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Rachel B. Peterson ’04
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Cardiff by the Sea, CA 92007
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Next Reunion: 10
May 29-June 1, 2014
Hello classmates!
many, took a very long time to arrive! By this time
next year, we will have celebrated our 10-year re-
union. TENYEARS. That number boggles themind.
I daydream about driving the last stretch of US-11,
feeling memories flood back as I cruise through
downtown Canton. I’ll turn down Park Street, then
up University Avenue. Herring-Cole will come into
view and I’ll immediately feel that grounded sense
of connection and history that only we alumni
share. I hope you are as excited over this as I am!
Lati Lelelit
has won his first elected post in the
Kenyan government, as reported in the news
pages of the spring issue. As a member of the
National Assembly, Lati will represent Samburu
West, a rural constituency in Northern Kenya
that includes the site of Naibor Keju, former
home base of the Samburu field component of
the Kenya Program. He’s one of three Lauren-
tians in the new National Assembly; there’s a
picture of all of them on page 56.
Aimee Baker
and Jaramy Conners ’00 welcomed
their first child to the world last June 22: a beautiful
baby girl, Vivian Gray Baker-Conners. Congratula-
tions on your new addition!
And that’s all for now. Until next time, I wish you
all the best!
Danielle Sanzone ’05
Pawling Ave.
Troy, NY 12180-4718
Next Reunion: 10
, 2015
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I can’t be-
lieve it’s been eight years since we graduated!
In that time a lot has happened. And a lot con-
tinues to happen, as we see here (though I’m no-
ticing fewer emails, which may mean that slight-
ly less is happening, or that everyone is busy).
Kristen Ross DeWilde
is still stationed at Dyess
Air Force base as the flight surgeon for the 39th
Airlift Squadron.“I'm basically like a team doctor,
but for a flying squadron,” he writes. “Hopefully
after my deployment in September to Afghani-
stan I will get to move to join my husband wher-
ever he ends up being stationed. He just gradu-
ated from Pilot Training and will be training to
fly the F15E."
Jimmy White
got married on May 25, 2012,
and became a parent on July 22, 2012. He said
they had about 15 to 20 folks from St. Lawrence
at the wedding on a private estate in LA.
I organized the 2nd Annual “Grown Up” Easter
Egg Hunt for charity inTroy, N.Y.
Chinasa Izeogu
came with some of her friends from the
Albany Public Library system, where she works.
And Amy Casazza O’Connor ’93 – who I know
from covering political elections since she ran
for a judge’s seat and is involved with the local
Democratic Party – volunteered at the event.
My boyfriend and I visited
Clementine Vitek
and Hendrik in NewYork City’s Queens for
St. Patrick’s Day weekend. It was a blast. Despite
a bit of precipitation, we saw the parade and
went to McSorley’s, which is apparently the old-
est Irish pub in NYC.
Clementine and Hendrik found a great apart-
ment. Hendrik is using his computer skills
while Clementine is working on getting a per-
mit for a food cart which is apparently very dif-
ficult to do in NYC.
Through Facebook, I saw that
Jess Engel-
participated in an art show and a fashion
show in Baltimore, where she lives.
Sarah Rohrs
has been busy with her confectionary
business. And I know
Lindsay Farrar
is still busy
as president of the Camp Little Notch board.
I saw Lindsay, Adam Casler ’06 (who works at
Siena College), Laura McCarthy ’04 (at Audubon
in Albany), Ann Dargie ’07 (lives in Springfield,
Mass.), Mary Kelley ’07 (lives in Albany and is very
involved in the local roller derby league) and Lau-
ra Burgess‘06 (who works at EmmaWillard School
for girls inTroy) at the SLU/RPI men’s hockey game
in Troy. Unfortunately, the Saints did not win, but
we got one goal, so I was able to run around the
rink once wearing my SLU flag/cape.
Work has been tough in the newspaper biz.
The company I work for got out of bankruptcy
again) and we are now owned by another com-
pany. Due to this, I was offered my job “back,”
even though I technically never lost it. So, things
seem to have settled down here at
The Record
for now anyway. I continue as a freelance writer
for Bloomberg News, covering some court/legal
news in Albany. And I’m getting more involved
with the local Arc of Rensselaer County and
Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation.
AdamCasler ’06
Hennepin Road Apts.
Loudon Road
Albany, NY 12211
Next Reunion: 10
, 2016
The Syracuse-based
law firm of Hancock
pleased to welcome
Lawson S. Parker II
as an associate in its
health care practice.
Lawson specializes in
health law and general
corporate law, and has
experience advising
physicians, single and
multi-specialty physi-
cian group practices,
centers, dentists and other health care profession-
als. He received his J.D. at the Syracuse University
College of Law in 2010, and is admitted to prac-
tice in NewYork and Florida.
Samantha Levitan’09
Christina Strong ’09
right and second from right) co-hosted the
Second Annual Gold Gala to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital on February 23 at the
Bowery Hotel in New York City. Their committee was supported by, from left, Laurentians
Sutherland ’10, Martha Civitillo ’11, Natalie Sawyer ’11, Tracy Dana ’07, Julie Wooters ’10
Tersey Regan ’11
Attended by 450 guests, with great representation from St. Lawrence, the
event raised $73,900 on behalf of St. Jude’s.