Laurentian Portrait
by Molly Lunn ’12
Amy Yao ’15 combines her love for sci-
ence and art into her own business. And
she runs it from the comfort of her dorm
Amy founded Amy Yao Design (amyya- in 2011. She specializes
in print and digital advertisements for
organizations on campus and beyond.
Science teaches you a lot about design,
and looking at structure from a critical
point of view,” says Amy, a biology major
on the pre-medical track.
The Niskayuna, N.Y., native already
has some well-known clients, including
Grace Potter ’06n. She worked with the
band to design fliers for their February
concert on campus as part of her job as
public relations chair of the Association
for Campus Entertainment (ACE). “I
sent Grace my business card along with
the finished poster,” says Amy, in true
entrepreneurial spirit.
While her part-time business doesn’t
employ other students—“I wouldn’t be
able to pay them!” she laughs—Amy
engages with her colleagues through her
role as coxswain on the women’s crew
team and as an editor of
The Hill News.
Hill News
work lets me meet people
in all departments who share my inter-
ests,” says Amy, who also keeps a college
blog for The Huffington Post website.
Amy says she’s excited to attend an en-
docrinology confer-
ence in California
with a professor this
year. “The fact that I
could just walk into
St. Lawrence and do
research at the con-
ference level, and get
to talk to all of these
famous scientists, is
amazing” says Amy.
Amy hopes to
pursue an OB/GYN
degree; she admits to
being unsure how the
design business will
fit into her medi-
cal school schedule.
Regardless, Amy
appreciates all she’s
learned, profession-
ally and academi-
cally, in her time at
St. Lawrence. “Being
able to make money
off something I love
is just fantastic,” she says.
Scientist, artist,
photo provided
Ken Jock ’79
by Jasmine Wallace ’13
As director of the St. Regis Mohawk
Environment Division, Ken Jock ’79
experiences the daily rewards of work-
ing to preserv land that not only h s
historical resona ce but also is relied on
for the livelihood of the Mohawk com-
munity t Akwesasne.
Jock’s passion for the environment
was inspired by his time at St. L w-
rence, wher an environmental studies
minor o ened his eyes to the pos-
sibility of pursuing the career he has
now. “St. Lawrence introduced me to
environmental science and gave me the
technical tools to contribute to argu-
me ts for more protective remedies,”
says Jock, who majored in biology. “My
co rsework helped me analyze and solve
proble s and use my creativity in those
situations. It gave me confidence in my
technical skills.
There is another challenge each day,
but the best part of my job is working
with all of the tribal staff on the com-
mon goal of protecting Akwesasne's
environment,” says Jock. One of the
most difficult parts of his job, he says,
has been convincing involved par-
ties such as the federal Environmental
Protection Agency to p rmanently solve
pollution p obl m . Gener l Motors,
Alcoa and Reynolds Aluminum plants
upstream from Akwesasne on he St.
Lawrence River have been responsible
for most of the reservation’s environ-
mental problems, Jock explains. “I work
on specific environmen-
tal contamination issues
associated with those
three Superfund sites,
interacting with federal
and state officials daily,”
he adds.
The Mohawk com-
munity’s subsistence
lifestyle relies on clean
water, land and air.
Our way of life is dif-
ferent from mainstream
society’s, and its value
may not be understood
by the policymakers and
lawmakers and bu-
reaucrats who have the
responsibility to protect
our nvironment,” Jock
There is a lot of work
to do here, whether re-
storing natural resources
and raditio al uses of
them or monitoring
and protecting them as
development continues within the com-
munity,” he adds.
Although Jock has no shortage of
daily work, he maintains his ties with
St. Lawrence by meeting students when
they visit the reservation and by travel-
ing the 45 minutes to campus to speak
to classes.
Akwesa ne
vi onmental
An editor with
The Hill News
Jasmine Wallace wrote this
story as an intern in University
Communications in the spring
SUMMER 2013 | St. Lawrence University Magazine