SUMMER 2013 | St. Lawrence University Magazine 25
for students 21 and older, the volunteer
firefighter program has evolved to allow younger students
to participate. “In the late 1990s, the age to join the fire
department was lowered to 18 to encourage new mem-
bers,” says Crowe. “At that point, a first responder unit
was formed at St. Lawrence, providing a base of students
interested in emergency medical service (EMS), including
some who wanted to join the department to gain addi-
tional experience.”
About 25 students form the core of the First Responder
Unit on campus. “These students are highly respected in
the Canton and emergency services communities,” says
St. Lawrence Director and Chief of Safety and Security
Pat Gagnon.
They do an incredible job and are the first medical
response to all medical-related calls at
St. Lawrence.”
Being a part of SLU EMS has made my time at
St. Lawrence more rewarding,” says Melissa Mahadeo
’14. “
I enjoy knowing that I can help others in emergency
situations, and I’ve built meaningful relationships with
my coworkers.”
The members of the department range in age from 18
to 80, and the interaction of the students and the older
members has been very positive,” says Crowe. “They work
together and learn from each other. Some develop lifelong
knowing someone has your
back in a life-or-death
situation is a feeling that
is hard to describe.
St. Lawrence
student members
of the Canton Fire
Department in
spring 2013
Ian Head ’14
Tyler Baldino ’15
Drew Dyson ’16
Melissa Mahadeo ’14
Francis Stripp ’14
Spencer Wiesner ’13