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Actions Speak Louder than Words
It’s not what St. Lawrence says but what it is that attracts students
By Macreena A. Doyle

College professors are considered experts in their fields, alumni can certainly regale you with tales from "back in the day" and administrators are well versed in the facts and figures that are designed to persuade. But if you want to know what a college is like, who has the most credible voice? Students, of course.

We asked some current students what it was about St. Lawrence that made them enroll. Was it a visit to the campus? Advice from a friend? Words of wisdom from a tour guide? Here are their responses.

“I came to visit St. Lawrence a couple of summers ago, because my sister, Sahiry Rodriguez ’07, was a student then. I fell in love with the campus, and was very impressed to see how friendly people are, from the faculty to the staff to the rest of the students.”
Rosa Rodriguez '09
Spanish major from New York, N.Y.

 “It was never really any words that prompted me to go to St. Lawrence. Yes, I was recruited by the swim team and I talked with Coach Bob Clemmer frequently, but it was how people acted and felt once I visited SLU that helped me make the decision. I came on two recruiting trips and had a great time bonding with the guys on the team. They were excited about having me there and wanted me to come to St Lawrence. It was through their actions that I decided that I wanted those people to be my teammates.
Stephen Dally '10
Tonawanda, N.Y., men's swim team member

“I told myself that I needed to be somewhere where I would be able to maintain my focus, a place where there are few distractions. If I were in a bigger city, I'd be easily distracted. Because of St. Lawrence's location and Canton's not being a metropolitan area, I knew that SLU was the place for me.” 
Tiye Gordon '09
Religious studies major from Knoxville, Tenn.

“I went to a fairly small high school and wanted to attend a smaller liberal arts college. I was also interested in geology, so I was looking for a school with a geology program. It wasn't really what someone said to me; rather, it was mostly what I saw that convinced me that St. Lawrence was the place for me. Canton was quite a change from the city and I desperately needed that change of scenery. Another thing that stood out to me was the degree of expansion and construction taking place on campus. My tour guide explained about travel and research grants for students, which further proved to me that St. Lawrence cared for its students and put forth the effort to improve student life and student opportunities. As I looked around, all the students looked happy, like they enjoyed being at SLU. I wanted to be one of them.”
Brian Congiu '08
Geology and environmental studies major from Bayonne, N.J.

“I decided to attend St. Lawrence because I was provided with an incredible scholarship package, at a school of academic rigor. My English teacher assured me that I would be challenged academically and intellectually. Furthermore, the location of the school is ideal; I thought it would help me see the world differently and grow from the rural experience.
Darrell L. Hemsley Jr. '08
Speech/theatre and English major from Landover Hills, Md.

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