SUMMER 2013 | St. Lawrence University Magazine 45
Sandra CicconeWagner ’74
Walking Path Place
San Diego, CA 92130
Next Reunion: 40
May 29-June 1, 2014
Danis Collett Mutchler
is a full-time artist af-
ter a 22-year career designing magazines at the
Christian Science Publishing Society in Boston.
She paints fibre-reactive dyes on silk, making fine
art pieces, mobiles and scarves. Hers is one of 50
open studios on the October Monadnock ArtTour
in southwestern New Hampshire. Some of her
work can be found at
Peter Hutton
is head of school at Beaver Coun-
try Day School in Chestnut Hill, Mass. He wrote
a blog posted in the
Huffington Post
on March
6, 2013, “
Innovating K-12 Education for the New
ter-hutton/. His ideas for education innovation
include “learn[ing] from nontraditional leaders in
education…, look[ing] outside the educational
world for inspiration and bring[ing] a little of the
outside in…, adapt[ing] the learning environ-
ment to focus on delivering experiences and skills
that students need…, (and) contextualiz[ing]
education within the new economic realities so
education is more useful.”
Percy Boris Kirklewski
writes that after gradua-
tion she taught German for a year and earned her
MBA. She worked in Illinois and Connecticut for
several multinational corporations before end-
ing up in the Deep South. Percy and husband
Bruce live in the Atlanta area and have a daughter
who is a junior at Auburn University, Bruce’s alma
mater. She volunteers with people newly diag-
nosed with MS and people who have cancer. She
enjoys the pace of life in the South and hopes to
come to campus for our 40th Reunion in 2014.
About that reunion, what activities, entertain-
ment, tours, etc. would interest you and your
family? For those whose last time at St. Lawrence
was our graduation: what would bring you back
to campus? For those who attended previous
reunions: what would make this reunion special
for you? Send me an email
or call and let me know
your suggestions. I am also
on Facebook, so you could
contact me that way as well.
While you are at it, please
let me know what you and
yours have been doing.
Carol Owen ’75
Lake Village Drive
Durham, NC 27713-8952
919-544-2121 (
Next Reunion: 40
, 2015
Crager Boardman
some sad news about the
death of
Christopher Mar-
about whom there was
a memorial notice in the
last issue. That notice stated
that Chris was a public defender; he is reported
to have said that being a public defender was
the job he was born to do. He enjoyed playing
several musical instruments, in particular the bass
and the slide guitar, as well as producing artwork.
Our sympathy and thoughts are with his wife and
three children.
I hope you’ll surprise me with some news for the
next issue; I’m forever the optimist!
Mary Izant ’76
Harcourt Drive
Cleveland Heights, OH 44106
Next Reunion: 40
, 2016
I was delighted to hear from
Joe O’Rourke
and Betty live in Southern Ontario and have two
adult children, a boy and a girl, who have moved
out and are on their own. He says he and Betty
have been“‘mt’nesters for a couple of years now.”
He has worked in the agriculture/food industry
for 35 years, and guesses he will“get around to re-
tiring sometime soon, but having fun doing what
I am doing so not in a hurry.” He and Betty have
travelled a lot,“so we don't feel like we have a big
retirement agenda that we have to get busy on.”
They stay in touch with Scott ’75 and
Marsh Graham, Scott "Cat" Morrison
and Mil-
Kenneth "Bruiser" Brousseau
and Betsy
Smith '77,
Jeffrey Dillon
and Cheryl,
and Paul "Caper" '77 and Carol Gallagher.
The Caper is a scout for the NHL Florida Panthers
and in his travels he gets to Ontario at least once a
year, so we often get together to enjoy a few sto-
ries and cold ones,”Joe said.
We were all very saddened by the passing
of Ron "Hoot Owl" Harris '77, last April after a
tough struggle with brain cancer,” Joe continued.
There was a memorial notice in the Fall 2012
.) “
Several of us attended his funeral at
which Eric Kennedy '77 delivered an outstand-
ing eulogy with many references to St. Lawrence
and the great times we all enjoyed with the big
guy. During his illness Ron had an amazing sup-
port team of SLU alumni giving him strength
along his journey. One weekend I met
Al Karnas
and Peter ‘Pepi’ Hayes '78 in
Toronto and we travelled together to Hooter and
Kellie's home in Beaverton, Ont., to enjoy some
time and share some memories with him.”
Another blast from the past came from
who is a senior attorney editor at
West, a Thomson Reuters company. He went to
Cornell Law School, then did a judicial clerkship
in Albany (“got together with
Chris Owen
Larry Huppert
for some great times,” he said)
and a legal services stint. He’s been married to
Sarah for“going on 33 years now,”and has worked
at Syracuse University, running the student judi-
cial commissions. He’s been at Thomson Reuters,
a worldwide legal publishing company in Roches-
ter, N.Y., for 26 years.
Mike spoke about “three fantastic kids through
adoption, two from India and one from the U.S.
Tragically, our oldest son, Tom, battled cancer in
his teens and died in 2007. But Sasha and Joey,
now in their young 20, are awesome and doing
Mike still gets together with
Aims Coney,
Chris Owen, Bill Harclerode, Jim Grant, Bob
Goeller, Henry Stewart
and Mike Tomenga ’75
thanks, Aims, for hosting those Adirondack for-
ays,”he interjects), as well as many others over the
years, including“the late great
Peter Montan
was at our 35
Reunion, where he “saw dozens of
old friends and even made some new ones after
all these years; it was an absolute blast.”
Donna Winfield Fleece
spent her spring
break “improving my skiing in Vail.” Meanwhile,
reporting in from Texas,
Dave Smith
wrote, “AKA
Smitty with the Green ’57 Chevy and Bultaco
Enduro who was
Joe Braz
and Mer's next-door
neighbors in ’76 still alive and well in Garland,
I was sorry to hear about
Lesley Machin Purdy
who wrote, “I've had a long journey. In 2011 was
diagnosed with the organic brain disease frontal
lobe onset dementia. I was a little queasy. I decided
to be happy. I didn't cry. I 'm a trained healer. What
I did was quantum physics. I 'm still partly okay. I
have a person who helps me.” Lesley, your class-
mates send you best wishes for continued healing.
Dean-Eaton hallmates from the Class of ’73, and some spouses,
held a mini-reunion in July 2012, and found an apropos location
for a group photo at the Clark Institute in Williamstown, Mass.
Hall of Fame Induction, Sports, Pep
Rally, Entertainment andNetworking.
Homecoming 2013
October 11-13