SUMMER 2013 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
Susan Eichman North
says she is still with
KLT, the small U.S. arm of a Chinese biopharma-
ceutical company, “working for FDA approval of
our oncology drug.”She is vice president of clini-
cal operations and manages active trials in pros-
tate and pancreatic cancer.
Sue is starting her third year on the Alumni Ex-
ecutive Council. She says, “We're expanding our
product offerings to include pillows,
baby blankets and golf club head covers -- all
branded for you to show your SLU pride! Proceeds
from SaintsWear sales support student activities.”
Another first-timer for reporting in,
wrote, “Your direct email is hard to refuse!
I am in my 21st year at Mount Holyoke College
as a nurse practitioner in the college's health
center. It is a privilege to help usher these bright
young women through their college years.”
Sue lives in tiny Shutesbury, Mass., and says,
With a handful of neighbors, my husband Clif
and I have joint ownership and stewardship of
about 30 acres of forest and open fields around
our home. We enjoy cycling, gardening and be-
ginning beekeeping. Our daughter Susan is a
second-year medical student, and our son Char-
lie is in 7th grade, keeping his parents young.”
Michael Hudson
who received his master’s in
geology from Indiana University and his Ph.D.
from Miami University, was recently featured in
magazine, an Ashland University publica-
tion (Ashland, Ohio). Michael is associate profes-
sor of geology/chemistry/physics. The article
mentions how he is called "Doc" by his students
and even some colleagues and associates. It
also says that upon completion of his master’s
degree he spent four years in the United States
Army as a captain in field artillery, but “realized
that his real passion was teaching…". He has
been at Ashland since 1982 and teaches physical
geology, natural disasters, mineralogy, igneous
and metamorphic petrology, structural geology
and geochemistry. He is quoted as saying, "We
do make a difference here. And in my case, if (my
students) develop a passion for rocks and learn
how to read them, that is a bonus."
Rick Wood
wrote, “Marianne Knight ’77 and
I are well at Northfield Mount Hermon School
in Mount Hermon, Mass. We mix with a great
group of high school students, which means
I reminisce about St. Lawrence a lot as kids go
off to college.
Mike Phelps
and I get together
in the 1000 Islands annually, and last summer I
had a great visit with him and Amy Kane ’77 at
their beautiful home on Wellesley Island. I am
in touch with
Jamie McAndrews
via email, and
recently connected with
Jeff Seely
Vicky Cur-
tis Jenkins ’80 is an extraordinary teacher and
coach here at NMH, so I see her regularly.”
Bonnie Steuart Taylor ’77
Fosbak Drive
Vienna, VA 22182
Next Reunion: 40
, 2017
Thanks to
BarbWilliams Wiederecht
le Viebranz Welch
our 35th Reunion co-chairs,
who planned an exciting weekend with our '78
and '79 friends. The fall issue will have an in-depth
Joe Nunez
has a new position with the U.S. De-
partment of State; he is the senior energy and
commercial development officer in Basrah, Iraq.
His son, Thomas (mom is
Judy Cameron Nunez
is one of 61 “Chips” in the Class of 2016. You may
have seen his happy face in last fall's issue of the
magazine. He was the only male representative
with several other Chip members of his class, in-
cluding another connection to our class: Kathleen
Tuttle, daughter of
Lynn Ruane Tut-
The entire group looked happy to be carrying
on the SLU tradition!
Joel Collamer ’78
Hassake Road
Old Greenwich, CT 06870-1329
203-698-0677 (
203-820-4523 (
Next Reunion: 40
, 2018
Most of the news for this installment resulted
from the efforts of many individuals to get the
word out encouraging attendance at our 35
Reunion, which overlapped May and June. I had
the very good fortune to co-chair with
Rieman MacClaren
and work with develop-
ment co-chairs
Dave Wiederecht
John Cal-
We thank our planning committee for all
of their help:
Caroline NycumBarr, Bud Bigsby,
Mitch Brown, Sue Beucher Cady, Bruce Car-
lisle, Paige Asplundh Cumming, Sue Drolet
Ferguson, Gordon Gannon, Mark Kaufman,
Candy Arquit Martel, Mark Mayfield, Michael
Quinn, Betsy Schwartz Riccio, Michelle De
Luca Smith
Henley Smith
I hope to have a
full report for the next column.
In late February, Darcy received a brief email
Sue Beucher Cady
indicating that at least
members of KDS planned to attend Reunion.
That same month, several members of the class
attended the 35th Reunion Kickoff event at the
NewYorkYacht Club inNewYork City. It was spon-
sored by ’79 Reunion Development Co-Chairs Art
Gosnell ’79 and Deborah Boardman Davis ’79.
After many years, Art and I were able to catch
up. He resides in North Salem, N.Y., not far from
my home in Old Greenwich, Conn. Art is the
CEO of Stonehurst Capital, which makes equity
investments in companies and has him traveling
around the U.S.
I also met up with
Gordon Gannon
Tad is working with Cenveo, Inc., a global
provider of print and related resources. Gordon
specializes in asset management for high net-
worth investors in the U.S., Latin America and
Canada, with numerous specialties in financial
instruments and hedging mechanisms.
John Callahan’s
family maintains numerous
connections to the University. His law firm, Bond,
Schoeneck & King, represents the University; his
daughter, Amy ’13, graduated in May; and John
and Patti have been serving on the Parents Com-
mittee, all of which routinely draws them to Can-
ton each year.
John was anticipating an upcoming appoint-
ment with his dentist,
Tom Green
and hoped to
convince him to attend Reunion. John and I were
also plotting how best to convince
Tom Legg
aka“Old Man Legger”) to come.
I was in touch with
Mitch Brown
on several oc-
casions by email and phone, to work on strategies
for encouraging classmates to return for Reunion.
During one call, Mitch mentioned
who he thought had not returned to
campus since graduation and was hoping to con-
vince her to return.
Rich Chamberlain
was hoping to make it to
Reunion and catch up with classmates in person.
His email stated that he “resigned as pastor of
Beechwood Congregational Church in Cohasset,
Mass., so I can spend more time in jail”! Seriously,
folks, Rich provides ministry services to the in-
mates in a local jail.
Jeff Reynders
responded to an email reunion
inquiry with the news that he and Donna became
grandparents for the first time last September.
Their granddaughter’s name is (ready for this?) -
Jesse James Reynders!
Janeway Named Head of Adirondack Environmental Group
William C.“Willie”Janeway ’85
has been named executive director of the environmental advocacy group The
Adirondack Council; he began his newposition inMay. He had been regional director of Region 3 of the NewYork
State Department of Environmental Conservation, serving the Hudson Valley and the Catskills.
Janeway is widely viewed as an accomplished and respected conservationist and partnership builder with ex-
tensive experience in the Adirondack Park. In a statement released by the council, he noted problems in the
park but said he was eager to "make opportunities out of these challenges and ensure that the future of the
Adirondack Park is bright."
Janeway majored in economics and environmental studies and was a leader in the revitalization of the Outing
Club and the implementation of Peak Weekend as a student. He has worked for the Adirondack Mountain Club
and the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission, and is an Adirondack 46er, having climbed all 46 Adirondack
peaks considered to be over 4,000 feet in altitude.