summer 2013 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
by Brittany Moten ’13
I love helping people,”
says Spencer Wiesner ’13,
who was one of eight St. Lawrence student members of the
Canton Fire Department last spring.
I will always treasure the camaraderie,” says Spencer. “Some
of my closest friends are in the fire department, and
knowing someone has your back in a life-or-death situation is
a feeling that is hard to describe.”
Spencer remembers learning this first-hand while fighting a
blaze in a Canton home. “After going through three 30-min-
ute air bottles, one is supposed to take ‘cool down’ time,” he
says. “I wanted to go back in and fight the fire, but (Canton
Fire Chief Robert Crowe) came out of nowhere and asked me,
Spence, isn’t that your third bottle?’ Even with a building on
fire, and the chaos of a fire scene, he was still able to look out
for me.”
First Responders
Help the Campus
and Canton