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of those who would be profoundly affected by
more losses in services from agencies that are
already strained. Bob said, “On the one hand, it
got my ’70s protest blood going again, yet it was
sad that we had to ask families with disabled
children to come into the streets once more to
seek social justice.”
On the subject of social justice, one more class
Karen Hitchcock
should be men-
tioned. While doing Internet research on another
topic, I happened upon a transcription of a com-
mentary Karen had recently done for WAMC,
Northeast Public Radio, called “Guns on Campus.”
Her remarks were about concealed weapons. Her
concluding statement: “Permitting concealed
weapons on a university campus is simply wrong.
We owe it to our students to provide them with
the safest possible living/learning environment.”
At this stage in life, these three are able to share
what they have learned in such meaningful ways.
Denley Rothmann Rafferty
sent the University
a picture of herself,
Kathy Shipway Crumb
Nancy Current Martin
taken when they got
together in April in California “to celebrate Ship-
wreck's (ongoing) conquest of cancer,” according
to Denley, who explained that Kathy’s treatments
would continue into September.
Harvey Meer
wrote of his daughter
Vanessa’s marriage in the fall and his own forays
into New York City for shows and movies.
retirement from his second career at the
Hyde Park National Historic Sites took place in
Bob Gardner
reports that this year
the annual Florida get-together of Sigma Chi’s in-
Larry Cohan
and Ron Blake ’65. Bob does
a wonderful job keeping“the Sigs”in regular com-
munication. I expect a significant number of them
to show for our 50th Reunion next May, as many
did for the 45th. You are making similar Reunion
plans, I hope.
I’m always on the lookout for “news and views
from all the yous,” in particular those we haven’t
heard from in a while. Surprise me with a phone
call, a visit or an email. Write early and often. And
let’s see you next May in Canton.
Jane Petrie Davis ’65
P.O. Box 730
Coventry Lane
Manchester Center, VT 05255-0730
Next Reunion: 50
, 2015
Chris Parker
and his wife, Molly, who live in
Middlebury, Conn., took a trip in January and vis-
ited Bob Baxter ’51, Anne Saunders ’66 and
in Florida, and Keith Kittle ’71 in Georgia.
Chris said it was so nice seeing old friends. Molly
and Chris still enjoy New England winters and
have been skiing for 64 consecutive years.
Steve Peters
and Maryellen have lived in Hunts-
ville, Ala., since 1981. Stevewas Huntsville Group’s
human resource manager for Jacobs Technology,
Inc., until his retirement in 2011. For 23 years
prior to that position, he worked for Huntsville’s
Sanmina-SCI, having begun his career with Gen-
eral Dynamics. After college, Steve was an officer
in the Navy for three years. Steve and Maryellen
have been married for 39 years and have three
grown children.
Nancy Hall Sugahara
sent a link showing her
granddaughter in an advertisement for Baby Gap.
Nancy spends her winters in Vero Beach, Fla
David Fritz
spent a short time after graduation
in the theater department of the University of
Iowa. From there, he worked for five years do-
ing oceanographic research through Columbia
University, in Bermuda and at sea. After that,
David worked for a company identifying confus-
ingly similar trademarks with the computer, the IT
department of Inmont and as a business analyst
designing computer systems. Before retiring, he
spent 15 years as a data architect and worked
with a variety of clients and consulting firms. Da-
vid has been married to Carmela for 29 years, has
two grown sons and lives in Milford, N.J. He tries
to get to some ECAC hockey games.
Remember the trouble it caused to blow tooth-
picks through a straw at the ceiling in the cafete-
ria? When David visited campus a while ago, he
noticed there were professionally painted targets
on the ceiling of the student union, with clusters
of toothpicks in the bull’s eye. He noted how
much times have changed.
Jim and Stevie McPhee Michaelson ’66
Gouverneur Street
Canton, NY 13617-1214
Next Reunion: 50
, 2016
Terry Phelps
called us to get more information
regarding the late
Bob Perani's
memorial and
we talked for almost 20 minutes. He informed us
that after graduation he joined the Air Force to
avoid the Army draft and discovered he loved to
fly, then spent the next 27 years enjoying a terrific
Air Force career.
Terry served a few faculty tours at the Air Force
Command and Staff College and the Royal Aus-
tralian Air Force Staff College, and visited 52 for-
eign countries. But the pinnacle of his career was
command of three Air Force Wings, two during
Desert Storm in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and then
after his return to the States, he commanded the
th Wing at Robins AFB, Ga. When he retired in
he and his wife of 47 years, Bonnie, moved
back to the Wichita area to be near their two old-
est sons, who had met and married local women
while attendingWichita State.
He saidhe and Bonniemiss their roots inNorthern
New York, but “the enjoyment of the four grand-
kids swimming in the backyard far exceeds the
lack of variety in terrain associated with the Great
Plains. Godwilling,”he added, they'll be at our 50th.
Mike Savage
also called, in regard to his retire-
ment (a few days later the
Watertown Daily Times
had almost a half page on Michael's career and
impact in the Watertown area). He said that af-
ter being in the investment business for 46 years,
it was time to try something different. He and
Anne LeBeau Savage
are looking forward to it,
and had two trips planned. In April they went to
Montgomery, Ala., to visit Anne's sister and broth-
er-in-law, and Mike played in a member-guest
golf tournament, and in September, they will
spend a week with good friends fromWatertown
in Provence, France. They may stay a few days
longer and travel to Italy or Innsbruck, Austria,
or both (Mike played hockey in Innsbruck in the
A note of thanks to all who contributed so far to
Bob Perani's memorial bench at Appleton Arena.
A final update will follow.
Pi Phi alumnae from the Class of ’66 gathered in front of the iconic Harbourtown Lighthouse
in Hilton Head Island, S.C. for a photo in March 2013. They are, from left,
Pat Griffeth Douglas,
Marty Denson Beisler, Carol Blank Bloomer and Betsy Harris Cantlie
The spouses, SAEs from
the Class of '64, are
Pete Beisler, Al Bloomer
Ron Cantlie.
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