spr ing 2013 | st. Lawrence Universit y Magazine 59
Nick LeBlanc
and stacey Lowell‘10weremarried
on september 8, 2012, on nantucket. classmates
traveling to the island for the wedding included
Emily Bean, Bruce Orr, Kyle McDonnell, Mor-
gan Abisla, Rachel Mandeix, Meaghan White
Tim Custer.
Ryan Brandt
was married on July 28, 2012, to
elizabeth Kelley at the colgate Divinity school in
r ochester, n.y.
Zach Amendola
attended, as did
several of r yan’s Laurentian relatives.
Harris Philpot
married Kelsey Berry ‘11 on au-
gust 4, 2012, at the Dana Meeting House in new
Hampton, n.H. t he reception was at the philpot
Farm in gilmanton, n.H. travis r occo ‘99 was the
band! Laurentians in attendance included
Tobin, Michael Moreau, Ben Tyler
and Harris’s
sister, saeger philpot ‘07, M’10.
Elise Fitzgerald
Mike O’Connor
are en-
gaged. t hey are at sacramento state in california;
she is working on her Msw and he toward his
master’s in geology. t hey were on the east coast
for the holidays, and, as the picture on page 57
shows, joined a Laurentian new year’s gathering
in Burlington, vt.
Rachel Benjamin
was also recently engaged,
to neil solis ’01n. r achel is in graduate school at
Andrew Spahr
and Jenn gross ‘08 are also en-
gaged. t hey are both living in Boston, Mass.
and last but not least,
Stephanie Resavage
became engaged to Jim Balben ‘07 while on va-
cation in europe last year. t hey traveled to augs-
burg, germany, and venice. a 2014 wedding is
Joshua Johnson ’10
1110 8
Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002
716-499-3016 (
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, 2014 (
cluster with ’08, ’09)
Hey everyone! spring is upon us! i hope you are
enjoying some sunshine and the weather getting
Astrid Tvetenstrand
is working in Manhattan at
an accessories showroom, network showroom,
in chelsea. she was working on preparing for the
upcoming Mercedes Benz fashion week, the third
fashion week that she has been fortunate enough
to work at. astrid is living with cassandra Dudar
and celebrated new year’s eve with
Cara Val-
Alli Morrow
she said that they had a
lot of fun, and she is enjoying living and working
in newyork city.
Julia Collins
wrote in from the Jungle: she is in
isladeOmetepe, nicaragua, ina small earth-based
community. since graduating, she has been trav-
eling around central america. she spent time in
Mexico and guatemala and made connections
with many people in her work toward making a
better, more sustainable, wholesome and kinder
future. t heir focus is community and self-growth,
stemming from the idea that you cannot help
others until you have helped yourself. she com-
pleted her 200-hour teacher training in Jungle
yoga, a type of yoga based in t hailand and new in
her part of the world.
Laura Speck
says that she couldn’t be happier.
she is managing a restaurant and, more impor-
tant, skiing every day in idaho. she took a west
coast road trip, staying in yurts, and did a month-
long road trip working for the nature conser-
vancy, a local trust, various restaurants, the local
visitors’ center, sun valley ski school and much
more. she said that she has really been enjoying
her time in the mountains and is eventually plan-
ning to return to school, but there is no big rush.
Haley Faba-Sack Lipsky
was wed in Lake
placid, n.y., where she met her husband, zach.
t hey met through
Caity Hamilton.
she said that
they were lucky to have planned the ceremony in
Lake placid since new york city was still recover-
ing from Megastorm sandy at the time. t here
were tons of guests from st. Lawrence and Hay-
ley’s boarding school, as well as family and friends
from around the world. she wrote just after her
honeymoon traveling through china, t hailand
and cambodia for nearly a month.
Beth spadaccini ’11
PO Box 49
Waddington NY 13694
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Doug Weaver
is working for both the town of
ellicott police Department and the chautauqua
county sheriff’s Office in western newyork.
Lauren Drozynski
is finishing up the second
and final year of her MBa program at the Uni-
versity of albany. she has been the assistant vol-
leyball coach at Union college under former st.
Lawrence head coachMelissa Der anM’10 for two
years now. in addition, she is an intern att he ayco
company, a goldman sachs company, and is a
teacher’s assistant for a professor at U-albany’s
business school.
Don’t forget to send updates on where you are
or where you’ve been to me at baspad07@gmail.
com, on twitter at @spadaccinib, on Facebook or
on Linkedin.
Lauren Liebhaber ’12
Fountain Street
Clinton, NY 13323
315-527-8452 (
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, 2017 (
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Matthew Saulter
informs the University that he
is working in portland, Maine, at the council on
international educational exchange. He’s the as-
sistant for the chinese exchange program.
Courtney Kuno
s mom, Jacquie Hasper Kuno
told the alumni office that courtney was hav-
ing her first big art show in Boston on February 1.
she is working for an artist in Boston as she pre-
pares for grad school in the fall, and he allowed
her a night to show/sell a new series of paintings
that she has been working on. Jacquie said that
more than 30 of her st. Lawrence classmates and
friends planned to attend, and they all planned to
gather at a restaurant after the show.
graduate programs
Gary e. Krolikowski M’77
Lakeshore Drive
Castile, NY 14427
Young alumni who ran the Newburyport
Green stride half-Marathon, in Newburyport,
Mass., last October 21 included, from left,
Katie Maybury ’10, Casey Coons ’11
Casey Gilman ’10.
All three live or work in
the Boston area.
St. Lawrence is a wonderful
place, holds so many
memories and I want future
alumni to have the same
experience I had or better!
Meagan Millar ’04
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