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Nearly 200 people came out on a sunny North
Country spring evening to take part in St. Law-
rence's Run4Boston on April 30. Runners of all
ages raised more than $1,200 for The One Fund
Boston, an organization giving money to those
affected by the bomb attacks in Boston earlier
that month. The event was sponsored by the
St. Lawrence cross country and track and field
teams, the St. Lawrence University Center for Civic
Engagement and the Canton Women's Running
Group. For more on campus-community service
interaction, turn to the main articles in this edi-
tion of your University magazine.
photo credit: Tara Freeman
A Wo r d f r om t h e P r e s i d e n t
O n C amp u s
1 0
S p o r t s
1 3
P h i l a n t h r o p y i n A c t i o n
1 6
L a u r e n t i a n Po r t r a i t s
K e n J o c k ’ 7 9
D a n a C a p o z z e l l a ’ 8 7
B a y l o r J o h n s o n
Mo l l y P l u n k e t t ’ 1 4
3 0
F r om t h e A r c h i v e s
3 1
C l a s s N o t e s
3 2
P i c t u r e P e r f e c t
6 5
F i n a l T h o u g h t
Service With a Mile
The community service that students perform takes
many forms, and often involves some distance from
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Vol. LXIV | Number 3 | Summer 2013
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