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, 2017
Katrin Laird
wrote the University, “Please know
your thoughts and well wishes assisted us in
bringing a lovely baby girl into this world” on
the blustery, cold, snowy night of January 30, in
Frisco, Col. Bergen Nevia Anderson weighed in at
a half-ounce over seven pounds and measured
inches. “She is bringing us much joy and
happiness and we look forward to introducing
her to you in person,”Katrin wrote.
Chris Gardner ’93
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How’s everyone doing? This is a milestone col-
umn: It marks the 20th anniversary of the first
Class Notes that appeared for our class. I still
can’t believe it’s been two decades since we left
St. Lawrence. A lot has happened, and a lot is still
happening. Here’s the latest and greatest.
Wendy Frantz Lane
is living near Buffalo, N.Y.
She recently took a job at Adoption STAR as an
adoption social worker. The agency does domes-
tic adoptions. Wendy is also still a massage thera-
pist at The Body Essential inWilliamsville, N.Y.
Greg Carvel
completed his first full season as
head coach of the men’s hockey team at SLU,
and it was a very successful one. The team went
and Greg was fortunate to coach two
Hobey Baker Award finalists in Kyle Flanagan ’13
and Greg Carey ’14 (see the spring magazine,
page 10).
Last June, Greg and his wife,
Daina Get-
tier Carvel
welcomed their third child, Andrew
Drew). He joins his sisters Kathryn, 8, and Ava,
The fall and winter got off to a rough start in
September when Daina broke her kneecap. She
had a grueling recovery while trying to juggle all
the duties of being a new mom, but it all worked
out. Greg and Daina chaired our 20th Reunion
in 2012, and Greg said they had a blast catching
up with everyone. Daina even made an appear-
ance at the Hoot Owl while she was almost nine
months pregnant.
Mike Martinez
is doing shareholder com-
munications for Capital Group in New York.
He left the Associated Press and journalism
five years ago, and is enjoying his new gig.
His new schedule gave him time to write his first
TheDaedalus Incident
whichwas published
in May by Night Shade Books. Mike describes it
as a “sci-fi/historical fantasy mash-up involving,
ing into Mars.”You can learn more about the book
and buy a copy at
Mike and his wife, Kate, and their 9-year-old
daughter, Anna, live in northern New Jersey. They
went to Japan in April, where they caught up with
who lives there and teaches
That’s it for now. If you have any news for the col-
umn, please send me an email!!
Ed. Note: for more from Chris Gardner, see “Final
Thought” on the inside back cover.)
Kieran M. Killeen '94
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, 2015 (
cluster with ’95, ’96)
Thanks to everyone who replied to my email
in early February and welcomed me as the new
class reporter.
Jennifer Wootton Hunter
Charley MacKenzie
were quick to write and ex-
press appreciation for having some new blood at
the helm.
Folks are engaged in exciting professional work
andmany in the health profession. My dear friend
Nima Massoomi
works in the Bay Area of San
Francisco as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.
He has two major offices, one of which is a LEED-
certified building. I got a tour last time I was there
and the offices are amazing!
Chris Beebe
is a physician in Syracuse, N.Y. He
recently moved there from the Choctaw Health
Center in Mississippi.
Katie Strife Teruel
wroteme with an admission:
she has never written to a class reporter. Katie
lives with husband Mark in Fort Collins, Col., hav-
ing previously lived in Burlington, Vt., where she
did her fellowship at UVM.
Ann Marie Reynolds Lyndaker
is a neonatolo-
gist and assistant professor of pediatrics at SUNY
Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sci-
ences. She recently accepted the position of med-
ical director for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
at the Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo.
Ann Marie married Matt Lyndaker ’96, and they
have two boys, Collin, 10, and Nolan, 7.
So, if you have baby questions, call Ann Marie;
emergency care questions, call Chris; for general
medicine, call Katie; and for anything to do with
your teeth, face or botox treatments, contact
Nima. I think that covers it.
We are all a social bunch. Several classmates
wrote in to mention who they have seen recently.
Ray Leslie
lives in Rockwall, Texas, and routinely
talks with dear friends
Alik Taylor
and Hope
Walker ’93 and
Steve Jo
Alicia Moten-Mosley ’93
recently visited Ray from Arkansas, and they en-
joyed NewYear’s Eve together.
lives in Boyertown, Pa., with
Alison and their two kids, Gus and Etta. He speaks
with and sees
Mark Ferris
Atlanta, Ga.),
Albany, N.Y.) and
Andy Taylor
Ky.). Andrew saw
Brandt Temple
last October at
the SLU Geology Alumni Conference on campus.
Matthew Hoidal
sent a note from Falmouth,
Maine, where he continues as executive director
of Camp Sunshine. Because their children attend
the same school, Matt routinely sees old friend
Jennifer Barnard Bush. They attended the St. Law-
rence Spain program together, along with my
Jennifer Platten Killeen.
The three of them
are in close contact after all these years.
Several folks wrote in with nice updates on their
Christy Britton Kreisa
is living in Los
Angeles with husband Charlie. Their first child,
William Earl, was born in late September 2012.
Two classmates from our FYP in Rebert Hall
wrote to me.
Kathy Kirwan McNair
is an elder
law attorney for Senior Solutions. Kathy lives in
Boston with husband David and three children:
Lauren, 7, John, 5, and little Ryan, 7 months. And
Lindsay Stroud
wrote fromD.C. Unbeknownst to
either of us, we both have a child named Finley, I a
son and he a daughter.
At least three classmates appear to be living their
professional dreams.
Connie Scharff
is living in
Austin, Texas, and is a writer. She has a bestsell-
ing book on Amazon called
Ending Addiction for
which describes an innovative addiction
treatment program. Since all profits from book
sales go to charity, I hope you don’t mind the plug.
Ken Lally
who as you might recall was a the-
ater buff in college, is working in Los Angeles in
film, doing stunts and fight choreography. He just
wrapped up amovie with Dolph Lundgren,Vinnie
Jones and Randy Couture, called
Chad Beyer
has left Oregon and joined a fast-
growing farming community near his old home
of Rockford, Ill. He works in community-support-
ed agriculture (CSA), andwith the growing season
under way is quite busy. From farming to writing
to acting, we certainly have a talented class.
Please be in touch with classmates and encour-
age them to send in a short report for the maga-
zine. Thanks to all who replied!
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