SUMMER 2013 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
Barbara Robertson Mitchell ’52
Pepperidge Road
Morristown, NJ 07960-2532
Next Reunion: 65
, 2017
I talked with
MaryLou Cole Attarian
listened in the background. They are
happily ensconced in their new retirement home
in Durham, N.C. MaryLou enjoys no more shop-
ping for dinner and not cooking it, and having
many things done for her.
Janet Phalon Favro
had 325 buckets hung on
hermanymaple trees in the spring. I brought some
of her syrup home with me from Reunion, and it
is the delicious highlight of my pancake breakfast.
Jane Hallock Shroads
still enjoys her 2-year-
old 85-pound chocolate lab, Cody, as he listens to
Jim playing the piano. Her grandson was walking
Cody while we talked.
John Westlye’s
year-old grandson still
comes over with books to read, and they enjoy
the time together. John is putting up a strong
fight for his health.
I hope you all have had a warm spring and wish
you a great summer. I watched all my grand-
daughters playing lacrosse this spring from my
folding chair. Please think about an email or
phone call with your news.
Lois ShaverWells ’53
PO Box 22
Ogdensburg, NY 13669
Next Reunion: 65
, 2018
Jean Lewis Jacoby
of Lompoc,
Calif., are still active in their community, but they
are not traveling much anymore. They“subscribe
to theatre and music series - still hike and bicycle
locally - participate in a reading group (great
books - Chicago)."
E.B. Wilson
emeritus chairman of St. Law-
rence's Board of Trustees, has been quoted in an
article in the May/June issue of
article is titled "High-Performing Committees:
What Makes ThemWork?"  The magazine is pub-
lished by the Association of Governing Boards of
Colleges and Universities.
St. Lawrence has been recently informed of the
deaths of three of our classmates. Condolences
to their families and friends.
Bernard R. Silk-
died on October 29, 2011, and
Alfred W.
on January 19 and
Hadley Sheldon
Stretch" DePuy
on January 22 of this year.
Stretch had a distinguished career as a college ad-
ministrator. For more, see“In Memory.”
The next issue of this magazine will be full of
th reunion news!
Frank Shields ’54
Seward Street
Glens Falls, NY 12804
Next Reunion: 60
May 29-June 1, 2014
Joan Talbot Kaler
writes that she recently
moved into an apartment in a retirement home
in Exeter N.H. “Quite an adjustment from living
in a condo in Exeter in summer and in a mobile
home in Tucson, Ariz., but it was the right time to
do it,” she says. “After downsizing, I have no place
for my full set of St. Lawrence plates.”Anyone who
would like them should contact the alumni office
on campus, to be put in touch with Joan.
A spring trip to visit our daughter, Cathy Shields
O’Hara ’84 and her family, in Charlottesville, Va.,
gave us the opportunity to add a 450-mile jaunt
to Aiken, S.C., for a short visit with Janice Shonka
Dave Karlen
Those of us who did ROTC
summer camp”circa 1951-52 have lots of memo-
ries of Aiken, which usually range from“unforget-
A note from
John Eckberg
and Sally Bates ’52
in Laporte, Col., invites Laurentians who are in the
vicinity on US 25 to drop by the ranch.
Mimi and I enjoyed an elegant dinner at the
home of
Rod La Croix
and Priscilla. Their beauti-
ful log home in Hudson Falls, N.Y., provides views
of both the Adirondacks and the Green Moun-
tains. Rod, a self-described “pack rat,” has the
greatest collection of St. Lawrence memorabilia I
have ever seen. I wish it was transportable to Can-
ton for our 60th Reunion in 2014.
President Bill Fox ’75 has asked me to chair the
planning committee for that reunion, and I hap-
pily agreed to serve. The dates are May 29-June 1,
I will be in touchwith the details a few times
as the “days dwindle down,” but in the meantime
if you’d like to help, don’t hesitate to call.
Connie Doughty Knies ’55
Westgate Blvd.
Plandome, NY 11030-1452
Next Reunion: 60
, 2015
Wehavebeen so lucky tohavehad
as our class reporter for 57 years – ever
sincewe graduated! Do you knowanyone elsewho
has stuck with a job so competently and so loyally?
Joyce, we appreciate your enthusiastic cheerlead-
ing for SLU and for our class all this time!
I’ve been so pleased to have heard from several
classmates already. I had a long phone conversa-
tion with
Bev Harper Nalven,
who had recently
celebrated with a trip to Cartagena, Colombia, her
second retirement after 10 years of working for the
Philip Evans Scholarship Foundation. In her work
there at Swarthmore, she mentored scholarship
students through their college careers. Before that,
she and her late husband had spent happy years
cruising the Atlantic coast in their 42-foot sailboat.
In her earlier career at Sarah Lawrence College, she
was alumni director andalsoworked in fund raising.
Sadly, Bev’s eldest son, Dirk Van Dijk ’80, died sud-
denly last year of heart failure caused by a pulmo-
nary aneurism. She is looking forward to having
more time with her other children and eight grand-
children, some of whom she hopes might attend
SLU. Her stepson,Todd Nalven, is in the Class of ’85.
She plans on taking some courses and volunteer-
ing with young people. She had to sign off to drive
across Florida to look after her littlest grandson, 5.
The quote comes to mind, “A woman thinks she’s
retired – and then she becomes a grandmother!”
in SanAntonio,Texas, wrotewith
the happy news that he’d gottenmarried to“Mary
Jill” last October. “Can you believe a 78-year-old
doing this?” he exclaimed. After a honeymoon in
Costa Rica the happy couple is busy consolidat-
ing households and finding time to indulge their
passions for hiking all over Texas and haunting
flea markets for antiques and vintage watches. He
reported having seen
Ray Mann
in Syracuse last
June, and closed by urging us to take good care of
the Empire State – kind words from a Texan!
Stan Hall
wrote saying that he’d spent 25 years
in higher education, most of that time at Colgate
and then six more years consulting with col-
leges. He said, “I know SLU’s class reporters do
the best job among a lot of colleges.” So take
another bow, Joyce!
He, too, has retired again. After all those years of
college work he started the Cooperstown Brew-
ing Company, but has sold that business. He
sends apologies that he won’t be able to bring
any goodmicro-brewed beer to our next reunion,
in 2015.
An email from
Ron Bach
is too good to para-
phrase: “We’re on vacation in Palm Beach at the
pool and a couple comes by and asks if the adja-
cent lounges are available. I say ‘Yes,’ and notice
the guy’s faded ball cap and ask if the SLU stands
for St. Lawrence. He says ‘Yes, did you go there?’
Yup, Class of ’55!’ He says, ‘I’m ’65. What frat were
you in?’ I reply ‘ATO’ and his wife moans. He says
I’m a former president of SLU, and was the one
who kicked ATO off campus!’ He laughed and said
They’re back you know!’” It was Dan Sullivan!
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