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Barbarajean Schaefer Blodgett ’72
6763 25
th Street North
Arlington, VA 22213
Next Reunion: 45
, 2018 (
cluster with ’73, ’74)
My last column indicated that I was livingwithmy
daughter and her family in Arlington, Va. Well, I’ve
finally taken the plunge and bought a little condo
in Falls Church, Va. As I write this column, I am at-
tempting to mathematically calculate how 1850
square feet of “pre-existing belongings” are going
to fit into a 725-square-foot condo. You now know
why I was a fine arts major! Thank goodness for
Craigslist, Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity.
I’m pleased to announce that
Steve Hill
has a
fabulous CD of our 40th Reunion. He took the
time to photograph just about every waking mo-
ment of that wonderful weekend. Should any of
you wish a copy for a great stroll down memory
lane, he can be reached at steveandramonahill@ Many thanks to Steve for captur-
ing the very best of ’72!
Never one to sit on her laurels,
Jane Lockwood
was featured in a juried Massachusetts
Artists 2013“Showcase of Contemporary Art”this
past spring. All of Jane’s outstanding work can be
seen on her website,
. My
collection of her colorful gallery announcements
continues to grow.
Tim Pelyk
and Sue were in Napa, Calif., in March
on the first leg of their trip to visit their son in
Perth, West Australia. They had a great time at the
home of
Al Howes
and Jackie in Danville, Calif.
Gary Webb ’73 wrote to let me know that Nik
and the Nice Guys would be performing “Alpha
Delta Nik- aTribute to
Animal House”
at this year’s
Reunion Weekend. Of course,
Mike Keenan
mediately contacted me to “rally the troops” for
attendance. Mike is not only loyal to our class;
he makes a point of getting St. Lawrence peo-
ple together regardless of class or venue. I was
promised a full report of the proceedings for my
next column.
Ray Donatucci
sent an encouraging mes-
sage of thanks to me after receiving all the Re-
union news. Ray received his Doctor of Ministry
degree through Fuller Seminary in 2008 and is in
charge of Midwest divisional training for Young
Life. Ray has worked for this organization and
ministry with young people for over 35 years, cur-
rently in the Greater Denver area.
Finally, in the “best news I’ve heard in a long
time” department, I received a lengthy letter in
mid-January from
Kevin Barry
filled with won-
derful news about his son Thomas, a student at
George Washington University, who was one of
just a handful of workers for the Elizabeth War-
ren Senatorial campaign who was invited to her
swearing-in ceremony in January. He is interning
at her Senate office this summer.
But, I digress. The
good news is that Kevin,
having had open-heart surgery in September
to replace a defective aortic valve and having
suffered a stroke during that surgery, is back to
almost good as new”! Kevin reported that he
has worked very, very hard with almost daily
physical, occupational and cognitive therapy since
December. He wrote, “I’ve made tremendous
progress and I’m willing to bet if you met me to-
day you would not be able to detect any signs of
stroke. However, there is more work to do, espe-
cially on the cognitive rehabilitation which I am
determined to accomplish. I’mplanning to return
to work soon at
!” Kevin’s wife,
Jane Terrell ’73, and Thomas were instrumental as
his support team.
The Barrys also sold their home in Wellesley,
Mass., after living there for 33 years and now split
their time between an apartment in the new Sea-
port District in Boston and their home on Scraggy
Neck on the Cape. Good news like Kevin’s just
makes my day!
Linda Tirelli Herrmann ’73
Lebanon Hills Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15228-1819
Next Reunion: 45
, 2018 (
cluster with ’72, ’74)
Saran Twombly
realized she had never submit-
ted any information for class notes, so she sent
me her 40-year update. First, she got her Ph.D. at
Yale, doing research in Malawi, then did research
on freshwater lakes and their invertebrate fauna
in Venezuela, Norway, New Zealand and Sweden.
She also taught and did research in the Depart-
ment of Biological Sciences at the University of
Rhode Island for 17 years.
Saran left Rhode Island in 2002 to spend two
years at the National Science Foundation in Ar-
lington, Va., and then moved to the National Sci-
ence Foundation in 2005 as a program director in
the Division of Environmental Sciences. Her re-
sponsibilities at NSF include population and com-
munity ecology, long-term ecological research,
and overseeing the new National Socio-Environ-
mental Synthesis Center. Saran lives in D.C. and
travels and hikes in her spare time. Her hiking
goal is to visit the most pristine habitats left; she
has spent several years hiking in the Arctic Na-
tional Wildlife Refuge in northern Alaska.
Janet Huber Kabel
has been trying to help
me collect news, and received the following
note from
Chris Boscamp Doyle
: “
I am now in
Stamford, Conn., working a full-time job as stay-
at-home daughter! Unfortunately, I had to leave
my friends, home and job in Florida when my dad
died. My mom is mostly bedridden and can get
around only in a wheelchair. We are both hoping
this is temporary; that depends onMom. I do plan
to go back to work, at least part-time, as soon as I
can. Best wishes to all!”
Janet also sent me news from
Sue Howe Stern
and her husband, Bob. They were in Bob’s home-
town of Dixon, Ill., making preparations to return
in May to Argentina, where they have worked as
missionaries with the Christian & Missionary Alli-
ance since 1979. Sue and Bob met in Argentina
andweremarried in Buenos Aires in 1982. Most of
their work has been collaborating with Argentine
pastors in church development. In 2000, during a
sabbatical, Sue got her master’s in education in
counseling from Northern Illinois University. This
has been very fulfilling and useful in their work
among Argentine business and professionals.
I have received word that
Roderick Baird
in February. In 2001, Rod sold his businesses to
pursue his dream of becoming a high school
teacher. His book
Counterfeit Kids
which was re-
viewed in the Spring
St. Lawrence
was the result
of his love for teaching and his concern for the fu-
ture of education. For more, turn to“In Memory.”
If you were not able to come to our 40
please take the time to send me an update on
where you are and what you are doing!
Reconnect with old friends,
see today’s campus and
enjoy day trips, seminars,
special receptions, dinners,
concerts and much more!
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