SUMMER 2013 | St. Lawrence University Magazine 47
Nancy Beals
responded to a plea for news: “As
threatened, I did move to Boston (from Seattle) in
October. It was an easy transition, which makes
me think it was the right move. I live in Kendall
Square and work near Fresh Pond in Cambridge.”
She watched SLU beat Harvard in men’s hockey,
in overtime, “which was great,” and is looking at
houses on the Cape.
In response to an email forwarded from Joe
Baldino ’79,
Tom Legg
emphatically started off
with,“Let me set the story straight. I run the roost
here in North Carolina”! He explained that he
would not be at Reunion because Joanne needs
to work and she is very concerned about Tom at-
tending Reunion alone. “Guys who never dated
during their four or five years at St. Lawrence
wouldn’t understand! P.S. I am the BOSS here at
Claremont Drive!”
Mike “Bongo” Quinn
responded to an appeal
for news with, “As a restaurant manager/ bar-
tender, I see folks all the time, but usually when
I am busy, so it is a ‘hi, how are you?’” The Lake
Placid area is teeming with alumni. He’d recently
seen Al Walden '64, the Browns, Robi Politi ’72
and his son Nick ’05, Don ’71 and Bonnie Guiden
Clark ’71, Brian Barrett ’98, Christie Dock Smith
Janet Hurley ’74 and Brian Bliss ’74 (son An-
drew ’14 is in Bongo’s daughter Gabrielle's class;
she was in France for the year) and friends
Jeff Reyell
Bongo had heard from
Arthur “Buddy” Bigsby
former Eminent Archon Emeritus of SAE,” in his
efforts at rallying the troops for Reunion. Bongo
had also received notes from
Bruce Carlisle
Rich Veith
about it.
Louie Vito’s
son, Louie Jr., capped his snow-
boarding season in dramatic fashion by rallying to
win gold at the Euro X Games inTignes, France, by
besting the local hero, Arthur Longo, in a thrilling
final. This was Vito's second X Games Europe gold
medal and fifth overall X Games medal.
In early March, I had to travel to Bennington, Vt.,
for a familymedical emergency. Driving by Dr. Jim
Carroll ’76’s office in Hoosick Falls, N.Y., I decided
to stop in for a surprise visit since we’d lost track
of each other.
Kevin Bisaccio
informed me that
his general practitioner is Dr. Carroll, and that his
medical office is less than a mile from my mom’s
home! Jim and I had a very remarkable albeit
brief visit and followed up with plans for dinner in
nearby Bennington, Vt.
Charter Day Regional Gatherings
Alumni volunteers across the country helped to plan
and host gatherings to celebrate Charter Day ’13 on
or near) April 3. Sites included Burlington, Vt.; Buffalo
and Saratoga Springs, N.Y.; Portland, Maine; Atlanta;
and Hanover, N.H.
On the St. Lawrence Network
Portland, Maine.
Saratoga Springs, N.Y.
Atlanta, Ga.
St. Lawrence!