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By Our Alumni
Presented alphabetically by author)
Lee Abbott ’69
has been a college
professor, a human resources consultant
and, as his parents’ health began to fail,
a caregiver. He brings all those perspec-
tives to bear in
Living with Dying
ateSpace, 2012), in which he provides
guidance on caring for one’s loved ones
as their lives draw to their conclusion,
and for caring for oneself in the process.
A Long Shot to Glory: How Lake Placid
Saved the Winter Olympics and Restored
the Nation's Pride
Dog Ear Publish-
ing, 2012), by
Michael J. Burgess ’75
explains that the “Miracle on Ice” was
preceded by another miracle: getting the
Games to Lake Placid and then
pulling them off, despite environmental,
financial and administrative obstacles.
Here is the behind-the-scenes story of
why they almost never happened, and
why they are not likely to return to the
Permission to Lie
Spineless Won-
ders, 2012; also available digitally
from bronwyn@shortaustralianstories., by
Julie Chevalier '61
is a
collection of short stories set in places
as diverse as a nudist colony and the
corporate world. Chevalier, who lives
in Australia, also reports, “My poetry
linen tough as history
is avail-
able from Puncher & Wattman. One
poem is about being in bed in a freezing
dorm, trying to get rid of the memory
of a skiing accident.”
Mare Cromwell ’81
has written
Messages from Mother … Earth Mother
Pamoon Press, 2012), a collection of
interwoven essays that blends spiri-
tual wisdom with story-telling. Earth
Mother speaks of love, war, cooperation,
and the need to regain harmony with
our planet and all beings on it.
Jeff Deyette ’95
is a co-author of
Cooler Smarter: Practical Steps for Low-
Carbon Living
Island Press, 2012).
He and his colleagues in the Union of
Concerned Scientists challenge read-
ers to cut their carbon emissions by 20
percent in a year, and they provide clear,
simple steps on how to achieve that.
The suggestions may be surprising.
The Viking’s Daughter
privately pub-
lished, 2012), by
Susan Seevers
Dietrich ’58
is a novel set in Green-
land. In the heroic mythology genre,
it tells the history of the world’s largest
island, from vanished Norse settlers to
the final days of its fabled Inuit hunters.
Ladies, Can We Talk?
by Debora
Peteler Georgatos (CWT Publications,
purports to be about empower-
ing women to speak out from a conser-
vative point of view, but is less about
how they can do that and more about
what they should say. Georgatos brings
in many issues of importance today,
from health care and women’s rights to
taxes and climate change.
Your College Planning Survival Guide:
Smart Tips From Students, Parents, and
Professionals Who Made It Through
College Path Publications, 2012),
Christine Hand-Gonzales ’79
provides tactical tips and techniques to
make the most of the career search and
college application process.
Bruce D. Patterson ’74
is co-editor of
Bones, Clones, and Biomes: The History
and Geography of Neotropical Animals
University of Chicago Press, 2012), a
scholarly contribution to conservation
and management initiatives. Patterson
is MacArthur Curator of Mammals at
the Field Museum of Natural History in
John Strong ’57
professor emeritus
of history and American studies at Long
Island University, is a contributor to
the Civilization of the American Indian
series, published by the University of
Oklahoma Press.
The Unkechaug Indians
of Eastern Long Island
is the first
comprehensive, inclusive history of the
mistreatment and survival of the area’s
original inhabitants, who now live on
one of the oldest reservations in the
By Our Faculty
Max Horlick
taught German and
Spanish at St. Lawrence from 1946 to
The Agony of Victory
Author-House, 2011), he recounts a
factual undefeated season by the Rutgers
football team but sets his story on a
small liberal arts college campus in the
late 1940s. Readers will recognize cam-
pus landmarks and personalities.
Putting the client first in the treat-
ment of mental health conditions is the
aim of
Person-Centered Diagnosis and
Treatment in Mental Health: A Model for
Empowering Clients
by Associate Profes-
sor of Education
Peter D. Ladd
AnnMarie Churchill (Jessica Kingsley
Publications, 2012).
Abuelas hispanas: desde la memoria y el
Ediciones Torremozas, 2012),
edited by
Ilia Casanova-Marengo
Marina Llorente
both associate
professors of modern languages and
literatures (Spanish), honors the figure
of Hispanic grandmothers and explores
through poems, short stories and essays
the bonds between grandmothers and
Known as the Republic of Poets,
Nicaragua has a rich biodiversity that is
threatened by destructive human activ-
Arando el aire: la ecología en la poesía
y la música de Nicaragua
Plowing the
Air: Ecology in the Poetry and Music
of Nicaragua) (400 Elefantes, 2012),
by Lewis Professor of Spanish
eco-critically examines how
poetry and song have raised ecological
awareness in Nicaragua, and how this
movement could become a model of
more ethical behavior throughout the