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sarah Cook-Raymond ’03
Green Holly Terrace
Silver Spring, MD 20902
next r eunion: 10
May 30-June 2, 2013
i’d be remiss if i didn’t start these notes with a
callout to our upcoming 10th r eunion. yes, it’s
been 10 years since we sat in our black caps and
gowns on that unusually sweltering day in can-
ton, n.y., and said goodbye to all-nighters, fat
bags, the pub and, of course, our fellow students
and professors. r eunion is a wonderful way to
reconnect with old friends, revisit the University
and see all of the improvements our alumni dol-
lars are helping make possible, and to once again
see oh-so-many popped polo collars in just one
place! to learn more about r eunion, visit alumni.
speaking of reuniting,
Molly Shubert Hann
wrote to say that she is an associate attorney
in the Lake placid law office of KDs sister erin e.
Hayes, esq. (erin Butler Hayes ‘01). Molly gradu-
ated from vermont Law school in May 2012 and
was admitted to the new york Bar in January
John Trentini
has also been mentoring a fel-
low sLU graduate: Mike Mousseau ’11. in May,
John will graduate from the Uniformed services
University of the Health sciences (UsUHs) with a
dual M.D./ph.D. degree. His ph.D. is in neurosci-
ence and he has been awarded his top-choice
residency in emergency medicine. as Mousseau,
John’s very proud roommate, writes, “John is in a
unique situation, serving in the United states air
Force while garnering these prestigious academic
achievements. John had the same faculty adviser
as me, Joe erlichman. John has come back to cam-
pus numerous times to hold talks and mentor fu-
ture scientists, such as myself. He took me under
his wing when i moved to D.c. two years ago and
i too will be entering medical school in the fall. i
owe a lot of my growth as a scientist to him.”
Rosanna Longenbaker
is enrolled in the infor-
mation and Library science program at southern
connecticut state University, in the special Librar-
ies career track, and is on schedule to graduate
with her Master of Library science degree in May.
she has completed two internships, the first in
research at Old sturbridge village, a living history
museum in sturbridge, Mass. r osanna writes, “i
enjoyed seeing some of the account books and
autograph books that the museum has from the
s. also, i helpedwith taking inventory and ac-
cessioning donated books.”
r osanna
pleted a 12-week
internship with the
of state in paris,
and summaries in english or French, updating
booklists, and conducting many internet-based
searches. Using the sLU Linkedin group, she con-
nected with Muna samawi Deuve ’06, right, who
lives in paris.
it seems like it wouldn’t be class notes these
days without either awedding or baby announce-
ment, and this edition is no exception.
Adamsen Daniels
and husband a.J. welcomed
their first child, alexander Joseph Daniels. con-
grats, you two!
Rachel B. Peterson ’04
Montgomery Ave., Apt. C
Cardi˜ b y the Sea, CA 92007
610-304-4110 (
next r eunion: 10
, 2014
i am already getting very excited for our 10th r e-
union! yes, we have over a year until it happens,
but i’m a planner who lives almost 3,000 miles
away from canton. But more so, i love to get lost
in a daydream of strolling around campus, reliv-
ing all of the wonderful memories that only Lau-
rentians can share. please mark your calendars
for May 29-June 1, 2014!
Whitney Smith Brockway M’08
married Jason
Brockway on June 23, 2012, in Fort covington,
n.y. Many friends and family participated, and the
couple honeymooned in cape Breton, nova sco-
tia. whitney majored in history and has taught
at Holy Family school in Malone, n.y., where they
live, and salmon r iver central in Fort covington.
congratulations are also in order for
Eric Mc-
eric and his wife, Meredith, welcomed
their first child on september 26, 2012. adding
to the year’s excitement, eric was named strength
and conditioning coach of the year for the texas
League by the professional Baseball strength
conditioning coaches society (pBsc cs ). t he
award was selected by a vote of his peers. eric has
spent two seasons with the Frisco r oughr iders,
the Double-a affil te of the texas r angers. He
spent two previous seasons in the same role for
the r angers’ advanced-a team and three sea-
sons in the Milwaukee Brewers organization. eric
earned his M.ed. in exercise science from spring-
field college.
i was pleasantly surprised to hear frommy fellow
singing sinner and former class r eporter
line“Jackie”Roy Hallock
after graduating from
st. Lawrence, Jackie earned her Msc. inmedia and
communications from the London school of eco-
nomics and political science. she then worked as
a news producer for Hearst television in platts-
burgh, n.y./Burlington, vt., until she realized
journalism wasn’t the right fi . Jackie switched
to the banking industry in 2008 and was recently
named director of marketing for champlain na-
tional Bank, a family-owned bank headquartered
inwillsboro, n.y. she says she absolutely loves her
work and loves the north country, though she
feels light years away from canton!
Jackiemarriedt homHallock, who shemet at the
tv station, on september 1, 2012. t hom is an an-
chor and senior news producer at Mountain Lake
pBs in plattsburgh, where the couple resides.
t hanks to those who have sent in their news.
For those who haven’t, please consider writing a
quick note to let us knowwhat you’ve been up to!
Until next time, i wish you all the best.
Danielle sanzone ’05
Pawling Ave.
Troy, NY 12180-4718
next r eunion: 10
, 2015
Fellow 2005 grads, the time we have joked about
for years has finally arrived: most of us are turn-
ing 30 this year. i did in December. i think i had
a harder time with 25. a new decade does mean
we’re getting older, but it also means we’re get-
tingwiser and getting involved in newopportuni-
ties and life experiences.
had a very cool ex-
perience last July
when she accom-
panied her aunt on
a weeklong cruise
to iceland. she sat
down to breakfast
the first morning
and mentioned that she’d gone to st. Lawrence.
a tablemate exclaimed that she had too! it was
Linda Millspaugh taylor ‘62, with her husband,
gordon.“we had a great time exploring the beau-
tiful island of iceland,” phyllis said. she and Linda
left) are pictured at Heimaey.
Megan Reeve
changed cities last summer, mov-
ing from Boston to washington, D.c., to work at
the institute of Medicine on medical and public
health preparedness activities. “Boston had a re-
ally great sLU alumni group, which will be hard to
top, but i’mexcited to see some new familiar faces
and meet Laurentians here,”she said.
Laura Jenks
moved back to Burlington, vt., last
June. she is a residential educator at the r ock
point school. she finished her M.ed. with a con-
centration in art in December. at nearby stowe,
she is a ski racing coach of 12- and 13-year-olds.
Over new year’s, Laura met up with a group of
st. Lawrence people including
Josh Potter,
r aurri
Jennings ’08, colie collen ’06, Dennis Morreale
zack dupont ’07, steve Millington ’07, elise
Fitzgerald ’09, Mike O’connor ’09 and wendy
Matthews ’03. t hey saw r ubble Bucket at Higher
ground to celebrate. “it was a blast!” Jenks said.
see the picture on the next page).
i have several weddings to report. t here are pic-
tures of some of them in“wedding album.”
Jen Farrington
married sam seiberling, Dart-
mouth ’06, in golden, col., last september. in
attendance were
Nicole Adamidis Cum-
mings,Tricia Bacon Raiti, MeganMerrihew
Rachel Arey Cook.
t he newlyweds live in Denver.
Colby Gargano Summers
and chris summers
married last year. t hey have a baby girl, seton
elizabeth, born in august 2012.
Nick Williams
got married in gunnison chapel
last July 21. Many st. Lawrence guests, including
a ballet instructor, were on hand.