SUMMER 2013 | St. Lawrence University Magazine 49
Viggo, who is an Oscar-nominated English-
speaking performer, succeeded in achieving
comparable success in Spanish with
which garnered him a nomination in 2006 for a
Goya Award, Spain’s Oscar equivalent. Only a lim-
ited number of English performers have success-
fully challenged themselves by performing in a
foreign language, as Viggo has. When asked why,
he responded,“I like a challenge…The game only
changes as long as I keep trying to do new things.”
According to the article, although Viggo doesn’t
look for foreign film opportunities he does look
for films that have “a great story.” Look for Viggo
in another Spanish film, with Argentinean direc-
tor Lisandro Alonso and, later this year, in his first
French role in David Oelhoffen’s adaption of Al-
bert Camus’short story“L’Hote.”
I conclude with difficult news.
lost their only son, Robert Al-
lan Jansen, 24, on August 25, 2012, after he was
caught in a rock slide while hiking in Colorado.
A Dickinson College graduate, he was a geology
technician for an oil and gas exploration company
in Denver, and a dedicated mountain climber.
It is hard to find words sufficient to express our
sympathy, Peggy and Bill. I am sure that I speak
for all of us in the Class of 1980 when I say that our
hearts ache for you.
Steve Lubrano ’81
Goodfellow Road
Hanover, NH 03755
Next Reunion: 35
, 2016 (
cluster with ’80 ’82)
Geoffrey P. Megargee
Ph.D., is a researcher at
the Holocaust Memorial Museum, a living memo-
rial in D.C. to the Holocaust. The museum inspires
citizens and leaders worldwide to confront ha-
tred, prevent genocide and promote human dig-
nity. Federal support guarantees the museum's
permanent place on the National Mall, and its
far-reaching educational programs and global
impact are made possible by generous donors.
Check out
Beth Hanggeli
writes,“My first book is out as an
Soul Searching
is available for kindle, Sony
reader, iBooks, Nook and a host of other eread-
ers. I'd love for folks to write reviews, let me know
what they think, whatever. It’s a good read!”
Rick Greene
s son Taylor is in pre-med at
Clemson. He’s on the crew team and his 8-man
boat took second at the Spring Regatta, Rick
reported. He and Deb celebrated their 29th
anniversary in March.
Aggie Kirby Perkins
got to spend some time
Anne Zenker
last fall on Martha’s Vineyard.
Aggie is training to be a personal fitness trainer
with a specialty in coaching sprint and Olympic-
length triathletes (which she is herself).
Aggie says
EllenMcCurdy Burchenal
has some
amazing superstar lacrosse players in her fam-
ily of three boys, and loves following their life of
stardom on the lax fields by being their biggest
cheerleader and most devoted fan. Her daughter
Emily graduated cum laude from Wheaton Col-
lege and is running her own LLC spa and wellness
business in Newport, R.I. Her son Owen is a car-
penter in his father's business,Kirby/Perkins Con-
struction, and a rugby player.
Diane Landis Hackett
wrote in for the first time
in a long time. She has three teenagers and lives
in Princeton, N.J., where her husband runs the
Bonner Foundation and has Bonner Scholars at
colleges across the country who "do service in
communities as part of a scholarship for first-time
college entrants in families.” Diane also teaches
yoga: check out
And can you say Intrepid?
Dan McKee
has been recognized for hiking all
New Hampshire 4000-foot mountains, both in
any season and just in winter. He was hit by 70+
mph winds on Mt. Washington, and “was blown
over more than once.”That’s himwaving, with Mt.
Washington in the background.
We got a note and picture from
Karen Heller
She’s still a broker in Manhattan (@nychomesfor-
sale). Her daughter graduated from NYU Stern
undergrad in June.
My oldest decided on Colby College. I’m very
happy for her (her top choice and if that did not
work out she was bound for Canton), but I still
have hopes for St. Lawrence for my eighth grader.
I applaud all your sons and daughters who elect-
ed St. Lawrence as chips. The more I learn about
what’s going on at our University, the more I wish
I could do it all over again. I remain impressed by
the commitment of the faculty and staff to the
needs of the students. I wish I had more children
of my own to send to our alma mater.
I’m in negotiations right now with my wife.
Karen Helle Nemiah ’82
Oldfield Road
Fairfield, CT 06824
Next Reunion: 35
, 2016 (
cluster with ’80, ’81)
Greetings from mid-summer. Hope you all have
the gardens planted, the patio furniture out and
the boats in the water. Oh, and sunscreen. Be
sure to use sunscreen.
We hope
Beth Gates Clay
who now calls Box-
ford, Mass., home, brought out the sunscreen
during her many winter weekends skiing at Sugar
Bush in Vermont. (If you are jealous like me, raise
your hand!) When she’s not shooshing down the
slopes, she’s a licensed PTA in physical therapy.
Her son is about to be a junior at Bucknell Uni-
versity, and her daughter recently got her driver’s
license, to which Beth responds,“Yikes!!”
And we hope
Nora Hill
used a lot of sunscreen
when she hit Cuba in March with the Association
forWomen Geoscientists. FromHavana toVinales
National Park in the Pinar del Rio region, to Soroa
near San Cristobal and finally Santa Clara, with
lots of good rock stuff at each stop, it sounded
beyond cool, even to this non-geo major. As she
was booking the trip, Nora tried recruiting a travel
mate: “As we know, all (OK, most) geologists are
fun, so I think this trip will be great. Sure, some
looking at rocks and talking shop (I'll try to steer
the conversation to candy [she owns a candy
store in Fort Collins, Col.]), but probably not a ton
of that.”
Unfortunately, joining her wasn’t inmy cards, but
I’m waiting for pictures to live vicariously as they
geo-nerd alert) explored caves and mogotes (re-
sidual karst hills); learned about continental mar-
gin sections and ophiolites and tectonic contacts
with an allochthonous terrane, did a biosphere
reserve visit and even explored serpentinite me-
lange and volcanic arc material. Funny, I did see a
picture from happy hour already.
F. King Alexander ’87
Named President of LSU
The Louisiana State University Board of Supervisors has ap-
proved the appointment of
F. King Alexander ’87
as presi-
dent of the LSU System and Chancellor of LSU A&M. He had
been president of California State University Long Beach
since 2005. Prior to that, he had served in the same capacity
at Murray State University. He received his Ph.D. in education-
al leadership and policy analysis in 1996 from the University
of Wisconsin, his Master of Science in educational studies/
comparative educational policy in 1991 from the University
of Oxford and his B.A. in government from St. Lawrence Uni-
versity. He has also held positions at the University of Illinois,
Champaign-Urbana; the University of Wisconsin, Madison;
and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.