SUMMER 2013 | St. Lawrence University Magazine
Tara Freeman
Warren ‘Barry’ Phelps ’69
and Patricia Hitchcock
Phelps ’69
by Neal Burdick ’72
The key to all of our gifts has been
connectivity with the University,” says
Barry Phelps ’69. The Phelpses have
found many ways to accomplish that.
We’ve been long-term supporters of
the Annual Fund as a way to express our
belief in the University and the value of a
liberal arts education,” Phelps says. “Our
support of the Phelps University Fellow-
ship and of the biology department is a
response to the experience our son Chris
had, and to our belief in experien-
tial learning. And our gift toward the
new residence hall addresses where St.
Lawrence can best use our next commit-
Their support of the biology depart-
ment comes primarily in the form of gifts
to the Biology Student Research Fund.
Associate Professor and Chair of Biology
Michael Temkin says the fund is far-
reaching: “It underwrites student travel
to professional meetings; it supports aca-
demic year and summer research; it helps
defray costs associated with our Tri-Beta
honorary society induction.”
Phelps family support has played an
important role in making St. Lawrence
a top-notch undergraduate experience,”
says Erin Siracusa ’12. “When I was presi-
dent of Tri-Beta, their gifts allowed us to
continue to expand our science education
outreach to the local community.”
Jenny Clauss ’13 says her research on a
possible nanoparticle treatment for mul-
tiple sclerosis began with a Phelps Fellow-
ship that allowed her to work exclusively
on her project, which in turn “made my
senior research go much more smoothly.”
Phelps Fellow Kevin Angstadt ’14
says he “developed web-based statistical
simulation software, collectively known
as StatKey, (which) accompanies a new
statistics textbook written by math profes-
sors Patti and Robin Lock and their
children, and is used in their introductory
statistics courses.” He says the fellowship
was “an invaluable educational experi-
ence” in part because it helped him pre-
pare for “future graduate-level research.”
Having Kevin as a Phelps Fellow
allowed us to collaborate daily,” says
Robin Lock. “He made great progress in
producing a set of tools that have the po-
tential to radically change how introduc-
tory statistics is taught.”
by Jasmine Wallace ’13
St. Lawrence’s Beta Theta Pi chapter is having a big sum-
mer. Its re-chartering is scheduled for August, and a project
to renovate the most prominent piece of Beta Zeta’s history,
the Abbott-Young Beta Temple, is under way. Growing inter-
est in the temple, one of only two nationwide in the General
Fraternity, has inspired alumni to raise funds to restore it to
its traditional prominence on campus.
The temple was constructed in 1926 and hasn’t been
renovated since ownership transferred from the Beta Theta Pi
Alumni Association to the University in 1972. The renova-
tions will address issues that range from peeling paint to
The estimated cost of the project is $500,000, about
$100,000 of which will be set aside as an endowment for fu-
ture maintenance. St. Lawrence has committed $50,000, and
plans are to raise $450,000.
At class reunions during the past 10 years, Beta Zeta alumni
have shown considerable concern about the condition of the
temple,” says Allen Splete ’63, who is co-chairing the fundrais-
ing effort with David Torrey ’53, E.B. Wilson ’53, Peter Van de
Water ’58 and Mitch Brown ’78. “As movement went forward
to re-charter the fraternity, more attention turned to the temple
and its future use by the brothers.” The temple has been used
exclusively for Beta Theta Pi chapter functions, but proposed
new uses would permit other activities, such as Phi Beta Kappa
inductions, to be determined by the University.
Splete has been visiting with Beta alumni and garnering sup-
port and funding for the renovation project. He is encourag-
ing Beta alumni from St. Lawrence and other universities to
donate. To participate, please contact Tom Pynchon,
or 315-229-5582.
Beta Temple Renovation Planned