SPRING 2013 | St. Lawrence University Magazine 27
by Meg Bernier ’07, M’09
Community involvement has been engrained
in Brooke James ’06 since she was little, and she’s been mak-
ing a difference in Canton since arriving on campus in 2002.
Inspired by her own involvement in her high school’s Rotaract
Club and a gap year on the Rotary Youth Exchange program
in Zurich, Switzerland, James started a St. Lawrence Rotaract
I formed a chapter with help from my mentor Bob Wells, a
Rotarian, professor emeritus and former mayor of Canton,” the
Class of 2006 president says. “The Rotarians quickly became
my Canton family.”
When James returned to Canton in 2007 for a job, she main-
tained her involvement with Rotary. “I was very interested in
event-planning as a student, so it was natural for me to get
involved with special events in the community,” she says.
James has coordinated the annual Remington Arts Festival since
and has helped organize and promote the Canton Canoe
Weekend each May. “I want everyone to know about Canton,
not just for St. Lawrence, but for its people, its culture and the
history that has made Canton the unique place it is today,”
she says.
James finds herself helping Canton at all hours of the day. As a
business adviser at the SUNY Canton Small Business Develop-
ment Center, she “helps people make their dreams come true.”
She goes home to 24 East Main, a popular Canton bed and
breakfast that she co-owns with her fiancé, Charles Rouse ’06.
I will always do my part to be a contributing citizen,” she says.
Brooke James ’06
Service Around the Clock
SLU JARS' Inspire during
As their final project for Photography II,
Chelsea Priebe ’13 and Paige Pasquini ’13
installed 24 jars around campus. The in-
structions were simple: “Take what you find
inside and leave something for the next per-
son.” They hoped “to encourage anonymous
gift-giving and random acts of kindness,”
Pasquini said.
The response was overwhelming. Items left
ranged from drawings, quotes, games and
flowers to sage leaves, stickers, tea and words
of encouragement. “It made us think about
public space, community and spreading love
in small ways,” Pasquini said.
SUMMER 2013 | St. Lawrence University Magazine 27