spr ing 2013 | st. Lawrence Universit y Magazine 57
Mike McKenna
and r achel Lindstrand ’06 were
married at Fort william Henry in Lake george,
n.y., last June 30. Many st. Lawrence friends, fam-
ily, professors and former hockey and volleyball
teammates were in attendance. Mike said they
honeymooned in aruba. t his year, Mike is playing
in peoria, ill., under contract to the st. Louis Blues
of the nHL. t hey have a house in st. Louis, Mike’s
hometown, and are expecting a child in May.“we
couldn’t be more excited!”he said.
On the “not married yet” scene,
Molly Turner
and Mark Hall ’06 have a fall wedding planned at
her family’s property in vermont. Molly says she
and Mark didn’t know each other at school, but
met at an alumni function in Burlington.
Michael Murray
and Kelly announce the birth of
clarie McgrawMurray, last sept. 19.
i’ve started seeing
Lindsay Farrar
a bit more
regularly for gym dates at the local y. she has a
psychotherapy fellowship at the child trauma
institute in Massachusetts and recently found
out that Kurt nelson, who she knows through
the fellowship and has known for years, is class
of 1999. “so, of course, i ask him if he knows my
friend from camp Little notch, Liz Dunn ’99. t hey
have since reconnected,”said Lindsay, who is hav-
ing a good experience as board president of the
Friends of camp Little notch, where nikki Free-
man ’04, sarah tolcser ’03, r ich tuzzolo ’71 and
wendy weeden ’83 are members.
Lindsay, a worker at past sLU reunions, said she
was really sad that Don O’Brien ’49 has passed
away. “He was a champion of our hometown of
glens Falls and of the tight-knit sLU family,” she
said.“i hope i can carry on his passion. i am volun-
teering as a fundraising caller and i’m planning to
increase donations toward my gaines Fyp.”
i saw
Anzinga “Ziggy” Low
over the holidays
with her long-time live-in boyfriend, Marko Kamp.
t hey live in nijmegen in the netherlands. we en-
joyed hanging out around the albany, n.y., area,
which has a strong Dutch background, and meet-
ing up in t imes square in nyc . ziggy is finishin
up law school and is a student editor.
Clementine Vitek Buyle
and Hendrik visited
the capital District in January for
Chinasa Izeo-
gu Seyse
s 30th birthday at her house in scotia
with husband eric seyse ’06. clementine had just
moved back to the states after living in Belgium
for a few years. t hey are living in newyork city.
i saw
Liz Chadwick Burns
and Joe in Lake placid
over my 30th birthday weekend. we met up with
fellow chi Os Marty Oldfield ’03, nilya carrato
veronica Bedard ’03 and amanda Bruchs ’02
to watch the sLU/clarkson men’s hockey game.
t hough the saints lost, 4-1, it was still fun with
great people, and very cool seeing where the
Miracle on ice happened. nilya had attended the
summer Olympics in London with todd Fallesen
and said she had a great time – which showed
from the pictures. veronica is a school psycholo-
gist in watervliet, n.y.; amanda, a syracuse Law
grad, is in D.c.; and Marty has been taking classes
at sUny albany.
i participated in the national novel-writing
month and reached my goal of 100 pages in 30
days. i’m also still helping a local author write a
screenplay for her work. Both of these projects are
very new to me but fun.
AdamCasler ’06
Hennepin Road Apts.
Loudon Road
Albany, NY 12211
next r eunion: 10
, 2016
girl, teagan r iley ellis, on October 3, 2012. t hey live
inMinnesota, Kaia’s home state. congratulations!
Dan Allen
has settled in colorado springs, as
program coordinator with the r ocky Mountain
Field institute, a small non-profit organization
that specializes in the restoration and protection
of natural areas that have been heavily degraded
either by human recreation or wildfi e. t he main
focus is trail construction and restoration. Dan is
responsible for logistics, and oversees contracted
conservation corps crews as well as volunteer
events. in his off time, Dan writes,“i climb, ski, and
hike and enjoy everything the r ocky Mountain
state has to offer.”
Tim Akers
is working for
Competitive Cyclist and
Cyclocross Magazine
in Utah, traveling exten-
sively, and said he would be going to the cyclo-
cross world championships in February to cover
the races for the magazine. t im adds that “Life is
good in the mountains, skiing, riding, running, liv-
ing the dream.”
Liz Condrey
earned her Msw from the smith
college school for social work in august 2012.
she is a service coordinator at Belvedere Health
services in albany, n.y., serving individuals with
traumatic brain injuries and other complex health
and behavioral challenges. she works alongside
Brigette Peabody
Nick Little
and his wife,
Katie Okey
a baby boy, Benson scott Little, on October 20,
t hey live in charleston, s.c., where Katie
is a school counselor and nick works for Farmers
insurance in their claims department. congratu-
Wendy DeGroff
married Mark Hauck on Octo-
ber 13, 2012, in Little Falls, n.y. wendy’s friend
Maggie Robinson Rabb
was her“best woman.”
Amy Persons
married Benjamin irish in her
hometown, Fairfiel , vt., on august 18, 2012. On
hand were charlie Dirac ‘07, Kerry Bosman ‘07,
sarah primeau‘07, Brenna cotewarren‘05,
Howrigan, Jessica Latchney,
Jen Despres ‘08
and Lauren Layn.
Mark Hall
works for, which he calls
a fast-growing web development and online
marketing company for the automotive industry.”
He is president of the vermont young profession-
als, a group he founded almost three years ago,
and encourages “any alumni in vermont or those
wanting to move to vermont to check us out. we
are strong believers that it is the network of indi-
viduals you build that will allow you to succeed
in your professional life.” He and Molly turner ’05
became engaged last October.
Susanna Whitaker-Rahilly M’08
married wil-
lie waters (Bowdoin) on June 9 in westport Har-
bor, Mass. susanna writes that it was “a beautiful
day and great party!” t he couple split their time
between Boston and Brooks school in north
andover, where susanna chairs the history de-
partment and willie serves as sophomore class
dean. alumni at the wedding included David r ost
sibby waters ’80 and Ken taylor ‘81, noel Lu-
ciano ‘08, Jim Quivey ‘08, Jake garrow ‘08,
Kristin Kacewicz ‘08, sara Deconde ‘08,
Liz wetmore ‘08, nina Kiersted ‘08,
Jess Bough-
Bridget Webb,
Ryan DePoy
slater Latour
Liz skinner ‘08, amanda r eynolds ‘08,
Getsinger, Avery Cushman,
Ben Hoglund.
t here’s a picture in“wedding album.”
a lumni and one friend met up in Burlington, vt., to ring in the new year of 2013. From left are
Mike O’Connor ’09, Josh Potter ’05, Wendy Matthews ’03, Dennis Morreale ’07, Nicole “Colie”
Collen ’06, Katherine Rasmussen, Raurri Jennings ’08
Elise Fitzgerald ’09.
Zack duPont
Steve Millington ’07
Laura Jenks ‘05
are not in the photo, Laura because she took it.
Fitzgerald and O’connor, recently engaged, traveled from sacramento, c alif.