SUMMER 2013 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
Priscilla Harvey Schroeder ’56
Windbrook Court
Westlake Village, CA 91361-3538
Next Reunion: 60
, 2016
Lucy Tower Funke
Suzanne Belden
flew to Naples, Fla.,
for a surprise visit with
their Kappa roommate,
Carolyn Hill Duff
they had not seen in
years! (Pictured are
Lucy, left, and Carolyn.) It was a special reunion
filled with joy and shared memories. Carolyn and
her husband, Rufus, and their six children have
lived an extraordinary life. They have two horse
farms, one outside Pittsburgh and another in Na-
ples. Carolyn won the Amateur American Saddle
Bred 5 Gaited Class at the NYU National Horse
Show at Madison Square Garden in NewYork City.
Carolyn and Rufus had some good news to share.
Their grandson was accepted by St. Lawrence for
the Class of 2017.
Suzanne lived in Seoul, South Korea, where she
and her husband, Rev. Randy Rice, raised four
children and she was a volunteer assisting Korean
women. They recently returned to South Korea,
where they were honored for working with the
Korean people during a time of conflict and un-
rest. Most recently, Sue volunteered to travel to
Africa to administer aid to women. She has a trip
to Costa Rica planned.
It was great to reminisce with
Dr. Peter John-
I met him on the Drumlins Country Club
skating rink during junior high school in Syracuse,
N.Y. We were classmates at Nottingham High
School and then at St. Lawrence. He retired last
July from his private medical practice of 55 years,
having performed many surgeries.
He is very proud of his two children. His daughter
is a physician and is finishing a residency in oph-
thalmology, with a specialty in the cornea. She
graduated from Davidson. His son graduated
fromClemson, received his master’s inmechanical
engineering and and will be working for Corning.
Bill Sylvester
retired in Alabama in 1999. He
has semi-retired fromwatercolor painting and has
shared most of his works with his family. In remi-
niscing, he mentioned that
Dick Contee
was an
attendant in his wedding.
I received a beautiful, heartfelt, hand-made card
Jewel Breiner Hall
Her card business keeps
her days full and appeals to her artistic bent. She
enjoyed a three-week sea/land trip to
Alaska last fall. She was off to Sedona, Ariz., for 10
days with her son and family.
Jeanne Cairns LeFebvre
and her husband, Dick
have lived on a golf course in Arizona since
Their children live in New York, Florida, and
Virginia. Dick told me that his brother,
Tom LeFe-
is retired and lives in Syracuse, N.Y.
Mary Jane Hastings Smith
lives a few hours
away from me in Glendora, Calif., so we remi-
nisce several times a year. One of her grand-
sons is receiving his master's degree and a
credential to teach.
Lucretia Donner Locke
is an accomplished vio-
linist with three different community orchestras.
She also plays duplicate bridge and is active in
her church. Her passion is to travel. She was soon
to be off to London to see a number of plays.
When her husband was in the Navy, they lived in
Egypt for two years. She has two sons and three
grandchildren, all in the San Diego area. Lu was
a member of the Sinners in college, so I’m trying
to convince her to join the Sinners’ group at the
next reunion
Dave Powers
is the saxophonist with the Creek
Side Jazz Band. He writes that
he has retired twice: first, as
a vice president at Colorado
School of Mines; second, as se-
nior consulting vice president
for Grenzebach Glier & As-
sociates, Inc., in Chicago. The
apple of his and wife Runie’s
eyes is Leela YunXi Powers, 8,
the Chinese daughter of son
Brian ’85 and daughter-in-law
Jen. Leela was adopted from
Kunming, China (World War
II base of the Flying Tigers). Dave signed off by
Ernie Mazza
and I are tuning up, looking
forward to Reunion.”
Barbara Streiff Barbey
is a happy person and
married to the same man for 53 years. They have
lived in Florida for 14 years and have three grown
children – two sons and a daughter. One is a
teacher, another an artist, and the third in the res-
taurant business. This class reporter loved Barb’s
upbeat attitude.
Joan Woolf Kompolt
swims a mile each morn-
ing at the local health club. John and Joan have
beenmarried 10 wonderful years now. Their daily
activities have kept them healthy. John is an avid
golfer; she joins him from time to time. They also
spend a lot of time gardening, and they enjoy
traveling. This summer, they will spend a month
on an ocean liner through Scandinavia and Russia
and then on a river boat cruise through Germany,
Austria and Hungary. Her oldest grandchild is a
sophomore at Brown, majoring in applied math.
Joan has been living in California for 13 years and
loves it. The weather is wonderful and two of her
four children live close by.
Pat Meyn
Jules Burgevin
have been
together for over 57 years of happiness. Jules
still has his great sense of humor. He is a profes-
sor of sociology at Ithaca College and he speaks
to teachers on how to adjust to retirement. They
have three children and six grandchildren. P.M.’s
favorite activities include flowers, reading, cook-
ing, and, of course, grandchildren. For 40 years,
they have spent time at their cottage on Prince
Edward Island in Canada. P.M. has been in contact
Beryl Everett Atkinson
Janice Brownell
Jan ReedWise
Bill Richardson
lives in Hamburg, N.Y., and is
co-chairman of the investment firm Trubee Col-
lins Inc. He travels to Venice, Fla., for two and half
months and visits with Buddy ’53 and Martha
Cheney Thomas ’54. He has two sons, one a mo-
lecular biologist and the other a bank official.
At the edge of the Rockies,
Dick Woodbury
and Irene have grown to enjoy the wild climate
swings—blizzards one day and beach temps
the next. That affords them the nice privilege of
March skiing and afternoon tennis. Irene is well
into writing her second novel, a romantic narra-
tive with a dark twist that is set largely in Las Ve-
gas. Since Dick is assisting in editing and market-
ing, their travels to Sin City are frequent enough
for them to call it their second home. Dick is find-
ing other opportunities to stay un-retired, too—
by free-lancing articles on the MountainWest and
beyond, drawing on his extensive travels through
Mexico and most of Latin America in recent years.
They hope that Laurentians traveling their way
will come by!
Doris Kloppenburg Ferry
and Bob ’59 stayed
longer than usual in Breckenridge thanks to a
fire in their Florida complex. Doris is teaching
the third generation of her family to ski. Bob and
Doris belong to a 50+ skiing club at Breckenridge
and met a KD sorority sister, Pris Ledbury ’63.
We are already talking about the next Reunion.
Remember your University and give to the
St. Lawrence Fund.
Joyce Caldwell Rhodes ’57
C Oak Crest Court
Novato, CA 94947
Next Reunion: 60
, 2017
Alice Ziegler Ulrich
writes that she and Bruce
are living eight months of the year in Florida,
where they golf and play pickleball, a fast game
that provides a lot of exercise. April was time for a
cruise to Bermuda and the Caribbean. Bruce has
had some very serious surgery so they are tak-
ing life a little slower. She says life goes on and
is good.
Richard “Tinker” DeGraff
says his hands are
full at this time. His high school is celebrating
its 200th birthday and it is his class's 60th Re-
union. He is the class secretary by default!
Dave Bunis
Ray Ryan
might enjoy hear-
ing from some old friends at this time, at Missy.
Lee Whitney
and Julie Beaver ’54 visited with
Judy Lennon ’58 and Vinnie Cashman ’55, who
were with Tom ’54 and Sistie Sime Lewis ’55 at
Orchard Island in Vero Beach, Fla. Next will be a
short trip in the summer to LakeWinnipesaukee.
Sylvia Mellerud Segal
wrote of a three-genera-
tion family get-together in Palm Springs, Cal.
I think a lot about the St. Lawrence days and
wish I had taken advantage of more opportuni-
ties. I would have made a greater effort to get in-
volved in the Canoe Club. I would have learned
fencing. I would have taken classes like physics,
historiography and math and science, not wor-
rying about grade point average. Bernard Osher,
founder of the Osher Lifelong Learning Insti-
tute, has provided classes at the local university,
which I devour. Now I am grateful I am healthy
and able and curious of mind.