spr ing 2013 | st. Lawrence Universit y Magazine
Heather Kleszczynski McCauley
who finishe
her doctorate last summer, is a postdoctoral fel-
low at the University of pittsburgh school of Med-
icine. she continues to do research on the health
impacts of violence in adolescents and recently
had a paper accepted by the ameri
can Journal of
Public Health
Jamie Dyer Ford
married Kyle Ford (skidmore
on september 22, 2012, in saranac Lake, n.y.
celebrating sLU alumni/affil tes included
Jana Morgan ’07,
Kate Riley
Morris ’09n,
Heidi Sourwine ’06n
Karen Owens
Morris M’82, stephanie r atcliffe, peter shrope and
former professor Don Morris. Jamie and Kyle de-
parted the following day for a two-week adven-
ture throughout Bali, indonesia.
Jenny Howard
worked the 2013 inaugural
Balls at the convention center, where president
Obama and the First Lady were serenaded by Jen-
nifer Hudson for their first dance. she says that
only in D.c. do opportunities like this present
Megan Bernier ’07
Mildon Road
Canton, NY 13617
404-617-7851 (
next r eunion: 10
, 2017
his column is filled with great news from our
classmates, so just imagine me throwing lots of
confetti as you read!
t he holiday season brought yuletide cheer and
lots of engagements. Our class put the “tri” in tri-
Delta, with three sisters getting engaged.
said “yes!” to longtime boyfriend Jeff co-
vault, who she met at new york chiropractic col-
lege. Kate’s (and my) former roommate
became engaged to Brendan Merrell, a
Union graduate. and
Ellie Cissel’s
fian é, nathan
gregory Mittag, a Bucknell graduate, proposed in
But the wedding bug didn’t just get to former
housemates from 19 Judson street; it also hit car-
digan Mountain school.
Tim LeRoy,
who teaches
and coaches there, popped the question to Kris-
ten Leatherbee, and they are planning a July 2014
wedding. t im’s colleague
Avery Scoville
also got
engaged that same month, to Haverford gradu-
ate sarah graves.
t he good news kept pouring in as
Ellen Doble
wrote to let me know she is engaged to Larry Mc-
iver, and they are planning a summer 2014 wed-
ding. i saw on Facebook that he asked her by at-
taching the ring to a christmas ornament on their
tree – how creative! (guys: take note.)
Jenni Sullivan
wrote from seattle, where it’s a
little rainy but she loves it. she’d just finished her
first semester of working on her master’s in social
work in military therapy. “i see Justine peters ’05
whenever we can get together, which is really
nice,” she says. “it’s good to have someone else
from sLU/Delta here!” she has a busy summer
coming up with a st. Lawrence volleyball reunion
planned and lots of weddings to attend.
Dave Bryant
is now in my hometown, atlanta.
He started working at MFs investment Manage-
ment in Boston after graduating and was pro-
moted in summer 2012 to director of institutional
defined contribution investments in the south-
eastern U.s.
Bob Glover
recently started his residency as a
neurologist at Montefio e Medical center in new
york. “it’s challenging but very rewarding at the
same time,” he says. “i owe the biology professors
at st. Lawrence a debt of gratitude for helping me
get where i am today.”
Bobbie Rae Faivus VanGorder
is doing great
in Oswego, n.y., in her third year in internal medi-
cine, as a physician assistant. “we are starting an
expansion, taking on lots of new patients and
staying very busy!”she says. something else keep-
ing her busy is future Laurentian Lillie, 19 months.
she loves life and always has a smile on her face,”
Bobbie r ae says.“she brightens my days!”
Ashley Abare Barth
eagerly wrote to catch me
up on what she and husband Joseph ‘06 have
been up to: “we took a cross-country trip gris-
wold-style as we moved from upstate new york
to gilbert, ariz., to be closer to family and explore
the west.” Joe works for tyler technologies as a
conversion programmer; ashley works for inter-
net Marketing ninjas and was recently promoted
to project manager and overlord. “we are enjoy-
ing the sunshine and training our Old english
bulldog puppy, Khaleesi, not to eat the only tree
in the yard,” she says. Once in arizona, they were
able to instigate a Laurentian get-together with
the help of steve wahl ‘62 and Liz salomon wat-
son ‘06 in scottsdale (see the group picture in“On
the st. Lawrence network”).
On campus,
Louise Gava
took on some addi-
tional responsibilities with st. Lawrence’s newest
off campus study program, as assistant director
of the sustainability semester. it started in Janu-
ary and is an off campus living-learning program
that encourages students to consider sustainabil-
ity from both a local and a global perspective. to
learn more, check out
it was great to get so much wonderful news.
please keep it coming!
Justin Lynch ’08
Woodlawn Terrace
Syracuse, NY 13203
Mobile Phone: 585-506-5592
next r eunion: 5
, 2014 (
cluster with ’09, ’10)
Scott Smith
wrote to the editors concerning er-
rors in the “squam Lake fishing trip” item about
him and
John Slattery
in the winter 2013 col-
umn. scott and John are not brothers, and scott
did not graduate in 1999.
Cassie Coughlin ’09
Prince St. Apt 5
Boston MA 02113
next r eunion: 5
, 2014 (
cluster with ’08, ’10)
i heard that
Eric Velasquez
was recently pro-
moted to general manager of La Fitness in Bristol,
conn. at st. Lawrence, he was on the baseball
and swimming teams.
Becca Dole Yohe
married Kevin yohe last June,
Amanda Fisher, Kristen Henry
brey Fulton
present. t hey honeymooned in
san Francisco and northern california, to see the
redwoods and do some wine-tasting. in septem-
ber, they bought a house in Bow, n.H. she is the
program coordinator for the Merrimack county
conservation District in concord.
Aubrey Billings ’12
met up with several Laurentians at the palace of versailles near paris last
november. From left to right are
Jessie Lewis ‘14,
Renee Lavigne ‘14, Stephanie Eldon
Emily Brown ‘17
Jessie, r enee and stephanie were on the Denmark program; emily was
enjoying a gap year to travel and learn French and will enter st. Lawrence this fall; and aubrey was
there during post-graduation travel.