SUMMER 2013 | St. Lawrence University Magazine 57
Genevieve Shaw Brown ’99
East 77th Street, Apt 3B
NewYork, NY
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, 2018 (
with ’97, ’98)
Joe Kerper ’00
Centaur Drive
Evergreen, CO 80439
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, 2016 (
cluster with ’01, ’02)
Jaramy Conners
and Aimee Baker ’04 wel-
comed daughter Vivian Gray Baker-Conners, their
first child, on June 22, 2012. Congrats, guys. Only
or somore years before you drop her off at SLU.
James Webler
writes in to say that “had a ma-
jor change in our life when we welcomed our
second boy into our family. Brennan DeWitt
Webler was born on April 5, 2013, to a tired
Chrissie Webler.”
Brennan and energetic two-year-old brother
Jerry “will get plenty of Saintly influence the
first month of his life,” James wrote at the time.
I'm home for two weeks, then Aunt Laurie Be-
sanceney Magee '02 will be here for a week,
followed by Grandma Sue Besanceney '71 for
the next week.”
On her way via two wheels to Tierra del Fuego,
we find
Sarah Smith Zentack
: “
My husband
and I quit our jobs, sold/donated our stuff and
are riding our bicycles from Houston to Tierra
del Fuego. We have a website chronicling our
adventures, misadventures and everything in
. Scott is
not a St. Lawrence grad (but we don't hold that
against him). We met while riding our bicycles
across the USA in 2002. We're riding north to
Portland, Ore., first and then heading south
along theWest Coast into Baja. It would be great
to meet up with fellow Laurentians along the
way!”My map skills may not be top-tier, but Tier-
ra del Fuego from Houston via Portland seems a
bit of a detour; but I’m betting that’s the point. I
wish you a minimum of flat tires.
Recently releasing her first album, “Edge of the
World” in January,
Lisa Smith Schmidt
goes by Lisa Hillary on iTunes (find the album at
), says hello, al-
beit with a nicely mixed musical accompaniment.
Karen Fyten
has some news to report, I just
know it. Please send it in at your earliest inconve-
nience Karen! Hope all is going well.
It’s mid-April as I write this and we’ve just recov-
ered from two snowstorms that dropped about
a foot of snow on us. My kayak and I are upset
about all of the snow and ice, which make capsiz-
ing much less fun. I’m hoping I’ll get a few multi-
day paddles in with my daughter, exploring a few
of Colorado’s larger rivers.
Bridgette Holmes Gallagher ’01
State Street
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-4375
Next Reunion: 15
, 2016 (
cluster with ’00, ’02)
Ken Okoth
was elected to Kenya's National As-
sembly last spring, as reported in our spring issue
page 3). He is a former St. Lawrence McCurdy-
Sprague Trustee and one of three Laurentians in
the new National Assembly; there’s a picture of all
of them on the preceding page.
Caroline Trudeau Monninger
and Steve are
proud to announce the birth of their son, Michael
Charles "Mikey" on March 8, 2012.  Big brother JJ
was very excited about Mikey's arrival and he has
realized that the older Mikey is getting the more
fun he is to play with.
Katie Evereth ’02
Marion Street #26 NEW
Denver, CO 80203
703-517-0071 (
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, 2016 (
cluster with ’00, ’01)
Sarah Cook-Raymond ’03
Green Holly Terrace
Silver Spring, MD 20902
Next Reunion: 15
, 2019 (
cluster with ’04, ’05)
Dustin Crooker
and Mary Aschmann ’02 are
pleased to announce the birth of their son Colin
Hollister Crooker, born September 27, 2012.
Wendy Scharf
Andrew Corcione
married on September 22, 2012, at The Lodge on
Echo Lake in Warrensburg, N.Y. They traveled to
Barcelona, Spain, for their honeymoon and also
made a trip to Denmark, where they visited with
Wendy’s host family from her time abroad.
As for me, it was a busy winter. My husband,
Chris, and I went to the Presidential Inaugural
Ball, which was great fun. I ran into fellow KDS
alum Heather Lanigan ’02. I also made another
trip down to South America to visit my brother
Andrew Cook ’00. Because it was summer in
the Southern Hemisphere while winter in North
America, it offered a nice reprieve for us to hit up
Santiago, Vina del Mar and Chillan (the city, the
beach and mountainous wine country).
John Richardson
and Lisa welcomed a little
girl, Eloise Jane, into the world at 3:30 a.m. on
Monday, March 25. Big brother Calvin David will
turn 2 years old on July 4. All are doing well.
St. Lawrence friends enjoyed some outdoor fun in Lake Placid last winter. From front to back
Elizabeth Moeller ’03, Megan Crowley Curinga ’03, Wendy Scharf Corcione ’03,
Cobey Flynn ’03
Katherine Snedeker '02.