spring 2013 | st. Lawrence Universit y Magazine 61
wedding album
it was family reunion time when
Ryan Brandt
married elizabeth Kelley on July 28, 2012, in
r ochester, n.y. among the Laurentian guests
were, back from left, r yan’s father, r oger Brandt
aunt (and class reporter) Laurie Boardman
curley ‘80, Uncle edward Brandt ‘82, Uncle Dan-
iel Boardman‘86 and Uncle Doug Boardman‘98.
Kristen Caracoglia ’9
and Brian culver wed
on nov. 3, 3012, in pelham, n.H. For more, see
the 19997 class column.
His baseball teammates and coaches gathered
Greg DiCenzo ’98, M’00
married Klio
geskos on Oct. 6, 2012, in Hingham, Mass.
Jen Farrington’05
and sam seiberling were
married last september 8 in golden, col., with
these classmates of the bride helping celebrate.
Eric Gregware ’02
and sarah ehle were mar-
ried on august 25, 2012, in the st. Lawrence
r iver community of clayton, n.y. t im salinger
Kieran pinney ’02 and Jon Kaplan ’02 were
in the wedding party. For more, including their
unusual method of transportation to the recep-
tion, see the 2003 class column.
Tim Herrick ’00
and Mariah williams married
on July 9, 2010, in ipswich, Mass. Best Man was
Mike newton ’00 (second from left, back). “i met
Mike the firs day of school freshman year – we
were assigned as roommates,”says the groom.
Erica Holzapfel ’01
married Ben zimmerman
not pictured) on July, 7, 2012, in new castle,
n.H., with these classmates on hand.
Nick LeBlanc ’09
Stacey Lowell ’10
changed wedding vows on sept. 8, 2012, on
nantucket island, Mass., with these college
classmates and friends in attendance.
Fort william Henry in Lake george, n.y., was
the place and June 30, 2012, the date as
McKenna ’05
Rachel Lindstrand ’06
married with these st. Lawrence friends and
teachers on hand.
Amy Persons ’06
and Benjamin irish weremar-
ried on august 18, 2012, in Fairfiel ,vt. For more,
see the ’06 class notes.
Both a st. Lawrence banner and a fla identify
the loyalties of this group at the wedding of
Harris Philpot ’09
Kelsey Berry ’11
on au-
gust 4, 2012, in new Hampton, n.H.
Carson Roy ’00
and Jillian goode tied the knot
on July 14, 2012, in north stonington, conn.,
with these Laurentian friends joining them.
Susanna Whitaker-Rahilly’06, M’08
and wil-
liewaters wed on June 9, 2012, inwestport Har-
bor, Maine. For details, see the ’06 class notes.
Nick Williams ’05
and amy r ossnagel were
married at gunnison Memorial chapel on July
21, 2012,
in the presence of these fellow Lauren-
Other marriages
a photo may appear in a future issue.)
Wendy DeGroff ’06
and Mark Hauck, Oct. 13,
Little Falls, n.y.
Becca Dole ’09
and Kevin yohe, June 2012.
Jamie Dyer ’06
and Kyle Ford, sept. 22, 2012,
saranac Lake, n.y.
Sarah Hardoby ’01
and christopher arancio,
nov. 10, 2012, Bathsheba, Barbados.
Haley Lipsky ’10
and zach Faba-sack, nov.
Lake placid, n.y.
Keely Parisian’01
Chris Farrell ’00
ary 26, 2013, Lake placid, n.y.
Jacqueline Roy ’04
and t hom Hallock, sept. 1,
Whitney Smith ’04
and Jason Brockway, June
23, 2012,
Fort covington, n.y.
f uture l aurentians
Burke: Maury Vincent ’01
and andy, a daugh-
ter, Molly, May 2012.
Daniels: Melanie Adamsen ’03
and a.J., a son,
alexander Joseph.
Ellis: Kaia Klockeman ’06
and Kevin, a daugh-
ter, teagan r iley, Oct. 3, 2012.
Jalbert: Daniel ’98
and Liz, a son, Owen Daniel,
Oct. 5, 2012.
Little: Nick ’06
Katie Okey ’06,
a son, Ben-
son scott, Oct. 20, 2012.
McDonnell: Emily Howe ’01, M’06
a son, charlie, Oct. 13, 2012.
McMahon: Eric ’04
and Meredith, a son, colin
Jameson, sept. 26, 2012.
Murray: Michael ’05
and Kelly, a daughter, cla-
rie Mcgraw, sept. 19, 2012.
Overman: Jeff ’01
Jaime Desantos ’01
daughter, grace James, nov. 30, 2012.
Perez: Megan Downs ’01
and anthony, a son,
Sheff: Dan ’01
and Des, a son, r yan, april 18,
Skidmore: Wade ’98
Kerri Williams ’97
daughter, Lauder Joanne, Oct. 5, 2012
Spollen: Claire ’01
and r ichard Bolduc, a son,
John padraig Bolduc, sept. 16, 2012
Sudnik: LauraErdman ’97
Ed ’98
a daugh-
ter, caitlin, august 2012.
Sullivan: CarrieScott ’01
andKevin, a daughter,
abigail Jane, Oct. 21, 2012.
Summers: Colby Gargano ’05
Chris ’07
daughter, seton elizabeth, aug. 2012.
Sweet: Wally ’01
and emily, a daughter, clara
Helen, Jan. 2012.
Talmadge: Sadie ’01
and Jeff Harper, a son,
Jack, Dec. 21, 2012.
Townsend-Butterworth: James ’01
and Mela-
nie, twin sons, James and Harper, sept. 12, 2012.
Trzepacz: Melissa Trumble ’01
and David, a
daughter, paige, nov.1, 2012.
Wetherald: Tom‘93
and Maryanne, a son, sam-
uel J.H., sept. 8, 2012.