nemiah      '82
58 Oldfield Road
Fairfield, CT 06430

The editors apologize for the misspelling of Mark Westcott's name in the Summer/Fall 2001 issue. The error was theirs, not your class reporter's.

Greetings from the bottom of my heart. It is always a delight to join you all, but this month I treasure the opportunity to reconnect. Things have changed since last time. Not that we all haven't lost important people on days and in ways other than in the WTC attack. But this seems different. My deepest sympathies to everyone affected by the events of September 11. No matter your personal connection, I feel it is hard not be affected. Not only as an American did I feel the pain of the day, not only as a resident of a NYC suburb (where we lost several community members and I know many more who know many more who did) was I upset and scared, but as well as a Class of 1982 member and friend and former roommate of Cathy Gorayeb, who died on that pivotal morning, I can definitely say a part of me was lost.

Not that Cathy and I had talked for years, and that is in itself a sad thing...but losing someone who was actively involved in my St. Lawrence career really hits hard. From freshman year when we gave blood together for the first time (Lord knows how she passed the 110-pound weight minimum!), or listening to her field phone calls from guys mostly intrigued by her "sultry" high school senior portrait, to her helping me build a bookshelf sophomore year in the DEX room we shared (let's just say she was good at the moral support!), to the numerous antics we pulled off together (too bad, not enough space to cover them here!), she was part of my formative years. And those are years that I will always treasure.

Remember that innocence we all used to have? I mean real innocence from the high school and college days? (Some of you might be there right now-again!! We are still working on Santa and the Tooth Fairy, so I cannot relate yet). But think of the time when we could really live for the moment and were only too eager to spend time with friends and try new things as part of that invincibility we all experienced on our journey growing up and discovering ourselves. All those events, big and small, helped shape us to become who we are today.

The sum of that is what I treasure most about Cathy. Sure her smile is a great memory, her laugh, all her qualities-but it is a really weird thing to have lost someone on that tragic day who moaned and groaned and laughed and cried with me every day all semester long.

I hope that all of us can honor Cathy and the other heroes of the day, including anyone else lost to us that day (SLU lost four other alumni), by making sure we live each day without regrets. Any of us could have been there like Cathy. She had gone to the World Trade Center on September 11 for a meeting. It could have been any other day. She leaves a 2-year-old daughter, Kate, who will be living with Cathy's sister Claire in Boston.

Anyone wishing to express their condolences may write to the Gorayeb family at 16 Meadow Court, Southold, NY 11971. An education fund for Kate has been established at Random Walk Computing. Please contact Heidi Miller at Random Walk Computing, 11 Broadway, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10004, phone 212-480-5820, ext. 388, or e-mail her at for more information. And be sure to celebrate friendships and experiences that are all part of who you are. You just never know when things might change.

If any good could come out of the whole event, it is in reminding us of what is important and reconnecting with old friends. Martha Meyer Noordsy was one of those triumphs. Martha was also a DEX suitemate that year and she called to share "Cathy memories" when she found out the news. That was a nice thing for us-thanks, Cath.

Martha is living in Glens Falls with husband Mark '78, a lawyer, and their two kids, Peter, 12, and Anne, 7. Now a teacher by trade, she has most recently been tutoring and covering a maternity leave shift at a local school and is currently contemplating returning to school for an advanced degree. Stay tuned for more details.

Martha reported some late-breaking good news from Louise "Weezy" Small Griffen. She and husband Penn welcomed daughter Mary Gray (who answers to the name of "Gray") into the world last August. They live down on the other side of the Mason-Dixon line in Charleston, S.C. Weezy has taken a break from banking life to enjoy the at-home mom track.

Two former Cantonites were brought together in the aftermath of September 11. A wonderful article written by Julia Carlisle, a free-lance writer and reporter for The Vermont Standard, delivered a thoughtful portrait of Brett Grandaw's (husband of Wendy Treash Grandaw) role in the rescue effort. Brett, who on an average day works as a paramedic, firefighter and rescue specialist in Hyannis, Mass., got to experience the outcome of September 11 first-hand. As a member of the Massachusetts Task Force FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Team, Brett has spent 10 years training for such an event, but never believed he would be called into a situation of such magnitude. Within three hours of the attack, Brett's team of 78 people based out of Beverly, Mass., was activated and later that evening they found themselves at Ground Zero. His team's mission was tough, spending hours on the night search groping in underground malls and subway tunnels looking for signs of life. A bright point came when they rescued a police officer buried up to his neck in rubble who later came back to work on "the pile" with only minor injuries.

While Brett acknowledges it was a stressful situation, he notes that NYC's encouragement of the firefighters and police working was inspiring. "They were awesome," he reported. "(On the route to Ground Zero) the citizens were right there calling out 'We love you' or cheering or calling 'Go for It.'" And the support didn't stop in New York. Brett returned home a week later to find yellow ribbons covering the house and Wendy recovering from emergency surgery, well fed and cared for by friends and neighbors they didn't even know they had. Thank YOU, Brett.

To the heroes of our class - sung and unsung - we salute you. May you keep us ever mindful of what is important in life and make sure we celebrate in your honor. Until next time...

Jim Emerton      '83
42 Maple Street #3
Marlborough, MA 01752


Amy Lockwood   MacDougall   and Diane Miller Neer
2501 Whippletree Drive
Raleigh, NC 27603-3954
Fax: 919-773-1227

Thank you to our wonderful classmates for answering our call for news! For those of you who have not yet put your e-mail on the SLU Alumni Web page, we want your news too. So please let us hear from you!

Sarah "Sally" Borden Guay and her husband, Mark, just relocated from Millis, Mass., to Barrington, R.I., where their neighbors are Bill Tumber '55 and his wife Janet, parents of Jim '85 and Marea Berni Tumber. Sally and the younger Tumbers recently visited with Peter Clement, who was in Newport for a wedding. Sally is a full-time mom to sons Brad, 7, and Jack, 4.

Jeff Barclay, his wife, Beth, and their son Owen, 4, have moved from New Jersey to Rome, Italy! Jeff and Beth left their jobs to take positions at Ambrit Rome International School. They are quickly adjusting to urban living, the Italian language and Roman culture. So far they are enjoying many "tastes" of Rome, including the joy of teaching students from all over the world, exploring Italy in their sporty '93 Ford Fiesta and going to the beach in late October. If you are going to Rome or passing through, drop Jeff an e-mail. You can find his e-mail address on the SLU Alumni Web page.

Dave Poirier and family vacationed with Mike Hynes and family in Myrtle Beach and Williamsburg, Va., this year. Everyone had a blast! The Poiriers will be moving from Washington, D.C., to Ft. Hood, Texas, in June 2002. Dave was recently selected to command the 720th Military Police Battalion, a combat support unit that deploys constantly. They will be in Texas for two years and then hope to return to the East.

Although a newsy e-mail from Colleen Russell Thompson was included in a previously submitted but not yet published Class Notes, Colleen dropped us a note to offer her moral support. Unfortunately, she was tapped out for news from her prior report. Brenda Mattar checked in as well, probably certain that we had completely forgotten to report her previously submitted news!

Barbi Carignan, who has probably given up on ever seeing her news in print, updated us on her progress on constantly renovating her almost-200-year-old house in Bellingham, Mass. Barbi and husband Chris spend lots of time entertaining in their large kitchen, complete with fireplace. Their family is enhanced by Benji, the wonder dog. Barbi and Chris enjoy traveling and Barbi is still an avid bowler, participating two nights a week and in the occasional tournament.

Mike Cashel and his wife, Laura, have five children and two dogs (and he's still able to form complete sentences...we are impressed!). Mike and Laura, along with Allie, 10, Conor, 9, Meghan, 8, Sean, 5, and Finnian, 3...not to mention Trigger and T.J. (Trigger Jr.)...moved from Irvington, N.Y., to Katonah, N.Y., in August 2001. They lived in London from 1989 until 1996 before moving to Irvington. They love the terrific town of Katonah, including neighbors like Matt Seiler and his wife, Russlyn, and Michael Gorman '86 and his wife, Hannah. Mike's brother Colin '94 was to be married in Florida in January 2002. Mike left Morgan Stanley to take a position running the institutional equity sales department of ABN AMRO, a large European bank.

Mike mentioned that Bill Dordelman hosted a Fishbowl Reunion last summer that Mike was unable to attend. Rumor has it that it was a terrific success. We'd like to hear more from the participants!

Mike keeps in touch with Matt Coe regularly, as well as Mark Klion. Mark has competed for the second time in the Hawaii Iron Man. He is an accomplished orthopedic surgeon in New York. He has a son named Jack and another child on the way!

In our efforts to inspire responses from our classmates, we asked the question, "What's the one song you hear that when it comes on the radio you are immediately transported to the hallowed halls of SLU?" Mike Cardillo checked in, prompting an immediate concurrence from Diane, that REO's "You Can Tuna A Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish" was playing constantly on Rug Hall in Sykes freshman year. He especially remembers listening to "Do You Know Where Your Woman Is Tonight?" and wondering where their "Hometown Honeys" were...until they started hanging out with the wild women of Penthouse and stopped wondering! OK, wild women of Penthouse...your turn! We think Mike will also recall what Diane remembers, which is the constant strains of Bruce Springsteen's "Rosalita" echoing in the Sigma Chi house while yards were being chugged and euchre was being played!

Doug Beckerman reported the exciting news that his wife, Terri, gave birth to their son Dylan in February 2001. Doug lives in Holliston, Mass. He recently joined John Bankert and Gavin Murray to watch a Bruins game. Gavin was visiting from Australia for three months. They also met up with Rich Maider for a weekend in August.

Lucie Pastoriza and husband Ken made some major life changes recently. After living in California for the last eight years, they decided to escape the traffic and expense of the Bay Area. They researched U.S. cities and decided that Santa Fe, N.M. (which narrowly eclipsed Bozeman, Mont.), would be a great place to live. They moved to Santa Fe in August with their son Tyler, 4, daughter Leyla, who, as of this writing, is just five weeks old, and their wonderful yellow lab. They settled on five secluded acres and have views of two mountain ranges. They are finding Santa Fe to be a diverse city with lots of cultural activities as well as lots of opportunities for outdoor recreation, especially skiing.

As for our own news, Diane is in her second year working with her husband at L&M Companies, which grows, sells, packs and ships fresh produce. L&M was recently named one of the Fast 50 in the Triangle (Raleigh) Area for being one of the fastest growing local companies. She was not long ago tricked into serving as the Team Mom for her son Rory's baseball team...a job that made being a freshman RA look like a vacation! Amy is in the second year of her master's program and has an internship at which she counsels individuals and groups of elementary students. Amy breathed a sigh of relief when her husband, Doug, in an effort to save money for a client, changed his September 11 flight to one that made it safely to its ultimate destination.

These have been tough times for everyone, but we were especially heartened to see SLU's wonderful Web site keeping us posted about the status of SLU alumni in the New York and DC areas. It's been over 20 years since we stood around the Quad in September of 1980 and our world has changed so tremendously that it's hard to remember who we were and how we lived back then. But let's do our best to stay in touch and reach out to each other!


Janet Tullio Giles '85
179 North Street
Belle Mead, NJ 08502
Fax: 609-921-2332

I am writing this column a few months before you will receive the magazine. It is early November, the day after the American Airlines flight crashed in Rockaway, N.Y. Since the events of September 11 the news from alumni has been non-existent. The contact I have had with many classmates has been personal and in the spirit of friendship. So as a result I have little news to report. Most of it came to me before the 11th or directly from the alumni office.

I had received news that Kate Hogan Bruen, who is living in her hometown of Hudson Falls, N.Y., was running on the Republican ticket for the position of Warren County District Attorney. By all (Web) accounts Kate was elected. Congratulations, Kate!

Congratulations are also in order for two classmates who welcomed new babies into their hearts and homes. Florance McElroy Weber and her husband had a baby girl last February 29. Coincidentally, Frank Mulhall, who celebrates his birthday every four years on February 29, also has a birth to announce, Matthew Francis Mulhall in early September.

I encourage everyone to try to stay in touch with me. Believe it or not, people really do want to hear what you're up to. No matter how mundane you may think your life may be, it is comforting to know who is out there, what they are doing and that life goes on.

Joy Ciarcia-Levy  '86
25 Lytton Avenue
Hartsdale, NY 10530


Elizabeth Solomon  Hubbard    '87
2314 N. Dahlia
Denver, CO 80207

This is the first column I've written since the tragic terrorist activity on Sept. 11. Before I get to all the news of our class, I want to express my sincere sympathy for the SLU alumni who lost their lives or loved ones on that horrific day. Of the five alumni lost, I knew three. Richie Stewart '89 was a good friend and I remember him fondly. I wish there was something I could do to bring him and all the others back, but remembering him as a funny, kind, smart young man will have to do. To all of you who lost loved ones, my heart goes out to you.

In previous columns, I have suggested visiting the SLU Web site to learn about what is going on in Canton as well as finding classmates' e-mail addresses. Now there is another reason to check it out...if you can't wait for the SLU magazine to arrive in your mailbox, you can now read the class notes online, a few weeks early. Though I know you all like to save and file these columns at home (ha ha) you might enjoy accessing the magazine from your computer at work or home. Try it out!

Get comfortable. There is a lot of news about the members of our class this time around. From the alumni office, I received news about Sue Calimeri's marriage to Kaveh Shahidi. The couple was married on April 14, 2001, in Crescent Moon National Park, Sedona, Arizona, in a Bah‡'’ ceremony. In the wedding announcement, it was noted that Sue received a master's in anthropology at the University of Iowa and is in her second year at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences. Sue and her husband are living in Scottsdale, Ariz. Congratulations to both of you! Another Class of '87 wedding was scheduled for February 16, 2002. John VanWie is engaged to marry Corinne Slatterick. John received a master's degree from SUNY Plattsburgh and is a math teacher at South Glens Falls High School. His fiancee is also a math teacher. I look forward to getting details about the wedding!

Kathleen Gasperini has launched a four-color quarterly magazine called W.i.g. (Women in General).

The alumni office also forwarded me a copy of an article about Kathleen Gasperini, published in writers in a column about writing careers. It seems that Kathleen has launched a four-color quarterly magazine called W.i.g. (Women in General). The magazine targets 17- to-30-year old women and it is designed to be an alternative to typical women's magazines. Its initial print run was 5,000 but now more than 30,000 copies are distributed worldwide. Kathleen started her "magazine" career as associate editor at Powder magazine and then moved on to become editor of Rocky Mountain Sports. From there she moved to Women's Sports & Fitness, brought in to help the ailing publication. After leaving them, she did some freelancing and started W.i.g. How great to be able to take all that professional experience and create a career that so expresses your personal interests and strengths. Hopefully all of us will be able to get our hands on a copy of W.i.g.

More news that came to me, via the alumni office, was about Dr. John Costello. John, an eye doctor and surgeon, recently purchased a 4,700- square-foot building on an old Air Force Base in Rome, N.Y. The clipping said that in addition to Rome, John has offices in New Hartford, Oneida and Hamilton, N.Y. After graduating from SLU, John got his medical degree at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Jeff Nichols was recently named principal of Pierson High School in Sag Harbor, N.Y. Jeff has master's degrees in curriculum and teaching, and education and administration, both from Columbia University. Jeff had been serving as interim principal and is quoted as saying that he is "extremely pleased and...looking forward to serving in the position." Sag Harbor is such a great place to live and work. Congratulations Jeff!

Another New Yorker, Rob Kenney, wrote to the alumni office shortly after September 11 to update them on his life since graduation and to share some experiences of what it was like being in Manhattan during that horrible period. Rob was in the Marine Corps for many years, stationed at Camp Pendleton, Cal. He also taught some courses at Park College. Rob has been a civilian since the summer of '97, living in NYC. He is an associate at the midtown law firm O'Melveny & Myers. Rob wrote of working at Ground Zero with the firefighters, digging in the rubble that was formerly the World Trade Towers. Despite the hard work and danger, Rob found the experience gratifying and enlightening. In his words, "New York firefighters are the real deal! I am very proud to have had the opportunity to work next to and among them." And we are proud to have such a brave and selfless classmate. Thanks for the update, Rob.

Beth Colucci Rasimas also sent the alumni office an update, which they passed along to me. Beth moved to the Chicago area, just as I was moving to Denver, so we never crossed paths but it was nice to hear about all the exciting changes in her life. Beth returned to the work world in a part-time, job-share position. She is working at Lewis University, a small Catholic school in the Chicago suburb of Romeoville. As the coordinator of university events, she helps to arrange meetings and events on the campus. Her husband, Jeff Rasimas, just changed positions at his job. He is now a consultant within Ondeo-Nalco, where he trouble-shoots for large industrial customers on their water system problems. Beth and Jeff have two sons, Peter, 61/2, and Andrew, 41/2.

Beth noted that she really enjoyed being on campus for Reunion last summer and had a lot of fun with Nancy Stahl, Robin French Minden and Terri McGuinness Coomer. She also expressed hope that old friends would e-mail her at work now that she actually checks her mail. You can find her e-mail address on the SLU Web site under Alumni.

Andy Mager found my e-mail address on the Web site and sent me a great e-mail, updating me on his life. Andy lives in Essex Junction, Vt., with his wife, Christina. They are the proud parents of a little girl named Isabel, who was born Sept. 13, 2001. Andy is VP of marketing at a company called The company designs and markets Internet appliances for the non-technical end user. Sounds like things are going really well, Andy. I appreciate the update.

Some other classmates with new babies are Paul Engelbert and wife Tracy Squires Engelbert '86, who welcomed daughter Lindsey in October '01, and Laura Williams Ziouani and husband Said, whose daughter Hana Elizabeth was also born in October. Congratulations to everyone and keep the letters, phone calls and e-mails coming.


Julie D'Angelo Gregory      '88
2412 Whitton Way
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Our class continues to mourn the loss of Mike Pelletier and Bobby Coll. In this time of national crisis and turmoil we can find solace in our SLU family.

Deborah Denton Gretkowski was married November 24, 2000, in Hilton Head, S.C. on the 18th green of the Harbourtown Links Golf Course. Her five-year-old son Wesley escorted her down the aisle. Last summer Chris Ciampa, Barbara Hockstader and Heidi Richardson visited Debby's home in Vermont. They were able to sail on Lake Champlain and had a great time. Heidi works for Clarins in New York City and has a house in New Jersey. Barb also works in NYC, for Schoolnet. Chris spent several months in Italy last year and is now working in her family's business, also in NYC.

Debby had a chance to visit Kathy Marino and Sam Elbadawi in Syracuse. They have two daughters, Sofi and Annie. Sam is a partner in a Syracuse law firm and Kathy is staying home to take care of the girls.

Debby also reported that she, Barb Hockstader, and Lesli Hiller attended Maura Baer's wedding to Keith Duffus in October 2000. I reported in an earlier issue on the wedding and the alumni who attended. Another bit of information from Debby: Nancy Funkhouser is the mother of twin boys.

Kenneth Davison is the new principal of St. Regis Falls Central School, not far from Canton. After graduation from SLU, he spent 51/2 years as an army officer. Following his army service, he taught physical education at Madrid-Waddington school. He returned to SLU to work on his M.Ed., and started at St. Regis Falls as a substitute teacher. By December 2000, he was named dean of students. Kenneth assumed his new duties as principal effective July 1, 2001. He lives in St. Regis Falls. He has an 11-year-old son and a 9-year-old daughter.

Ardythe Schultz and Will Andrews are living near San Francisco. They are the parents of one little boy, Harry. Will works for a consulting firm that designs and implements Web strategies. Ardythe is happy to be able to stay at home and take care of Harry.

Laura Roth Naylor and her husband moved back to Boston after six years in NYC. Laura reports that she is a marketing professional in technology and enjoys the combination of creativity and technical process.

Norma Tarbell-Sunday started a new job as the post-secondary administrator for the Akwesasne Mohawk Board of Education. She is the only counselor on the Canadian portion of the reserve who helps students of all ages attend college, both part-time and full-time.

Daniel Bowles is an assistant principal at Gillette Road Middle School in North Syracuse, N.Y. Danny stayed on at SLU to earn a master's degree in educational counseling. He then worked as a school guidance counselor in the Utica school district for seven years before moving to North Syracuse. He was a guidance counselor at Cicero-North Syracuse High School for a while before he started his assistant principal's job about two years ago.

Norma Tarbell-Sunday and husband Ron are the proud parents of Mallory Claudia Sunday. Mallory was born on July 23, 2001. She joins big brother Collin to make "our own little Sunday Foursome." She was born three weeks after Norma started her new job as the post-secondary administrator for the Akwesasne Mohawk Board of Education. She is the only counselor on the Canadian portion of the reserve who helps students of all ages attend college, both part-time and full-time. Norma enjoys the chance to meet lots of people and help make their college plans reality.

My husband had the chance to visit with Margie Masley Smith and her husband, John, and son PJ. I know, it isn't fair. I got stuck at home with the kids and he got to go play in Knoxville, Tenn. Margie and John graciously hosted him at their home for dinner. Margie says that PJ thought Pat had come to play with him.

I wrote about Amanda Taylor's wedding in the last issue. She has sent me an update. Since her marriage she and her husband, James Vea, have moved to Richmond and bought a beautiful older house. They have one puppy, Buckeye. James works for Commonwealth Architects. Amanda is a nurse in a cancer center at the Medical College of Virginia. She attended a mini-reunion at Becky Rock and Jeff Yun's home in Kansas City, Kan. Amanda, Becky, Lori Iseri Lilly, Lil Knight Hayes, Cheryl Connelly and Lee Pitts Goldman all spent a lovely weekend together.

Lori and her family live in Colorado Springs; her children are Benjamin and Emma. Lil and her husband, Clark, live outside of Boston and have four kids- two girls and twin sons. Becky has taken a break from being a physician to stay home with baby girl Elyse. Lee and husband Bob have two children, Taylor and Parker. Lee recently returned to teaching full-time at Madeira. Marc Resetar was able to join them. He is an airline pilot for Delta and was flying Lil's airplane.

Susie Rust has been living in the Dominican Republic for the last year as a "windsurf bum." She recently discovered a new passion - kite-surfing. Susie says this sport is very popular in Europe and she expects that it will catch on here as well. Susie's home base is still in Manhattan but she plans to spend the next six months traveling around the globe and windsurfing. Her boyfriend is a professional wind-surfer and she plans to accompany him on his tour.

Did you get together with any classmates over the holidays? Did you receive a Christmas card or holiday newsletter with any SLU news? Pass it on.

Jenifer White Walden      '89
290 Woodside Avenue
Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417


Kris Kost Nettesheim      '90
36 Andrew Road
Manhasset, NY 11030

Congratulations to Deirdre Cavanaugh Anderson, who married Dave Anderson in Hingham, Mass., on June 16. Dave grew up in Princeton, N.J., and went to the University of Chicago. The couple was introduced by Susan Kropf Boyle and Jake Goodyear, who lived with Dave in Boulder, Col. They live in Seattle, where Dave works for a start-up - - and Deirdre is an editor for Wadsworth/Thomson Learning. Many Laurentians celebrated their wedding day.

Carl Krawitt is the South America brand manager for Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates. He has had a varied career in the beverage business, having directed campaigns for everything from wine coolers to ultra-premium wines to single-malt scotch. Karl is also a graduate of the Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management in Arizona and has earned a Certificate in Fine Wine at UCLA.

The best to you and your families for this new year!


Ken Polk      '91
18 Kingswaye Drive
Williamsville NY 14221
716-636-5030 (home)
716-626-6120 (work)
Fax: 716-626-6170

This being my first column after the horrific attacks on Sept. 11, let me pass along my condolences to all classmates for any losses of friends or family. Of the five SLU alumni who died, four were in school at the same time we were and I'm sure we were all touched in one way or another.

Right after the deadline for my last column, my wife gave birth to our second son, Jordan Daniel. Born on Sept. 13, he joins the Polk clan along with 21/2-year-old Mitchell. Other births that I am aware of include Caroline Foster Reynolds on Jan. 12 to parents John and Paige Leichner Reynolds. Caroline is their third child and they live in Philadelphia.

A letter and picture arrived from Mike Cochi, who was married Oct. 28, 2000, in Princeton, N.J. Many alumni attended, including his uncle, Oscar Cochi '48. Mike is a sales manager in Boston with IKON Office Solutions and lives in Natick, Mass.

Kim Cattat, who was married in Rochester, N.Y., and honeymooned in Hawaii, had many alumni in attendance. A full report with photo will be in the next column.

A note from Julie Tellstone said she and husband Thomas Sheehan had their first child in January of 2001. Margaret Katharine was 10 months old and doing well when Julie wrote. She decided to resign as a marketing manager for a local software company and now stays home with Margaret full-time, which she loves. She is very active with other moms in the Saratoga area, which keeps her busy. They have lived in Saratoga Springs for almost six years. Tom just finished up his MBA and has worked as an account rep for US Surgical for three years.

I received an e-mail via the St. Lawrence Web site from Jean Hall Koopman, who is living and working in Cambridge, Mass., as an architectural conservator. She received her master's in preservation studies from Boston University and works for a New York firm restoring prominent statues, municipal buildings and churches.

I hope this column finds you all well. Please pass along notes regarding new jobs, births, etc., for you or any classmate.


Lisa Kiene 
1911 West 42nd Ave., Upstairs
Kansas City, KS 66103

Continuing the class tradition of serving as reporter for a "term limit" of five years, Justin Scott steps down after fine and faithful service, for which he earns the thanks of the class and the magazine's staff. His final report follows; classmates are urged to send their news to Lisa Kiene, contact information above.

Samantha Muchmore Stuart and husband Ben live in San Francisco. Samantha is the vice president and group media director at Foote Cone & Belding, an advertising agency; she manages the media planning department. Samantha says San Francisco is a beautiful place where she can't walk three blocks without running into someone from St. Lawrence.

Lisa Sheldon Hoguet and husband Ramsay live in Newton, Mass. Lisa is a senior account executive at The Catchpole Corporation, a public relations firm next door in Wellesley. Lisa and Ramsay spent the past six years in Marin County, Cal., just north of San Francisco, where they both worked in the software industry. They were married in 1999 at a vineyard in Sonoma, Cal. Shortly after their wedding, the couple decided to move to the East Coast to be closer to their families and friends.

Geena Torres-Hodgins recently received her MBA from the University of Miami. Geena lives in Florida, where she is a senior account manager at IBM.

Jennifer Angell married Alan Biloski in June 2001 in New York City. Jennifer is the associate director for Thompson Financial/Carson in New York City; she supervises investor relations in the Asia Pacific region. After St. Lawrence, Jennifer received a general studies degree with an economic focus from the London School of Economics in England. Alan is a faculty member at Cornell University's Johnson School of Business.

Will Barclay has been elected to the Alumni Executive Council of St. Lawrence. Will is an attorney with Hiscock and Barclay in Syracuse. The council is comprised of graduates of St. Lawrence who maintain and stimulate interest in the University, assist in raising funds and consult on major issues and decisions affecting the University. Will received his law degree from Syracuse University.

John Stanley, his wife Samantha Rulon Stanley and daughter Emma now live in Street, Md., after residing in Tennessee and Kentucky. John is the vice president of sales for Rewards Plus, a technology company in Baltimore.

Lisa Kiene wrote after completing her second NYC marathon and fifth marathon overall, "What an unbelievable experience! The runners were cheering for the crowds just as much as the crowds were cheering for the runners. I ran with Fred's Team for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Over 300+ on the team raised over $1 million for pediatric cancer research. Other alums on the team were Molly Miller '93 and Eric Sundin '92. Thank you to all SLU alumni who supported our efforts!"

As noted at the top of the column, Lisa is our new reporter. I'm turning over the reins after five years (Katie Ames Drayton, our first reporter, also served for five years). Thanks to Lisa for picking up the ball; please send all your news to her. Stay tuned for news about our 10th reunion.


Chris Gardner      '93
4 Mt. Pleasant Terrace
Newtown, CT 06470
203-364-0822 (home)
203-264-5554 (work)
Fax: 203-264-7098

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, and that you are enjoying the winter. If you haven't written in a while, curl up by the computer and e-mail me a note at my new address, above.

Now on to the news. Our first report comes from Jim and Wendy Braun Muschett, who are proud to announce the birth of their first child, Christopher James. "Topher" was born September 8, 2001. He weighed 7 pounds, 1 ounce, and was 191/2 inches long. Wendy, Jim and Topher live in Fairfield, Conn., where Jim works in publishing and Wendy loves being a stay-at-home mom. Wendy and my wife, Kathy, spend quite a lot of time together, and our sixth-month old son, Andrew, enjoys playing with Topher. Wendy and Kathy taught at the same school in Fairfield before they had babies last year.

I received a wedding announcement from Jennifer Mitrano, who married Carter Driscoll in New York City last February. Jennifer got her master's degree in special education at Nazareth College and is a special education teacher. Her husband is an analyst in New York City.

Alicia Moten Mosley married Antonio Mosley on May 20, 2000. Alumni at the wedding were Ray Leslie '94, and Alicia's brother, John Moten '86, who were both groomsmen. Alicia works for Hill's Nutrition in Topeka, Kan., as a marketing manager. She keeps in touch with Elaine Richardson-Dalzell, who is the parent of a future Laurentian.

Martin Burns married Christina Gardner on September 22, 2001, in Westport, Mass., at the Black Eddy restaurant. Jess Mynes '92 and Steve DeMarie '92 were in attendance. Damon Smith was there in spirit, but couldn't make it from Mojave, Utah, where he leads mountain biking trips. Likewise, John Griffith '91 was stuck at an annual meeting in Washington, D.C., and couldn't get up to Massachusetts.

Christina works in the world of Web design, and is a 1992 graduate of Gettysburg College. She's an old friend of Martin's from Needham, Mass. Martin had seen her briefly for the first time in 10 years on the night of their 10-year high school reunion and then again a year later; they wound up as best man/maid of honor at their respective best friends' weddings, and have been inseparable ever since. Two years later they flipped things around, and those same two friends served as best man and maid of honor at their wedding. Martin is an executive recruiter in Boston, where he has been living for the past seven years.

After moving back to the United States after nearly three years in New Zealand, Hayden Stafford completed his MBA at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland last May. He and his wife, Rachael, had their first baby, Emma Katherine, in May as well. Since then they have bought a new home, and Hayden has started a career with IBM as an executive consultant in the communications sector. Hayden reports that times are hectic, but his family is healthy and happy.

That's all I've got this time around. Again, if you haven't been in touch in a while, please let me know what you're doing. We're all curious.


Gretchen von Schlegell      '94
8 Lindall Place #3
Boston, MA 02114
Fax: 617-353-1060

I have received lots of e-mails over the past months and thank all of you for writing. Please keep them coming!

Suzanne Tregenza graduated from Babson College with her MBA in 2000. She is working at GiantLoop Network in Waltham and living in Boston's South End.

Susan Gramm Brunner has been living in Vienna since one week after our graduation. She spent three years working for IBM Austria and now serves as the head of the marketing division for the PR agency Temmel and Seywald, which is ranked among the top five agencies in Austria.

She shared news of classmates as well: Amy Rutherford is engaged and planning to wed in the summer of 2002, Katie Brousseau is currently finishing her MBA degree at SUNY Albany, and Marcy Bigarel Tyler is a guidance counselor, lives in Gouverneur, N.Y. and is expecting her second child in May 2002.

John Leekley has spent the past six years working at Bankers Trust in New York, where he was promoted to vice president at the age of 26. He is studying at the Stern School of Business at New York University and expects to graduate in May 2002. He and Silvia Coba were married on September 12, 1998, and their first child, Amanda Marie Leekley, was born on July 27, 2001.

After graduating with her master's degree from Dartmouth Medical School in 2001, Alicia Wardell began work with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in Boston as a research faculty member. IHI is a non-profit corporation seeking to create better and more efficient health services by changing processes and analyzing outcomes in hospitals and clinics around the country. Alicia lives in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., and travels to Boston weekly to work from the IHI office.

Darrell "DJ" Monette e-mailed the alumni office to report that he and Stacy have a new baby girl. Kya Faith Monette was born last November 9. "Everyone is doing fine," DJ said. "We found out (again for me) that sleep is something not to take for granted."

In wedding news: Ginger Davis and Christopher Hartung were married on May 6, 2000. Ginger manages the Adopt-a-Bench and Tree Trust programs for the Women's Committee at the Central Park Conservancy in New York. She is also a member of the Blue Hill Troupe, a Gilbert and Sullivan Society. Rebecca Lynne Dix and Philip Williamson were married on February 19, 2000. The couple honeymooned in Aruba and are now live in Fulton, N.Y., where Rebecca works for the Phoenix Central Schools.

Karen Moran and Brian Pickard are living in a recently-purchased townhouse in Bel Air, Md., with their black lab, Tucker. Brian is an environmental engineer for the U.S. Army and Karen runs a construction contracting office specializing in government contracts. She visited with fellow Pi Phi sisters Ann Bartholomew Johnston, Vicki Telfer Rees and Gretchen LeBoutillier recently and also reports that Nancy Callahan Humphreys gave birth to a baby girl and is getting ready to celebrate her one-year wedding anniversary.

Laura Treanor graduated from Fordham Law School in 2001 and is working in the real estate department of Cadwalader, Wickersham and Taft. She lives in Hoboken, N.J.


Samantha C. Bixby '95
90 Cabarita Road
Avalon, NSW 2107

Ashley O'Hara married John Curtin on January 27, 2001, in Boston. Afterwards they took a honeymoon trip to Belize. Edith Patterson Brown '94 was an honor attendant in the wedding. Ashley and John live in Charleston, Mass., where Ashley works for Spaulding and Slye Colliers International.

Heidi Heffernan married Scott Locastro in Clayton, N.Y., September 1, 2001. Laurentians in attendance were Shelby Dwyer-Honeywell, Jennifer Bacon, Kim Hamilton, Traci Bly, Ty Kretser, Mark Engelbert, Kevin Race and Renee McCarthy Young.

In an e-mail to the alumni office, Keenan Sheridan sent an update of what he's been up to since graduation. He spent his first four and a half years out of St. Lawrence working for the National Geographic Society. He worked as a photo editor in marketing for the Television Division, and later for the start-up National Geographic Channel. Following his time in D.C. he lived in Japan, teaching English at a rural high school there. At this time, Keenan is a graduate student in the foreign language education department at the University of Texas with a focus on teaching English as a second language.

I caught up with Bryan Francey over the summer at our high school reunion. After St. Lawrence, Bryan went to dental school in Buffalo, N.Y., then did his residency in Salt Lake City. He recently returned to Canton to work for a local dental practice, Smile Care Associates.

Vernon "Rocky" Payne has also returned to Canton. He recently left Siena College for a position as director of multicultural affairs at SUNY Canton.

I met up with Julia Steckel Fleischner Australia! She, her husband David Fleischner, and I attended the Melbourne Cup horse race together in early November. Julia and David have moved to Melbourne for the next couple of years while David is doing business there with his Philadelphia-based company, Asplundh, and Julia works on a family project. They arrived in mid-October, while their furniture arrived by ship shortly afterwards. It had just come out of quarantine when I arrived to visit, so they were living quite nicely thousands of miles away from the U.S. surrounded by all their own things! They have taken up residency in the suburb of Malvern, Victoria. We attended "the race that stops the nation" as part of the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, so we put on our best hats and went and had a go with the horses along with 92,000 others, despite cold, rainy weather on race day. Before Melbourne, Julia and David were living in Chicago, and before that Raleigh, N.C. (They move around about as much as I do!) David left for a quick working trip to the U.S. the day after the Cup while Julia and I enjoyed "sunny Melbourne" and the city's variety of great restaurants for the rest of the week. What a small world it is!

As my new address indicates, I have moved to Sydney, arriving in Australia just a few days before Julia, unbeknownst to either of us. It was an e-mail invitation to Beth Conlon's annual Halloween party I had responded to that put me on to the information that Julia was here, as well. Not that Melbourne and Sydney are all that close in proximity, but in the scheme of things, being half way around the world from home, they seem pretty close when you know someone from "home" living in the same big, foreign country. I am presently living in the northern beach section of Sydney. It is a fantastic part of the world, but the locals all tell me not to tell anyone about it...nothing like printing it in a magazine then! I am working for American Express Travel in Sydney and thoroughly enjoying the beach life and the city life here. Something keeps drawing me back to Australia- I spent the year after St. Lawrence working in Melbourne and travelling all over the country. My time here is limited, unfortunately, so I will be making the most of the months I am here before heading back to the U.S. How limited and when that will be is still to be determined, so stay tuned...e-mail knows no borders or time zones, so please keep the news coming!


Tanya R. Parrott    
19 Camp Red Cloud Road
Plattsburgh, NY 12901

I hope everyone is doing well and that the new year has found you all happy and peaceful. And I hope that you are all making plans to head to Canton for Reunion 2002!

Shelly Pike Ahlfeld wrote that she saw Helen Kilcullen and Helen's husband, John Schulter, in Syracuse at the home of Erin Byrne Ruddy and her husband, Pete, over Labor Day weekend. Erin is teaching elementary students now and Helen is in publishing in NYC. Shelly has been at North Country Public Radio five years ("already!" she notes). She earned her M.Ed. at SLU in May 2001 in the Counseling & Human Development track and is working toward a Certificate of Advanced Study at SLU.

Ethan Gee e-mailed the alumni and parent programs office to let us know that he was married on June 2, 2001, in Salisbury, Conn. He said, "For the record, my beautiful wife's name is Diana Patino de Gee (she's Peruvian, thus the 'de' Gee)." Ethan lived in Lima, Peru, for about two years and then moved to the Andean city of Huaraz, where he lived for another five months. He has been in New York City since September 2000 and is the manager of business development for MSGi Interactive. Their wedding picture was in the last issue.

Monica Stone wrote the APP office on campus that she has a "fantastic and profitable (ha ha) job as the director of IT placement for an IT consultant firm in D.C." Her main client is Fannie Mae, which she describes as "a great company to work for." She keeps in touch with several SLU folks, including classmates Kathie Gibney, Brandy DeGrechie and Terri DeGrechie '97, and her sister Crystal Stone '01.

Since most of our other news came via the APP office, Matt Lyndaker gets the award this time for giving the most personal touch to the class column. He e-mailed me directly to give us his update. He is in Buffalo, still working at the banking company he started with out of SLU. He says his plan is to head back to school and get his teaching certification, probably in physical education. He notes, "I'd really like to coach cross country and track. I was actually an assistant for a local track team with my former high school coach, who moved back here from up north."

Matt says that his wife, Anne Marie Reynolds '94, is doing well. "She signed on for three more years of slave labor in a fellowship in the neonatal area of Children's Hospital of Buffalo. She takes care of premature newborns and full-term newborns with major problems in the Intensive Care Nursery."

Matt had been visiting a cousin in the NYC area the weekend before the September 11 attacks. He visited Mark Tavern '94 that Saturday afternoon and was "at the South Tower's observatory Monday afternoon, the 10th, and got some beautiful pictures. I also flew out of Newark airport Tuesday morning at 8:13 a.m. and it turns out that I was on the runway with the plane that got hijacked flying out of there... Not that I feel like I cheated death or anything, but it's odd knowing that I was one of the last people in the world to visit the WTC."

After resigning their positions with the Historical Society of Rockland County, Christopher Kenney and wife Kimberly have relocated to Canton, Ohio, where Kim is the curator at the McKinley Museum. Chris says, "It is really a neat place and a definite step up from where we were."

Melissa Roberts Reiss and husband James '95 had their first child, Sara Elizabeth, on April 8, 2001. Melissa says, "I am enjoying a year off from work to be home with my new daughter."

According to a note forwarded by the APP office, Melissa and Shelly Dusharm Parow, Meredith Smith-Converse, Kimberly Dowgielewicz and their husbands and children got together for a five-year reunion in Troy, N.Y., back in August 2001.

Kara Kittle Clark writes that she and Brett are living in Cincinnati, Ohio, where Brett works for Pomeroy Computer Resources and she is a sales representative for Allyn and Bacon Longman Publishing. Kara reports that Courtney Moore married Richard Weyers on September 14, 2001, in Chatham, N.J., and that they live in Hoboken, N.J. And on August, 25, 2001, Gillian Salvin married Steve Slattery '95 in New Jersey, with quite a few SLU graduates attending. Kara also notes that Greg Fenn works for UNUM insurance and lives in Scarsdale, N.Y., and that there is a wedding in his future, too.

As for me, the highlight of my fall was attending a World Series game at Yankee Stadium-my mom won tickets and it was incredible! And reassuring to see that while the tragedies of September 11 obviously put New York City through an unbelievable amount of grief, the overall atmosphere of the city hadn't changed since my last visit. I'm keeping busy with a lot of travelling and activities in addition to my regular school-day workload, but please feel free to call or write with news.


Karen Sasinek    
5090 Central Sarasota Parkway #208
Sarasota, FL 34238

I would like to extend my condolences to all of our classmates. In one way or another we have all been affected by the September 11 tragedies. Be assured that we will get through this together as friends, families and as a country.

We could all use some good news. Laurie Nason and George "Ken" Kelly '95 got married in Alex Bay, N.Y., last July. The couple lives in Hermosa Beach, Cal. Congratulations to you both!

Nathan Schaus has been promoted to the position of project manager and staff scientist at The Garland Company, Inc. Nathan will be "championing select new products, undertaking the intensive development process required to transform customer-driven research into viable new products." Best of luck in your new position, Nathan.

Those of you in New York City may have recognized a few of your classmates on "Fox 5 Investigative Reports." Gillian Willcox-Jones, Paige Dusault and Laurie Ballentine were involved in the investigation when a broker ran off with the money they had deposited for a new apartment. After all was said and done, they did receive their money back and found new apartments. Gillian is living with Elaine Jarvis '98, Paige and Laurie found a new apartment a few blocks away and Tori Davies Weil is also in the neighborhood.

Several miles north, Courtland Brannen is living in Boston and working for EF Foundation for Foreign Study. Courtland is managing a team of volunteers who find host families and schools for foreign exchange students. One perk of the job is all the traveling he has been doing - not only domestically but abroad as well.

Angela Senesac Baker recently completed her master's degree in public administration at the University of Vermont. She is extremely pleased with her new position as manager of tobacco control programs and government relations for the American Lung Association of Vermont. Angela and her husband, Chris Baker '96, recently purchased a home for them and their 2-year-old daughter and future Chip, Gracie.

Warren Webster recently moved from Snowmass Village, Col., to Jacksonville, Fla. Warren is living on Amelia Island and is the general manager of a newspaper publishing company out of Jacksonville.

Take care of yourselves until next time!


Liz Polzl Sanchirico 
63 Lyndon Road
Fayetteville, NY 13066

Early in October, we were able to make it to Saranac Lake, N.Y., for the wedding of Kerri Gaylord to John Brien. The day turned out to be wintry, but it was warm inside, so that was all that mattered. The reception was held in the Hotel Saranac, with SLU alums such as Blaine Bettinger, Lela Dunbar and Tom Bertrand in attendance. Kerri's parents, Ted '72 and Jan Winterberger '72 Gaylord, also graduated from St. Lawrence. It was a wonderful day, and Kerri and John were obviously so happy. As far as I could see, everyone had a wonderful time. The couple is living in Boston.

Mike Gillett and Whitney Ilg '97 were married on Sept. 22, 2001, in New London, N.H. The wedding party included Daniel Bacon '99, Sara Bullock, John (Rick) Hughes '97, Nicole Cardillo '97, Amanda Goulston '97 and Courtney Nash '97. There were also a number of SLU alumni in attendance.

I received word from John Malary that he was also married on Sept. 22, to Kim Harrington '00, in Madison, Conn. They are living in the Burlington, Vt., area and will be sending a picture into the magazine soon.

A couple of issues ago, I wrote about Mark Cutler's recent wedding. For some reason, I listed only the SLU alums present who were from the class of 1998. I should have also mentioned that the Class of 1997 was well represented as well. Mark's sister Julie Cutler, Kulsum Merchant, Ben Messinger, Kelley Bordeleau and Carrie Carr Bordeleau, along with her husband, Bryan, and son, Carter, were also there. I apologize for leaving them out earlier!

Chris Akins got his MFA in lighting design from Boston University, then worked on the Broadway production of Hedda Gabler.

Chris Akins wrote a nice long e-mail to me recently. He got his MFA in lighting design in May from Boston University, then moved to NYC to work in the theater business, mostly as an assistant lighting designer on various productions around the city. He worked on the Broadway production of Hedda Gabler in the fall and will be working on two more Broadway shows in the spring as well as several off-Broadway shows. He is also production manager at the Williamstown Theater Festival, where he has worked for the last five summers. "After the events of Sept. 11 the theater business in NYC has been in very rough shape and work in general has been hard to come by, but I hope business will get back to normal," he wrote. He continued, "I miss living in Boston. It was nice seeing SLU folk all the time. I spent a lot of time with Justin Demers '99, who works at EF along with many other SLU alumni. I also saw Kerry Hutchinson a lot; she works at Bain and Co. there. Kevin Schneider is almost done with his school work at Michigan. I think he might finish in December and may be moving to the Boston area after that. Sean Masterson is still in D.C. but mentioned that he might be considering law school in Boston."

David Rotondo just accepted a new position as paralegal to the chairman of the Massachusetts Senate Ways and Means Committee at the State House. He is working under five attorneys in the office and reports directly to the general counsel. He adds that he is very excited about the position. Congratulations!

Kristin Dasher is in her fourth year of medical school at Johns Hopkins. She is starting the residency interview process at the moment and hopes to go into internal medicine. Good luck!

Finally, Anne Campbell has received a political appointee position at the U.S. Department of Education. Her new title is special assistant to the assistant secretary.

Thanks for writing...keep it up!


Molly H. Byrnes      '99

Members of the Class of 1999 have been extremely busy in our nearly three years since leaving St. Lawrence. Shauna Collins was most helpful in gathering information on fellow alumni. Shauna reports that she recently saw Court Clayton and Tom Waters, who live in Beacon Hill, Mass. Court is working at Boston College and pursuing his MBA. Also in the Boston area are Scott Slattery and Ryan Mackey, who live in Brighton. Court, Tom, Scott and Ryan regularly see alumni from the classes of '95-'99.

Shauna is in her second year of law school at the University of Buffalo. Also at UB are law student Sarah Wannop and graduate student Jamie Heimburg. Jamie is living in Angola, N.Y.

Shauna spent time recently with Erin Templer, Emily Tucker, Laurel Durham and Danielle Rene. They are all in Washington, D.C. Erin works for the National Telecommunications Association in Northern Virginia and Laurel is in her third year of law school at American University. She has reportedly accepted a position at a firm in D.C.

Shauna had the chance to catch up with a number of people at Amy Ploof's wedding in Upstate New York last summer. Karen Morris is doing graduate work at Keene State and Anne Emory lives in Indianapolis. Other wedding guests included Jill Alger, who lives in New York City and works for Nine West, and Tasha Hacker, returning from Russia, where she has been working in the Peace Corps. Mary Kendig also attended, traveling from Colorado, where she works at a pre-school.

Sharon Rohloff was also there. She e-mailed the alumni office, catching us up on her life: In June she transferred from Alfred University to the University of Hartford, expecting to finish her master's in elementary education and start teaching by fall 2002. She's student-teaching this spring. She has run a 10K race and a half-marathon, done the swimming leg of a team triathlon and been on an all-women adventure race (mountain biking, trail running, kayaking and special tests) team, and in August travelled out West for the first time with her boyfriend, Scott, and his family. They stayed in Seaside, Ore., for a week, drove to Yellowstone for two days, did a river-rafting trip in Wyoming and went horseback riding in Utah.

Other Boston alumni include Meg Stone, who received her Certificate in Culinary Arts from Boston University. She is working in event planning for Brown Brothers Harriman. Meg sees classmates Kelly Rotnem, Genny Shaw, Ryan Brown, Sarah Badger and Natalie Dalton quite often.

Reporting from the New York City area are Marie Rentschler and Kristen Kennedy. Marie is working and taking classes at the New York School of Interior Design. Kristen is at Kemp Interiors. Both live in upper Manhattan. Also in New York City is Chrissy Festa, who works at Random House. Libby Siebert and John Conover are both in Hoboken, N.J., and working in the City.

I did manage to find out some alumni news from recent e-mails with Cortney Terrillion, who is working for Cannondale Associates in Wilton, Conn. Rebecca Kush also e-mailed to let me know she in living in Jacksonville, Fla., and working in film and television production. Lindsay Clauss shared with me the exciting news that she is engaged to be married in the fall of 2002 and has recently moved to Manhattan Beach, Cal.

Barbara Hornig reports that she is working as an admissions counselor at Fordham University and taking graduate classes. She recently ran with Stephanie Jessop in the Baltimore Marathon. She shared news that Dionna Mullin recently returned from travel in Hong Kong and is teaching ESL in New York City. Dionna had plans to return to Hong Kong in February.

I had the pleasure of having a reunion weekend with Sara Gilligan, who is working toward her elementary education degree at Potsdam State. She had spent her time since graduation living and working in Washington, D.C. It has been great to have her closer!

While the class was between reporters, the alumni office received e-mails from a few people:

¥Engaged since December of 2000, Melissa Troy and Morgan Jensen relocated to St. Louis last summer. "Missy" earned her master's at Miami University (Ohio) and Morgan is at J.W. Terrill, an insurance brokerage firm. Both are looking forward to their wedding in June of 2002 and catching up with SLU attendees.

¥Jessica Lang moved to Nashua, N.H., with her beau, Andrew Breish '00; she is working for Amica Insurance as an underwriter in Manchester. She passed along the news that Kelly Sullivan and John Poapst are engaged to be married in July of 2002 in the St. Lawrence chapel.

And Chapin Professor of Geology Mark Erickson reported that he and David Waugh presented two papers before a meeting of the International Bryozoology Association at Trinity College, Dublin. Their work focused on studies of fossil Bryozoa from the Cincinnati Arch that David studied for his senior thesis in geology. The meeting was attended by 110 paleontologists and biologists from 23 countries. David is currently completing MS work in paleontology at Kent State.

Professor of Geology Mark Erickson and David Waugh presented two papers before a meeting of the International Bryozoology Association at Trinity College, Dublin.

As for myself, I am an eighth grade science teacher and dean of students at Bishop Ludden Jr./Sr. High School in Syracuse, N.Y. I live in Cazenovia, N.Y., and am excited to be attending the SLU graduation of the Class of 2002 in May when my brother graduates. It should bring back some great memories.

I am new to this role as class reporter, and want to do a great job for our class. Please send news via e-mail or telephone for upcoming issues. Hope that all of you are happy and healthy! Till next issue!


Joe Kerper      '00
15591 New Hope Drive, Haymarket, VA 20169
Phone: 703-754-9975

As plans for the next great winter backpacking and ice climbing reunion are finalized, only one logistical question remains: Do we make the trip to Sergi's before or after we're done hacking our way through the snow and ice? I'll be sure to let you know how that one works out...

About as far from the snow and ice of northern New York as you can get is Adam Kurtz, who is a 7th grade geography teacher in Florida. Adam had lots of kind words for the bright sunshine and sandy beaches, and wonders why he didn't see the light earlier. Adam says that Johnathan Ntheketha, Paul Hughes, Jason Beerman '99 and Jim Riley have all made pilgrimages of late to visit him (and enjoy those sandy beaches for themselves).

Susan Grow has decided to leave the master's program at USC and go after her true passion in life-art. Susan is "heading back to NY to take some of the courses that I didn't take while at SLU." Meanwhile, Njogu Njuguna is in Albany, having just completed his first year in the MD program at Albany Medical College.

Across that big puddle that some like to call the Atlantic Ocean is Aimee Landry, who, last I heard, was living in Germany and researching stem cell therapy and kidney failure. Aimee's been so busy as of late that she almost forgot what her apartment looked like, because of working long hours and traveling to Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Brussels and the like. That's all well and good, Aimee, as long as you don't forget where your apartment is. Sounds like a real tough life!

Justin Davis says he's a benefit analyst at the National Life Insurance Company in Montpelier, Vt. Justin also reports that Alex Chung enlisted in the Army after graduation, while Jim DeLancey is teaching high school in Fort Edward, N.Y., and Jeff Steele is attending grad school at SLU.

My favorite dancing buddy, Liz Conger, is working at Hale and Dorr LLP in downtown Boston, and is planning on attending law school. Liz also reports that she's living in a cute little house in Cambridge and just bought a car. Sounds pretty good to me! Now I'm gonna have to stop collecting and disseminating all of those lawyer jokes....

Mike Levin and Chris Ludwig are working for Salomon Smith Barney out of their New Jersey office, and by all accounts seem to be enjoying if not every minute, at least every other one!

Andrew Gregory is moving to Paris in March to attend culinary school. He's so excited that - well, let's just say he's really looking forward to the experience...Andrew plans to meet up with Greg Spencer, who he hopes will be able to teach him some French. Andrew, if you get a good recipe for some killer crme brulee, please, send it my way!

Angela Bishop and Gerald Mann '01 were married on September 1, 2001, and are living in Naperville, Ill. The wedding, according to the National Enquirer and eyewitness accounts, was one of the "top social events of the year." Congratulations, guys!

Also tying that imaginary knot were Karri LaGarry and Brian Reid, who were married on June 16, 2001; the couple lives in Rouses Point, N.Y. Karri says the wedding was chock full of SLU alums. Also new on the wedding front is that Kim Harrington married John Malary '98 on September 22, 2001; they live in Burlington, Vt.

The sprightly Sarah Cundiff is working at St. Michael's College in Burlington, Vt. Sarah gets to travel to surrounding states quite a bit, skis every weekend, spends time with her dog Cody, and even found a few minutes to go to Barbados for Christmas. Sarah says she used to get warned about the brutal Vermont winters on an hourly basis, until, of course, she mentioned going to school in northern N.Y.

Meg Wolfe is in the last year of her master's degree at SLU, still coaches crew, and has been writing as much as she is able. Meg recently finished reading Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl and recommends it to all.

Topping the list of "People actually do that?" is Anya Burke, who recently finished her first New York Marathon (I'd sooner set my head on fire and put it out with a sledgehammer, but hey, that's just me!)

David Perfield and Josh LeRoy are still living in New Hampshire and teaching at the New Hampton School, coaching various sports, and loving life all the while. David reports that Lara Weller also teaches at the school.

Dan Hoy has completed his migration to Washington, D.C., and works for the Government Accounting Office, where he enjoys the hours after lunch most, if rumors are to believed.

Chris Ford, Heather McKnight and Cat Szot are still making trouble in Colorado, and have recently been joined by Rory Caster. I hope that they are enjoying all the snow that I'm sure they have at this time of year. I wish they could send me a little bit so I could dress up my front yard, and make the neighbors a little jealous (and concerned for my mental health) in the process...

Liz Thomas wins the coveted "Tersest Reply" award. Liz says that she's "still teaching English in Japanese junior high schools, and enjoying it." Sounds like a heck of a good time to me; I can't wait to hear more (which I'm sure that I will shortly).

If you want to see your name in print, I can't do it without you, mate. Drop me a line and let me know what's going on in your world. Let me know if you're groovin' to Nelly, reading something by James Salter, or just lounging around watching Office Space until your DVD player explodes. Hope to hear from you soon, real soon.


Kate Elliott      '01
1019 Wendell Avenue
Schenectady, NY 12308

The class news has been pouring in from all across the country. Many classmates have settled into new cities and have found new jobs.

I am fortunate to have Bridgette Holmes living near me in Saratoga, N.Y. She teaches 11th and 12th grade English in Waterford, N.Y., and is coaching cheerleading in addition to advising the Outdoor Adventure Club. In October, she helped her sister Colleen Warwick Johnson '89 head up the alumni event at the Head of the Fish Regatta in Saratoga Springs. Besides showing support for the SLU crew team, the event raised money for the five alumni who were killed in the World Trade Center attack.

We have several classmates who have settled out West. Maury Vincent is in Jackson Hole, Wyo., working as a middle school special education teacher. She teaches English as a second language a few times a week to adults in the community.

Laura Campbell began a year-long commitment with the Americorps Vista program in November. She is in Richmond, Cal., working with an organization called "The Amandela Project," which is focused on the prevention of teenage pregnancy.

Tyler Boutelle e-mailed me to say that he found a way to combine his love of skiing and work. He took a job working at the Resort at Squaw Creek, which is located at the base of the mountain at Squaw Valley USA in California, as a night auditor. He added that he is very willing to help classmates get discounted rooms!

Sarah Czaija spent her summer in Colorado. She spent a month camping with Carrie Denesha '00 in Poncho Springs helping her do research for her master's. Sarah spent the second month at the University of Denver as a dorm monitor/tutor/assistant coordinator/monitor for the Rocky Mountain Talent Search.

In November, Caroline Bell and Greg Randolph headed westward to Ashland, Ore. Caroline is hoping to attend law school out West next year.

Back on the East Coast, Scotty Miller e-mailed to say that he is settled in Washington, D.C., working for Insignia ESG, a commercial real estate company, and enjoying the city life.

Jeff Bell e-mailed that he is living in Brookline, Mass., with three ATO alums, Nick Sauter, Fred Wiebke and Jesse Colfer '00. He is working in the management development program with E&J Gallo Winery.

Kristy Moe is also in Boston, living with several KDS alums. She is in the management training program with Enterprise Rent a Car. She is keeping very busy with work, but finds time to see many other classmates in the area.

Heather Ransom is also in Boston. She is working as a lab technician for California Cryobank, an anonymous sperm donor program as well as a storage client service.

Melody Diegor is working in Hartford, Conn., as a constituent service representative/caseworker/assistant press secretary for United States Senator Joseph Lieberman.

Melody Diegor is working in Hartford, Conn., as a constituent service representative/caseworker/assistant press secretary for United States Senator Joseph Lieberman. She spends her weekends visiting friends and law schools.

I spoke with Erica Rapp recently. She is enjoying her job as a paralegal at Winston Straw in Manhattan. She lives with Kristen Johnson and sees many of her fellow Kappa sisters out in the nightlife of the city.

Katy Braun is in the executive training program for HSBC. She's stationed in Buffalo, N.Y.

I received an e-mail from Victoria Engel updating me on the girls of Chi Omega. Victoria is interning for the New York State Energy and Research Development Authority in Albany. Kate Falzareno is in graduate school at UCLA and lives 10 minutes from the beach! Kelley McKeon is working for Amica Insurance in Rhode Island. Ginger Munt's wedding in July brought many SLU classmates together.

Wedding bells have also been ringing for Geo Maher and Abbey Ciccariello. The wedding was held last July 29 and Geo informed me that it "was full of Class of 2001 debauchery, but there is not much that is fit to print!" Geo and Abbey are settled in Cambridge, England, where Geo is working on his Honors BA at Cambridge and playing for the St. John's Rugby Club. Geo added, "the school and my program are excellent. Strangely enough, British drinking habits are similar to those of SLU students, hmmm..."

Alex Dery was married on September 29 to David Andrew Snider in her hometown of Randolph, N.H. The wedding was held outdoors at the foot of Mount Adams and Mount Madison and the reception was nearby in a 200-year-old barn. Many Laurentians attended the wedding. After a lazy honeymoon in Quebec City they are now settled in Washington, D.C.

Some classmates have chosen to stay in school. Michael Jarvis is at the University of Delaware, working on his graduate degree in environmental policy. Page Wages is attending North Carolina State University Veterinary School. Jessica Burnham is at Miami University, working on her master's in school psychology.

At the last minute, Rick Fraelick e-mailed to say he sees Tim Latham, Brett Richer, Ryan Harpster, Justin "Juddy" Hanna, Rob Burdsall "and several of the other Beta Boys in Boston quite a bit." Rick is working for Putnam Investments between their Boston and Andover offices. He said Tim Latham is working for a commercial real estate firm-which one, Tim?

Keep the news coming in...

Graduate Programs

Cheryl Felt Mayhew
P.O. Box 383
Morristown, NY 13664


Andrew D. Bobrek '98 and Heather M. Bossong '97, Oct. 21, 2000, Syracuse, N.Y. (the editors apologize for listing this incorrectly in our last issue).

Allison Obrecht '98 and John Schultz '99, Oct. 6, 2001.

Heidi K. Heffernan '95 and Scott P. Locastro, Clayton, N.Y., Sept. 1, 2001.

Courtney Moore '96 and Richard Weyers, Chatham, N.J., Sept. 14, 2001.

Kathleen Erin Hicks '94 and Gregory Michael Sample, Montreal, Que., July 21, 2001.

David Miller '94 and Kathryn Friedman, St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 18, 2000.

Craig Dean Warwick '94 and Jennifer Paige Rucci, Weston, Vt., Sept. 15, 2001.

Martin Burns '93 and Christina Gardner, Westport, Mass., Sept. 22, 2001.

David Emery Hodgson '93 and Amanda Lauren Gilbert, Nyack, N.Y., July 28, 2001.

Stacia Lechler '92 and Michael Lee Austin, Oct. 6, 2001.

Megan R. Champney '91 and Joseph M. Meagher, Potsdam, N.Y., Sept. 8, 2001.

Todd J. Doldo '89 and Jennifer Leigh Tice, Cape Vincent, N.Y., Aug. 25, 2001.

Laurie Sears Dean '83 and G. James Baird, Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 27, 2001.

Carl Willner '80 and Nina Vitalyevna Kabanova, Alexandria, Va., June 16, 2001.

Future Laurentians

Banks: Kathleen Victory '92 and Stephen, a daughter, Morgan Grace, Oct. 12, 2001.

Bauman: Susannah '92 and Ted, a daughter, Katherine, Oct. 13, 2001.

Carter: Elizabeth Humes '86 and Bennett, a daughter, Ivy Elizabeth, April 19, 2001.

Cheesman: Janice Woodcock '81 and William, a daughter, Eva, Oct. 25, 2001.

Colucci: Anne Aicher '87 and Paul '91, a son, Matthew, Dec. 8, 2000.

Engelbert: Tracy Squires '87 and Paul '86, a daughter, Lindsey, Oct. 2001.

Erwin: Elizabeth A. Huckins '92 and Matthew, a son, Andrew Charles, April 23, 2001.

Fitzgerald: Kelli Sheehan '92 and Paul, triplets, Shaye Hope, Emma Sheehan and Andrew Francis, Aug. 28, 2001.

Frame: Jane Sproull '90 and Duncan '88, a daughter, Alissa Hargrave, Sept. 25, 2001.

Freund: Amy Sutherland '92 and Jeremy '92, a daughter, Olivia Rose, Sept. 25, 2001.

Frissora: Ronald '89 and Suzanne, a daughter, Olivia, April 1, 2001.

Griffen: Louise Small '82 and J. Penn, a daughter, Mary Gray, Aug. 21, 2001.

Geagan: Thomas '91 and Sarah, a daughter, Rachael Catherine, Oct. 19, 2001.

Hellinger: Carla Morrow '97 and Jeffery, a daughter, Emma, Jan. 4, 2001.

Kearns: Terri Nelson '89 and Michael, a daughter, Mackenzie Kiele, Sept. 19, 2001.

Kirshe: Sandra Crumb '87 and George, twin sons, Henry and George, March 5, 2001.

Low: Mary Schoenfeld '84 and David, a daughter, Anne Carol, March 18, 2001.

Mager: Andy '87 and Christina, a daughter, Isabel, Sept. 13, 2001.

Mahoney: Pamela Seaborn '92 and Michael '93, a son, John, July 21, 2001.

Melcher: Susan Feidt '87 and Michael, a daughter, Paige, and a son, Zachary, Jan. 19, 2001.

Mills: Sheila Ann Ryan '92 and Kirk, a son, Aiden Randall, Oct. 17, 2001.

Monette: Darrell J. '94 and Stacy, a daughter, Kya Faith, Nov. 9, 2001.

Muschett: Wendy Braun '93 and Jim '93, a son, Christopher James, Sept. 8, 2001.

Otis: Diana Crichton '88 and Paul, a son, Cooper Thomas, July 22, 2001.

Oyer: Mary Allen Ackerson '83 and Ezra, a daughter, Katherine Eleanor, Oct. 3, 2001.

Reeder: Susanne Saffen '86 and Timothy, a son, Samuel Thomas, July 4, 2001.

Reiss: Melissa Roberts '96 and James '95, a daughter, Sara Elizabeth, April 8, 2001.

Sikorovsky: Andy '88 and Jane, a son, James, Dec. 1, 2000.

Sundin: Martha Feyrer '93 and Eric '92, a son, Connor Matthew, July 14, 2001.

Turgeon: Lori Garlock '86 and Thomas, twin sons, Tyler and Tomas, Jan. 9, 2001.

Tuttle: Nina Bishop '85 and John, a daughter, Charlotte Mather, Jan. 27, 2001.

Wesson: Steve '91 and Regan Curley '92, a son, Matthew Bruce, Oct. 16, 2001.

Vakili: Lauren Rapell '86 and Arya, a son, Conrad Darius, May 30, 2001.

Williams: Brian '88 and Elizabeth, a daughter, Carley Logan, Nov. 30, 2000.

Ziouani: Laura Williams '87 and Said, a daughter, Hana Elizabeth, Oct. 2001.

In Memory

1926-George Noel Whitman, formerly of Canton, died at the age of 98 on August 23, 2001. He was the husband of Kay M. Kirkstead Whitman of Collinsville, Conn. He was employed by Pratt & Whitney Division of United Technologies and retired as a department manager for G. Fox & Co., Hartford. His greatest interest and enjoyment was baseball; he was an avid Red Sox fan.

1930-Isabel Seymour Olpp died on September 16, 2001, at the age of 94. She was a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority while at St. Lawrence and is survived by a son, Robert, and a daughter, Nancy Olpp Thurber '68.

1930-Theresa Cotter Pfeifer, age 90, of Springfield, Mass., died on September 1, 2001. A retired social worker, she worked for Monson State Hospital, the Massachusetts Association Against Cruelty to Children, and Holyoke Catholic High School. Born in Canton, she lived in Springfield most of her life. She was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Alpha Delta Pi sorority and was a class officer. She received her MSW from Smith College. Her husband, Dr. Lasislaw Pfeifer, died in 1962. She leaves two sons and four daughters, including Ann Pfeifer Bartlett '63. Her sisters, Frances L. Cotter '25 and Grace Cotter Stiles Laidlaw '29, pre-deceased her.

1933-Betsy Louise Roberts Dona died in December of 2001 at Rivercrest Nursing Home in Concord, Mass. Her first husband was Dick Herrling '33, who passed away in 1960. Her second husband, Everett Dona '33, pre-deceased her in 1993. She was a Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority member and played field hockey and tennis as an undergrad. Very active in the Boston area with the Kappa alumnae association, she was a retired Latin and French teacher.

1935-Thomas J. Hayes died May 12, 2001. His Alumni Citation, awarded in 1969, identified him as a "realtor, business and civic leader, loyal Laurentian." Active on campus as a three-time class president and member of the debate team, Hill News staff, German Club, and baseball and basketball teams, he assumed a position with M.C. O'Brien, Inc. of Brooklyn after graduation. During his 34-year association with this real estate and insurance firm, he rose to the position of vice president in 1947 and was named president in 1965. His wife, Bettye, predeceased him in 1984. He is survived by a son and a daughter.

1937-Mildred V. Coe of Lycoming, N.Y., died May 21, 2001. She was a Kappa Kappa Gamma while at St. Lawrence, majored in English, and went on to Syracuse for a BS degree in 1938. In 1954, she did graduate work at the University of Buffalo. She is survived by a niece.

1937-Constance Terry Hauser, a native of Southold, N.Y., and the sixth member of the Terry family to attend St. Lawrence, died on December 1, 2001, at the Sharon Health Care Center in Sharon, Conn. She was 86. She is survived by her husband, John Hauser '37, to whom she was married for over 62 years. Also surviving are a daughter and Connie's sister, Elizabeth Terry '41. While at St. Lawrence Connie was a member of Delta Delta Delta, Thelmo and Chapel Choir, and was active in three sports-basketball, skiing and field hockey. She was co-chair of the 1936 Moving-Up Day exercises and in 1937, was Queen of the Winter Carnival. After graduation, following a stint at secretarial school, she worked for the Vick Chemical Company until her marriage in 1939, when she and John both worked for St. Lawrence. In 1941, the couple moved to Emporium, Pa., where John was employed by Sylvania Electric Products, Inc. In the ensuing years, Connie was a church, library, hospital and St. Lawrence volunteer worker wherever John's employment took them.

1937-Mary Heffernan Nizza, a retired teacher, died on July 6, 2001, in Ridgewood, N.J. She was a long-time resident of Canton. She and her husband, Dominick, were married for 52 years and had four sons together. Her father, Richard Heffernan, Class of 1890, and two brothers, Robert '37 and Walter '41, were also St. Lawrence University graduates.

1937-Jean Bennett Sieper died on December 14, 2001, in Westfield, N.Y., at age 85. A chemistry major, she boarded with the family of Professor O. Kenneth Bates in exchange for child care services. After graduation, she attended Columbia University's Presbyterian School of Nursing and married Armand C. Sieper N'37. During World War II, as an RN, she worked in hospitals around the country as she followed her husband from air base to air base. She then went into school nursing, working for many years in the Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda school system. She and her husband retired to Vero Beach, Fla., where she was an active member of the Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship. Survivors include a son, Armand E.; a daughter, Nancy Sieper Berggren '71; and three grandchildren.

1939-Alice Mackay Cruden died October 26, 2001, at her home in Cocoa, Fla. She had moved to Cocoa from Bayonne, N.J., in 1948 and was director of health education for the Brevard County Health Department for 18 years, retiring in 1984. She was a magna cum laude graduate and a member of the sorority Pi Beta Phi. She acquired a Master's in Public Health Education from the University of Florida in 1971. She is survived by her husband of 61 years, Donald '42, and their two sons.

1945-Col. Charles R. Stephenson, known to many as Steve, Charlie and sometimes Raymond, died on June 26, 2001, shortly after being diagnosed with melanoma. He grew up in Mineola, N.Y., where he excelled in football and baseball. He attended St. Lawrence on the V-12 program for only one year and then went on to Holy Cross. Commissioned in the U.S. Marine Corps at age 19, he had an illustrious military career. He was a veteran of the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. Later, he joined the faculty of Heritage Hall School in Oklahoma City, where he was a teacher, counselor and coach. He is survived by his wife, Marian, and two sons.

1948-Kathleen "Kaky" Quinn Dugan of Saranac Lake, N.Y., passed away on October 11, 2001, at the age of 77. She graduated from Tupper Lake High School as valedictorian of the class of 1942 and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from St. Lawrence with a major in English. She was also president of her sorority, Delta Delta Delta. Employed as a legal secretary, she worked with her husband at his private law practice and his public defender practice, retiring in the mid-80s. She will be remembered by her family and friends for her sense of humor, positive outlook, boundless energy and love of life. Survivors include her husband, Wyngar "Bill" Dugan '49, who was at St. Lawrence for two years; two sons and three daughters; a brother, Patrick Quinn '43; and a sister, Colleen Quinn Bernatchez '52. She was pre-deceased in 1999 by her brother, Lawrence Quinn '41.

1950-Morris M. Rothberg of LaGrangeville, N.Y., died August 6, 2001, at the age of 76. He was a teacher of science and math for the Pawling School District from 1952 until his retirement in 1988. He served in the U.S Army, 82nd Airborne in Europe during World War II. He received his M.Ed. from St. Lawrence in 1954. In addition to his wife, Janet, he is survived by a son and two daughters.

1950-Richard P. Van Auker died on August 6, 2001, at the age of 74 in Rochester, N.Y. After graduating from East High School in Rochester, he joined the U.S. Navy and later graduated from St. Lawrence with a degree in sociology. He was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. In addition to being a former councilman, he was a retired deputy director of probation for Monroe County. He was a loving family man and enjoyed working with the Little League program and Boy Scouts. He leaves his wife, Betty, and three children.

1951-Kingdon Potter Locker, formerly of Rye, N.Y., died suddenly at his home in Manchester Center, Vt., on September 27, 2001. He was 72. Kingdon attended Albany Law School, graduating in 1956 after serving in the Korean War from 1951 to 1953. He was a long-time member of the law firm of Clark, Gagliardi and Miller in White Plains, N.Y., and was a partner in his own law firm, Donahue and Locker. Prior to his retirement in 1997, he served as counsel for the law firm of Mead, Hecht, Conklin and Gallagher of Mamaroneck, N.Y. Mr. Locker was an avid skier and for the past four years had been a ski instructor in Stratton, Vt. He is survived by his wife, Linda, and two daughters.

1953-Walter George Gropler died at his home in Killington, Vt., on November 9, 2001. While at St. Lawrence he majored in chemistry and was a member of Beta Theta Pi. He was a sales representative for Matheson Gas Products and later became sales manager of Matheson Instruments in Horsham, Pa. After retiring to Killington, he worked as a hiking guide for Killington Ski Area and as a photographer for Reflections of Killington. Survivors include his wife, Wanda, two nephews and a niece.

1957-David G. Wilder passed away on November 28, 2001, in a care facility in Marysville, Wash. He is survived by his wife, Ginny, and a daughter. He served in the U.S. Navy in the Mediterranean in World War II before coming to St. Lawrence. He retired from the Prudential Insurance Co.

1973-Philip B. "Duster" Detwiler Jr. died of a heart attack on December 6, 2001, the day after his 51st birthday, while skiing with some friends on Mt. Baldy in Sun Valley, Idaho. He is survived by his wife, Karen, and two children. At St. Lawrence, he was a history major and member of Sigma Pi fraternity. After earning his MBA degree from the University of Washington in 1977, he married and moved to California. He held various marketing management positions at Memorex, Verbatim and Syquest before settling at Seagate Technology in 1986. He retired from Seagate in 1999, as senior vice president of worldwide marketing, and moved with his family to Sun Valley, Idaho. Retirement pursuits besides active involvement in raising his son and daughter included skiing, hiking, biking, fishing and golf. They survive him, as do his wife, parents and three sisters. Remembrances may be sent to The Community School, Attn: The Philip B. Detwiler Jr. Memorial Fund, P.O. Box 2118, Sun Valley, ID 83353 or the Montgomery Heart Foundation, 1419 Mt. Carmel Road, Parkton, MD 21120.

Word has been received of the following deaths:

Charles Lill N'50

Arthur R. Bernstein '58

Thomas D. Moore '60