spring 2013 | st. Lawrence Universit y Magazine 7
On Ca mpus
students on this spring’s new york c ity semester
enjoyed a recent reception at the Manhattan home
of John ’63 and Judy Hart angelo ’64 (left). a lso at-
tending were semester director Joe Kling, right, and
president william L. ’75 and Lynn Fox, foreground.
t he angelos have been generous supporters of the
program, which is now in its third semester.
St. Lawrence Surfaces in the Big Easy
contributing to our ongoing effort to locate occurrences of “st. Lawrence” the world
over, c hris Mesolella ’84 explains, “i discovered this sign while visiting new Orleans
over the new year’s holiday. it hangs from a restaurant on north peters street, one
block from Decatur.” r eaders who happen upon instances of the University’s name
are encouraged to send evidence to this magazine, at
experiential Learning
a ccording to an overview of experiential
learning for the c lass of 2011(for more, visit
stlawu.edu/ir/outcomes), students engaged in:
Lau r en t i an • i a
The St. Lawrence University that most of us know
is located in Canton, N.Y. But it is not the only
one in the world.
Where is the other one?
answer, see pg. 64
By t He n UMBers
O˜-Campus Study
Community Service
have you recently changed
jobs or been promoted?
including st. Lawrence in
your updated company bio
illustrates our top-quality
education and strengthens
the University’s reputation.