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KimHoffmann Amoroso ’79
Cedar Street
Marblehead, MA 01945
Next Reunion: 40
, 2019
Thanks so much to all who heeded my plea and
sent me somemuch-needed news.This magazine
will come out after Reunion, so next issue I will
have much more news. I hope you all went and
had a great time!
Nicoline Carlson Sawabini
was on campus
recently, giving of her time to our students. She
was on a "Laurentian in Residence" panel and had
individual sessions with students as well. She has
two daughters, Kathryn ’15 and Abigail, who is
heading out to Colorado College in the fall. Well,
one out of two isn't too bad! She says she saw
several classmates at a pre-reunion event in New
York City, including
Art Gosnell
Deb Board-
man Davis
Nicoline has been a risk manager at
General Electric for many years.
Anne Pyke Peel
could not be at Reunion this
year; two children graduated from high school
that weekend. Her son Backus is heading to pre-
engineering at the College of Idaho. Her daughter
Emma will be pursuing her passion for sand vol-
leyball at Georgia as the first Division I sand player
to be recruited out of Oregon! Anne’s youngest,
Sophie, is a junior in high school and is also a top-
ranked volleyball player.
Anne and husband Dave are both doctors.
Dave is an E.D. doc and Anne is an internist with
a blended hospital and outpatient practice. She
keeps in touch with
Fran Huntoon
she and her
partner, Cathleen Gent, will be joining them on
their annual family backpacking trip in July in the
northern Cascade Mountains of Washington.
Anne-Marie Keegan
writes that she and
got married last Labor Day at Fairfield
Beach, with family and close friends present.
They got it in before Hurricane Sandy! They hon-
eymooned with the dogs, a camper and bikes
in the North Carolina dunes, by the ocean. They
live in Newtown, Conn. (For some thoughts by
another Laurentian in Newtown, turn to the in-
side back cover.)
Kathleen Perkins Colson
writes that she and
her husband have three children, graduates from
Georgetown and Tufts and a student at UPenn.
They have lived in Vermont since 1999, after be-
ing in the UK. Kathleen started a women's micro-
enterprise program, the BOMA Project, in north-
ern Kenya in 2005, and they have started 1,380
women’s businesses and supported over 23,000
children. She has had a lot of St. Lawrence sup-
port for her work, including interns in the Ver-
mont and Kenya offices. She spends about three
months a year in Kenya and also rents a house on
Upper Saranac Lake, N.Y., in the summer so she
connects with lots of alums at Camp Canaras.
Gayle McCabe Wettach
said she would not be
at Reunion because her son, Brian, would likely
be rowing in his final national championship for
Princeton in Sacramento, California, that week-
end. Older son Robert lives in Seattle and works
for Amazon. Gayle is still working at the elementa-
ry school down the street. Husband Rob is strong
and healthy after his bypass surgery. Gayle keeps
in contact with
Cindy Craig
Cindy lives in Califor-
nia and recently left her job and started her own
Last, but not least,
Amy Gabarro Nichols
a group of Deltas on San Marco Island in April.
My daughter, Megan ’14, was on St. Lawrence’s
program in Rome but vacationed in Spain. This
reminded me of the great time Amy and I had on
our junior year in Madrid. Her son Jesse spent his
junior year at Colorado College in South Africa,
fell in love with a local and married her. The wed-
ding was in South Africa, but theylive in Denver,
near Amy and Jesse. Son Ben, who graduated
from Miami of Ohio in 2011 and lives in Chicago,
was warned not to fall in love with someone
from abroad!
Fran Russo-Cress ’80
Converse Street
Longmeadow, MA 01106
Next Reunion: 35
, 2016 (
cluster with ’81, ’82)
Kevin Mallery
wrote that he is undertaking his
th Lake Placid Ironman challenge this July 28.
He will run, swim and walk to help raise $50,000
for the Challenged Athletes Foundation. After ob-
taining a law degree, Kevin worked in New York
City for 10 years before moving to Connecticut in
to be deputy general counsel for an insur-
ance company in Hartford. His three kids were
raised there; a daughter, Nina, who is studying
theater at DePaul University in Chicago; and twin
boys, Sam and Will, who will be heading to col-
lege next year. When the insurance company he
was working for was acquired, he started his own
business building affordable homes in Hartford
and southern Massachusetts. The timing of that
was coincident with the economic downturn, but
despite that hiccup Kevin says, “My three years as
a builder were absolutely great!”
Upon turning 40, Kevin decided to try his first
Ironman in Lake Placid, and became hooked. He’s
done 11 Ironman challenges overall, culminating
with the 2012 World Championship in Hawaii. He
almost didn’t make that event thanks to a run-in
with a deer while testing his bike at 30 mph in
Cooperstown, N.Y., days before.
In both Lake Placid and Hawaii, Kevin had the
chance to be coached by one of the directors of
the Challenged Athletes Foundation. “It is hard
not to be inspired when you meet and work with
people who don't have legs or arms and who
overcame such compelling physical limitations to
go on and complete an Ironman,” he says. “I am
at the stage of my career and life where I am just
trying to ‘pay it forward’and hope my friends and
colleagues will help me do that.” You can read
about the cause at
Kevin plans to rent a house in the area for that
week and welcomes any Laurentians to stop by. If
you are interested in catching up, contact Kevin at
Kevin also asked me to remind all of you about
Get Your Rear in Gear,” the Boston benefit that
takes place each fall through which
Scott Gam-
legacy lives on. Kevin has asked that if you
choose not to donate to his cause, perhaps you’ll
consider honoring Scott’s memory by donating
to “Get Your Rear in Gear.” Anyone desiring more
details can contact Kevin.
Viggo Mortensen
was featured in the March
edition of
The New York Times
along with other
actors and actresses who have plied their trade
not only stateside but in also foreign films where
bilingualism is required. The article, “Bilingual-
ism Steps into a Leading Role,” mentions Viggo’s
most recent release,
Everybody Has a Plan
opened on March 22. Viggo has played “existen-
tially troubled characters” before, but in this film,
shot in Buenos Aires, where he plays twin broth-
ers, a doctor in midlife crisis and a ne’er-do-well,
he speaks only in Spanish.
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