SUMMER 2013 | St. Lawrence University Magazine 53
Susie Somerville Swindell ’88
Weed Street
New Canaan, CT 06840
Next Reunion: 30
, 2017 (
cluster with ’86, ’87)
Thank you for writing andgettingour Class Notes
up and running again!
Whitney Flegal Pierpont
and I look forward to hearing from more of you
and hope that this enables us all to re-connect
evenmore thanwe do already. The two of us were
roommates at SLU and find ourselves lucky to be
living with our families in NewCanaan, Conn., sur-
rounded by many classmates, including
Chapman Shafer, Lynne Faden Byrne, John
Reynolds, Simon Scott, Nick
Julie Hast-
ings Stevenson, John von Stade, Alice Smith
Clark, Warren Bird, Andy Fowle, Nancy Dunn,
Kessa Raymond Schaeffer, Hank Lammens,
Bob Lawrence, Suzy Kearing O’Connor, Fran
Polly Purcell Akers
When we
are not working together on this column (which
has been really fun), we’ve been sitting together
on the sidelines of our sons’lacrosse games. They
happen to play on the same team at New Canaan
High School, which
Charlie Pierpont
thinks is
especially cool. Charlie is at Beecher Carlson as
an energy specialist. He spent much of his time
last winter as a coach and director of ski racing
at Mohawk Mountain. Charlie’s younger brother
Andrea Koehn Pierpont
who lives with
their two daughters in Corte Madera, Calif.
Christopher Lucchese
DO, FACOS, has been
practicing general surgery since 1997. He re-
cently moved from Ohio, where he had his
own general surgery practice as well as holistic
medicine, nutritional, weight loss and chronic
back pain practices, to North Dallas, Texas, with
his wife and three children, and is a general sur-
geon for Texas Health Resources. Chris keeps in
touch with
Ted Duncan, Carl Montante
Rajeev Kapoor.
The three got together in Las
Vegas in 2011 for Rajeev’s bachelor party before
his wedding later that year.
Tom Chenoweth
and his wife live in Oakland,
N.J., where he has three “feast or famine” jobs:
voice-overs and commercials (for which he has
secured an agent), substitute teaching, and piz-
za delivery. Tom continues to do stand-up on
the side, which he started at St. Lawrence. You
can see Tom’s demo at
. He keeps in touch with
Ham, JimMenapace, Matt VanWie, JohnDent
Beth Schilling.
Lesli Hiller’s
latest adventures in running are
newsworthy! On February 6, 2013, she complet-
ed the Empire State Building Run-Up, along with
over 700 other runners, and finished in the top 20
women. Three days later, Lesli participated in the
Krispy Kreme Challenge in North Carolina, raising
money with 8,000 other runners for the NC Chil-
dren’s Hospital. This five-mile challenge required
her to stop and eat a dozen glazed donuts half-
way through the race. Lesli lives on Long Island
where, when she’s not running, she is practicing
law. Lesli speaks to
Maria Biancone-Kearney
most daily and reports that Maria is a recognized
Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) horse
show steward, traveling up and down the East
Coast with the circuit.
Debbie Denton Gretkowski
lives outside of
Charleston, S.C. She loves the South and spends
a lot of time at the beach. Debbie has been a per-
sonal trainer for nine years, recently cutting back
to spend more time playing tennis and running
around with her children. Her oldest is a senior
in high school who will be heading to Clemson
University in August. Her 11-year-old son plays
lots of soccer, while her 9-year-old daughter is
enrolled in a full-time elite tennis program. They
keep her busy!
Chris Gammill
moved to South Florida seven
years ago as a partner for New York Life. After
more than 15 years in financial services, he is on
his second career, as a teacher/coach for a pri-
vate school in Fort Lauderdale, which he finds
rewarding, fun and a lot of hard work. Chris and
Leticia, have been married for 14 years. Their
two children go to Camp Dudley on Lake Cham-
plain every summer, which brings him back to
the North Country.
Chris stays in touch with
John Dent
in San Fran-
cisco and
Randall Attix
in Wilmington, Del. The
three of them attended our 20th Reunion togeth-
er. Chris also sees
Chris Ciampa
who is in New
York City, and he saw
Ken Corn
a few years back
in Sanibel Island, Fla.
For the past 10 years,
Colleen Curry
has been
the supervisory museum curator at Yellowstone
National Park. It’s her dream job and she loves
overseeing the park's archives, research library
and museum collections, which comprise one of
the largest collections in the National Park Ser-
vice. Colleen is also on the board of the Museums
Association of Montana, a great organization
that assists Montana's several hundred museums
and historical societies. Colleen visited
a colonel in the U.S. Air Force, last
summer in Oklahoma and the two got together
in Jackson,Wyo., forThanksgiving and had a blast.
Alice Smith
and her husband, Jake Clark '86, live
in New Canaan, Conn. Their daughter is a sopho-
more at the University of Richmond, and their son
is a junior at the Salisbury School. Alice says that
it's hard NOT to run into fellow Laurentians who
live in the Fairfield County area!
Jeff Spafford
sends his greetings from sunny
Windermere, Fla. (10 minutes fromDisneyWorld),
where he has been residing for the last 12 years
with his wife, Amy, and their four children. When
Jeff is not chauffeuring his kids around, he runs
a healthcare technology company, AssistRX, that
focuses on deploying technology in physicians’
offices. He has also started a non-profit organiza-
tion, The Assistance Fund, which helps patients
who cannot afford their medications. Recently,
Jeff earned his private pilot’s license and in his
spare time flies around Florida in his Piper Arrow.
Last year, Jeff met up with
Herb Goebbert
Jeff Yun
in Key West, Fla., for a guys’ weekend
where lots of fun was had by all.
Caroline Murphy Cole
lives in Hingham, Mass.,
home to many other SLU alumni including
Deb Stevens Sullivan
Amy Buckley O’Brien
and Eddy Morris ’89 (all of whom are on her
emergency contact list at school). Caroline has
been married to her skier husband, David, for 16
years. Their two daughters are both racers, which
takes them to Sugarbush, Vt., every weekend in
the winter. There they see
Peter Jette
who has
moved back to Middlebury, Vt.;
Scott Sneath
Eddy Morris ’89; and Pete Schibli ’90 and their
families. In addition to an après-ski, the racing
circuit enables Caroline to spend a few cold days
on the hill with
Carol Burroughs Batchelder
whose children race out of Stowe, Vt. Caroline is
also lucky enough to have dinner a few times a
year with
Tia Landry Parker
who lives in Con-
cord, Mass., with her husband and three children.
Barbara Hockstader
lives a very squished yet
happy life in an apartment in New York City with
her husband and their two sons, and is crazy
enough to be considering adding a dog to the
mix. She spends a few days a week working at
an education technology company and the other
days chasing her scooter-riding boys.
Condolences to the family and friends of
win Anthony Trathen
who passed away on
February 1, 2013.
Debbie Burdette Ritter ’89
Moorefield Road
Springfield, OH 45502
Next Reunion: 25
May 29-June 1, 2014
I am sorry to report that the University received
news that
Lisa A. Davis M’89
passed away in
January. She attended the Crane School of Music
at SUNY Potsdam before receiving her master’s
degree from St. Lawrence. Prior to her death, she
was the director of counseling services at Utica
College. Our condolences to her family.
The University also received news that ROAR
Logistics, founded in 2003 by
Bob Rich III
dent of the company, has opened its fourth of-
fice. Located in Temecula, Calif., the “newest op-
eration…will offer customers the full spectrum of
rail, ocean, air and road logistics services that the
company currently provides to its diverse base of
local, national and global clientele.” Based in Buf-
falo, N.Y., the company’s other locations include
Atlanta, Ga., and Peoria, Ill. Bob states, “The com-
pany has no intention of slowing down. We are
currently looking into other markets and coun-
tries for further growth and expansion.”
tions, of Cleveland,
Ohio, has announced
that it is developing an
investor relations (IR)
practice and has hired
Rob Berick
to oversee
the project. The com-
pany points out that he
brings “more than 20
years of capital market
and communications
experience across a
wide range of market
sectors, including en-
ergy, consumer products and industrial manufac-
turing,”and is“a nationally recognized IR practitio-
ner and highly regarded senior executive.”