SUMMER 2013 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
Elizabeth Moore Miller
is on high sunscreen
alert. As a grandma (!) of two, she knows that
those Flap Happy hats stay on little heads only
so long before they are cast ruthlessly from the
stroller, ideally when no parent is watching so
as not to be easily retrieved. No sunscreen?
No problem! Indoor activities, at least for the
month-old grandson, are equally fun and in-
volve sneaking magnetic letters into the crack
between the French doors on the fridge. When
she is not cooing and spoiling her fave little tykes,
she’s training for marathons or on duty as princi-
pal at Swenke Elementary School. Husband
is a project manager at the Houston energy com-
pany, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners.
Mary Neff Peterson
must have packed her sun-
screen when she attended her first Alumni Coun-
cil retreat at Canaras in June, although black fly
repellent is usually neededmore. When not steel-
ing herself for the rope swing into the cold waters
of Saranac Lake, Mary keeps order for the state of
Vermont as tax commissioner. Husband
keeps order on Burlington-area teeth as a partner
at Champlain Orthodontics.
Word from Albany, N.Y., is that members of the
NewYork State Public Employees Federation (PEF)
have elected
Carlos Garcia
to the vice-presiden-
cy of the organization. Carlos is an administrator
with the Higher Education Opportunity Program
HEOP) of the NewYork State Department of Edu-
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods and
that it’s convertible season wherever you are.
Until next time....
Eric Kozlowski ’83
Fernboro Road
Rochester, NY 14618
c) 585-230-7400
h) 585-461-3784
Next Reunion: 30
May 29-June 1, 2014 (cluster
with ’84, ’85)
My mailbox
was empty of
any updates, but it did contain an opportunity to
help a princewho hasmillions caught in a bank ac-
count and with my help it could be released. I will
share! Our 30th Reunion is less than a year away; I
will be the one driving the solid gold car.
I attended an in-
dustry trade show
in Atlanta in April;
the guest speaker
was Kyle Maynard.
Take a minute to
Google him and
watch his video.
He wrote a book
No Excuses
The message is
simple — inspira-
tional and life-al-
tering. Kyle has no
arms or legs and
yet drives, climbs,
wrestles and trains
with Navy Seals.
I remember the concerns I heard at our 25th
Reunion. It’s not about what you have done;
it’s about where you are going. Watch Kyle’s
video, if you think you have a good excuse
for not attending.
Laura Curley Pendergast ’84
Rumpenmile Ave.
Westport, CT 06880-5329
Next Reunion: 30
May 29-June 1, 2014 (cluster
with ’83, ’85)
Laura Pendergast would like to pass the class
reporting reins on to a classmate. For information
about becoming the Class of ’84 reporter, please
contact Sharon Henry, 315-229-5585 or shenry@, or Kim Hissong, 315-229-5837 or khis-
John Daly
lives in Houston with wife Mary, son
Spencer and daughter Grace. He works at British
Petroleum and sees Scott McGowan '87 once in a
while. Scott also lives in Houston and they have
teamed up at charity skeet shooting events. John
is an avid cyclist and races on the weekends
Just loved hearing from
Carol Cook-Flanagan.
Carol lives in Michigan and is the research direc-
tor for the data center at the University of Michi-
gan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI),
where she leads a group doing research on, and
providing data access to, all kinds of transporta-
tion data. Her research is in statistical methods
and analysis related to all aspects of automotive
safety, including automatic collision notification,
crash avoidance technologies, safety aspects
of making vehicles lighter (for reducing carbon
emissions), driver behavior (e.g., cell phone use),
automated vehicles, etc. Carol writes that it is “a
giant data playground that is a lot of fun to play
in most of the time.”
She is married to a “great guy,” Mike, who she
met in grad school at Michigan. They have three
kids, 22 (daughter, out of college and working at
UMich), 19 (son, at UMich), and 14 (son, middle
school). Carol writes that“they are wonderful and
make me feel either young or old, depending on
the day.We are collectively into sports, sports, sar-
casm, sports, and some other stuff.”
Carol reconnected with
Jim Tumber
a year or
so ago when she was in Boston moving her Mom
to the Midwest. It was great to see him and hear
about his wife,
Marea Berni
their family, and his
work adventures.
She has also been in touch with
Barbi Carignan
over the years. Barbi is really great at staying in
touch, and Carol greatly appreciates her efforts.
She made it to Reunion, probably around our
th, and loved seeing the campus, especially the
new science building, the Zen garden and all the
Anne Ziebarth
is living in Geneva, Switzerland,
andworking for the International Labor Organiza-
tion Better Work program, which tries to improve
working conditions in garment factories in devel-
oping countries. Her girls are 12 and 14. Geneva
is great -- loads of great biking and walking right
out the front door. She started downhill skiing last
year at age 50 and loves it,“althoughwe are pretty
spoiled here when it comes to good skiing.”
Donna Winston ’85
front left in the red dress) celebrated her 50th birthday on January 26, 2013,
when she hosted a formal party at the Boat House on the lake in Central Park, New York City.
These 22 Laurentians were among those observing the milestone occasion.