SUMMER 2013 | St. Lawrence University Magazine 43
Patti Black Giltner ’69
Pellett Street
Norwich, NY 13815
Next Reunion: 45
, 2015 (
cluster with ’70, ’71)
Margaret Timmons Gittis
wrote that on Feb-
ruary 2 she and her husband, Alan, attended a
Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game with other
SLU alumni and parents. It was an official alumni
gathering, hosted by theWean family.Theymet in
a party suite at the new hockey arena and had a
great time watching the “Pens” defeat the New
Jersey Devils and chatting with other SLU folks.
The Weans have been hosting an event like this
every other year for quite some time now.
Before the game, Ray Shero ’84, the Penguins’
executive vice president and general manager,
who played memorable hockey for SLU, met with
them. There were two others there fromour class:
Rich Sprow
Arnie Tilden
All three from ’69
have doctorates of one sort or another (Margaret
and Rich have Ph.D.’s and Arnie earned an Ed.D.).
and his son, Andre ’12, spoke at An-
dre’s Baccalaureate Service, exchanging a three-
minute point-counterpoint dialog comparing
their days on campus in their respective years.
Dale said that“it was great fun and (they) received
resounding applause at the end of (their) perfor-
mance from the 200+ members of the audience
in the chapel.” Copies of the script are available
on request. I did read it and it was really fun to
think back. (Think dinner attire at Sykes, for one.)
Dale is president of Global Leadership and
Benchmarking Associates (GBLA), a consulting
firm used by both public and private sector cli-
ents. He is a former senior executive officer and
deputy executive director for the Florida Depart-
ment of Revenue. Prior to that, he worked for
about 20 years for various Fortune 500 firms in
marketing, information systems and consulting
management capacities.
I spent March being "nanny" for my granddaugh-
ters and visiting friends in Florida, and we did the
last round of reading assessments in May and
June. But I'm really looking forward to gardening
and hosting Margarita parties on my new front
porch. Happy summer!
Dennis Szymanski ’70
Hillwood Ave.
Falls Church, VA 22042-2420
Next Reunion: 45
, 2015 (
cluster with ’69, ’71)
A Lifetime Achievement Award
isn't something one gets every
day (
ah, that's why it's called
Lifetime Achievement," Dennis.
Jeff Cook
recognized that the
missing piece to creating an
enduring environmental move-
ment was to give people the
opportunity to make environ-
mental protection their career and not just their
hobby. And so he created the concept that be-
came the Environmental Careers Organization
and slowly, laboriously, brought others to see his
vision and recognize its importance. For his vision
and his tireless pursuit of it, Jeff was awarded the
Lifetime Achievement Award by Partners for Liv-
able Communities at a reception in Washington,
D.C. For more, visit
community-spirit. Congratulations, Jeff!
Craig Steinhart
sent pictures of his three grand-
sons. Craig and Ann make the trek from Ft. Lau-
derdale to Cincinnati several times a year, stick
around for a few weeks and have lots of fun! He
didn't say anything about "naps" but we figure
that goes without saying.
Wende Butler Brock
and Roger '69 bid adieu to
New Hampshire for semi-retired pursuits Down
East. I'm still waiting for Wende to tell me exactly
where in Maine that might be, but they know and
that's what's important.
James P. Snedeker ’71
Linden Tree Road
Wilton, CT 06897
Next Reunion: 45
, 2015 (
cluster with ’69, ’70)
Norm Bell
relates that he is living in Montgom-
ery, Ala. He retired from the Air Force and Air
Force Reserves in 2004 after 33 years of service
and 6,500 flight hours. Norm’s most recent posi-
tion was as operations group commander of the
th Airlift Wing in Montgomery. He has five
children and nine grandchildren and is the out-
reach minister for Vaughn Forest Church, near his
home. He tries to squeeze in a round of golf when
he can.
Jane Appleby
continues to be involved with St.
Lawrence and mentioned that last summer she
visited campus with her sister to tour the piano re-
hearsal space in Griffiths Arts Center. This place is
special for her since she sees the piano and music
facilities providing an incredible environment for
students to learn and appreciate music. It is even
more special for Jane since there is a memorial
plaque inscribed and dedicated in honor of her
deceased brother, William E. Appleby Jr. '69, who
had a strong passion for music.
Susan Christensen Besanceney
has become
a skilled “spinner.” Ever the student and not hav-
ing a clue what spinning is, I reverted to my cur-
rent source of most information, Wikipedia. From
what I gather, Susan’s skill entails a degree of co-
ordination that far surpasses mine since the spin-
ning process involves tying a batch of wool to a
large wheel, then turning the wheel as she walks
backward feeding more wool onto the wheel
while trying to keep a constant degree of tension.
Bonne chance!
Betsy Leonard ’74 and I moved back to Wilton,
Conn., where she works as an assistant special
ed. teacher. Five years ago, I switched careers and
joined CARCO Group, where my role is to lever-
age our core skills and develop new products
and the accompanying software to make them
viable. On the side, I have continued the fight a
new six-lane highway that was to plow through
our town. The highway is on hold and we are us-
ing the state land to build a trail that will go from
Long Island Sound to (someday) the Berkshires. It
will link with a National Park Service property so
the goal is to have it become part of the National
Park system… stay tuned, sports fans.
Is anyone up for a trip to Machu Picchu July 12-
17, 2014,
led by REI? Please get back to me if you
are interested. Two years ago I did their trip to the
Grand Canyon - Havasu Falls, and it was outstand-
ing! Search“REI Machu Picchu Explorer 6 Day.”
A few of the alumni who gathered for a Pittsburg Penguins game on February 2, 2013, enjoyed a
photo op”with Penguins General Manager
Ray Shero ’84
second from right. From left to right
Charles Smithers ’64, Rich Sprow ’69, Margaret Timmons Gittis’69
Arnie Tilden
For more, see the ’69 Class Notes.