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Generation Bridge
A "chip" and her mom compare notes on what was great about St. Lawrence
By Megan S. Bernier '07

A warm breeze cools my mom and me as we sit on our back deck, enjoying some sweet tea. “I think there are a lot of things that make St. Lawrence unique from other schools,” I say, “and because of that, alumni are proud of their alma mater and are telling more people about it. I mean, we had a huge increase in applications this year! I tell everyone I know about St. Lawrence, and I know you do, too, Mom. What makes you proud of St. Lawrence? What did you enjoy about it?”

“One of my favorite things about St. Lawrence was traveling abroad to Spain,” my mom explains. “I spent only a semester there and wish I could have stayed longer! I felt it was important to learn about other cultures and to become immersed in them. It was one of the highlights of my St. Lawrence career.”

“All of my friends who went abroad say the exact same thing!” I explain. “I think one of St. Lawrence's best qualities is that so many students get the chance to experience the world.”

“That's one of the best parts about St. Lawrence,” Mom says as she sips her tea. “The professors and staff are so helpful and are always accessible to the students. I saw how helpful people are when your sister was looking at St. Lawrence and asked the tennis coach if going abroad would be a problem if she were on the team. He told her that her educational opportunities would always come first, and for me, that was a mentor talking, not just a coach.”

“And for those students who don't go abroad, St. Lawrence brings the world to them,” I continue, trying to squeeze my points in between her anecdotes. “We have majors and minors in varying cultures, and we also have majors like global studies; having these courses of study is like giving each student a pair of binoculars and letting them zoom in on certain areas of the world.”

“I think the First-Year Program was such a great introduction to St. Lawrence for both you and your sister,” Mom says. “It gave you friends and comfort right away.”
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