summer 2013 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
Christian Ehrhardt ’07
EMT Was Just the Beginning
By Allison Shea ’13
Before Christian Ehrhardt ’07 arrived at St. Lawrence, he already
had an “in” with the Canton Fire Department.
I had been a volunteer firefighter since 2001 and wanted to con-
tinue that work,” he explains. “When I visited St. Lawrence, Rob
Larrabee ’97, a Canton Fire Department member, took me to the
station and introduced me.”
From the time Ehrhardt started as one of two student volunteer
firefighters and EMTs who worked with the Canton Fire Depart-
ment, “I became a part of the community,” he says. “I felt like an
ambassador for St. Lawrence. By the time I graduated, a larger
influx of students was joining us. It was fun seeing more students
be a part of that.”
The local firefighters “were very supportive of me as a student and
respected my school responsibilities,” he says. “They were men-
tors. I leaned on them for career guidance. I always make sure to
stop in when I come back to Canton.”
Ehrhardt found a way to combine his interests in community,
government service, law enforcement, language and foreign policy
into a career, though now the community he works for is quite a
bit bigger; he is a special agent for the U.S. Department of State.
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