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SUMMER 2013 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
Baylor Johnson
by Allison Shea ’13
Associate Profes-
sor of Philosophy
Baylor Johnson is
a frequent user of
Canton’s Reming-
ton Trail, a 5-kilo-
meter running and
biking path. So
he couldn’t help but notice its dete-
rioration. Instead of complaining, he
founded Friends of the Canton Trail.
After raising $16,000, the organization
went to the Canton Village Board to
propose repairs to the pavement. The
board agreed, and the upgrades have
been under way for more than a year.
A founder of St. Lawrence’s Adiron-
dack Semester, Outdoor Program,
outdoor studies minor and Sustain-
ability Semester, Johnson continues
his commitment toward recreational
learning and green living in the Canton
community with other projects, too.
After speaking with officials at the
Health Initiative of St. Lawrence
County, Johnson envisioned creating
a “pocket park” along the Remington
Trail and making it a destination for
Canton families. Rather than expen-
sive plastic parts, Johnson proposed a
natural playground. Balance beams
held up by hand-carved wooden beavers
and a golden bear (the Canton Cen-
tral Schools’ mascot) and a massive
hollowed-out trunk turned into a tunnel
are just a few of the natural park’s many
features constructed by volunteers, in-
cluding local residents and St. Lawrence
A member of the Canton Local Water-
front Revitalization Committee, John-
son has also proposed a river recreation
park in Canton.
There would be white-water paddling
and places to swim and tube. We would
love to see community members really
using the Grasse River,” says Johnson,
who has taug t at St. Lawrence for 41
years. Although the project is in its
infancy, he is optimistic about state-
funded grants. Clearly, his vision of
the active life” does not stop at the
edge of campus.
Alli Shea wrote the original version
of this article for “Community
Connections,” a Laurentian
leadership e-newsletter, during
her fall 2012 writing internship in
University Communications.
Caleb Johnston, 6-year-old son of Katrina Johnston, associate director for internship devel-
opment at St. Lawrence, explores the insides of a tree-trunk tunnel at “Imagine Nation,” the
natural playground alongside Canton’s recreational trail. The playground was conceived
and its construction headed up by Baylor Johnson, associate professor of psychology.
Katrina Johnson