spring 2013 | st. Lawrence Universit y Magazine 55
Joe Kerper ’00
Centaur Drive
Evergreen, CO 80439
next r eunion: 15
, 2016 (
cluster with ’01, ’02)
Carson Roy
and Jillian goode were married
last July 14 at the Jonathan edwards winery in
north stonington, conn. t here to celebrate were
george clayton’ 99,
Danny Graham, Brendan
Hogan, Rory Caster,
Dan sheff ’01,
Ian Kelleher,
Scott Albert, Spencer Jones
Stacy Eyth
and a couple of former st. Lawrence devel-
opment officers. carson is director of admissions
and financia aid at the pomfret school in con-
Tim Herrick
and Mariah williams wed on July 9,
his firs -year roommate
Mike Newton
Best Man. t im and Mariah live in Hamilton, Mass.
t im is an assistant project manager at the suffolk
construction company.
pictures of both appear in“wedding album.”
Belated congratulations to
Charlotte Boulay,
who had a poem published in
New Yorker
zine in early December.
anything new to report, you know where to
send it.
Bridgette holmes Gallagher ’01
State Street
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-4375
next r eunion: 15
, 2016 (
cluster with ’00, ’02)
t here are a lot of new Laurentians to welcome,
and other great news. Keep the updates and the
emails coming. i am always so pleased to see
classmates’names in my inbox!
George Ciccariello-Maher
to philadelphia two years ago, with their son,
Oakley Francisco. geo is an assistant professor
of political science at Drexel University, and his
firs book,
We Created Chávez: A People’s History
of the Venezuelan Revolution
will be published
in the spring by Duke University press. abbey is
a freelance nutritionist, specializing in digestion
and connective tissue disorders. t hey recently
celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary. con-
grats, you two!
i heard from lots of mamas and papas this time.
i’ll start with some babies that seem to have al-
ready met each other. My firs -year roommate,
Carrie Scott Sullivan
proudly welcomed a
daughter, abigail Jane, on October 21, 2012.
Claire Spollen
told me, “My husband, r ichard
Bolduc, and i welcomed John padraig Bolduc to
our family on september 16, 2012. we still live in
portsmouth, n.H., but i get to see
Maury Vincent
and carrie sullivan each week for a play
group.”Maury added, “andy and i had a baby girl,
Molly, last May.we are enjoying it somuch, we are
having another baby this coming May!”
Dan Sheff
and Des also welcomed a baby boy,
r yan, on april 18, 2012. Dan is still teaching and
coaching at Middlesex school in concord, Mass.,
and happily so.
Emily Howe McDonnell
had her
third boy, charlie, on October 13, 2012. sadie tal-
madge and husband Jeff welcomed a son, Jack,
on December 21. she says he was the“Best christ-
mas present ever.”
Wally Sweet
is in san Diego, working as an attor-
ney. He and emily had their firs daughter, clara
Helen sweet, in January 2012.
Jeff Overman
Jaime Desantos
their third child (firs girl) on november 30, 2012:
grace James Overman. “t he boys are fi ed up to
have another friend in the house,” he wrote. He
has moved on from being a financia advisor at
Deutsche Bank and started his own fi m, Over-
man capital LLc, in greenwich, conn. congratula-
tions to Jeff and Jaime!
Megan Downs Perez
also has a new addition,
with husband anthony. a son, cameron, joins
daughter Mia, born in 2008. she works part-time
at sUny plattsburgh as a counselor for individu-
als with disabilities, “and full-time as a very busy
Melissa Trumble Trzepacz
writes that her clan
welcomed “our third addition last november 1.
paige joins big brother sidney and sister annabel-
la.” t hey are in Medford, Mass.; she works for the
city of everett as a crime analyst, and is“loving it!”
she’d be happy to help alumni in the Boston area
interested in law enforcement or crime analysis.“i
hire interns all the time,” she says. “Look me up at
the police station.”
a set of twins rounds out the baby news.
andMelanie announce the
birthof the James andHarper last september 12.
turning to weddings,
Keely Parisian
chris Farrell ’00, on January 26, 2013, and
married Ben zimmerman on July 7,
in newcastle, n.H.
Sarah Hardoby Aran-
was married on november 10, 2012, in Bath-
sheba, Barbados, to christopher arancio.
Diegor Caprio, Meghan Nichols
Blake Reardon
were bridesmaids. “Lindsay and
i will also be attending Meghan’s wedding this
March in naples, Fla.,”sarah wrote.
Jen Grygiel
who i went to London with in 2000,
wrote to say she’s engaged to Kathleen irving,
with whom she lives in cambridge, Mass. t hey
plan to tie the knot in October. “Hopefully our
marriage will be federally recognized by then!”
she said. t hanks for sending the great news, Jen!
Erin Butler Hayes
has opened a new Lake placid
law office. she’s also hired another Laurentian and
KDs sister, Molly shubert Hann ’03.
Beth Lacey Gill
is still at irvine nature center in
Maryland, as the director of marketing. “i really
love it, and get to spend a lot of time outside,”she
says. she’s also started fostering dogs. “it’s lovely
to see them leave my care and go to forever fami-
lies,”she avers.
KateWalker McArdle
is the new environmental
education coordinator for the same organization
she has been with for five years, the child care
council in r ochester, n.y. “we are funded by the
epa, with the goal to reduce toxic chemicals in
child care settings,”she explains.“i live in penfiel ,
n.y., with my husband and two kids, tessa, 4, and
Keelyn, 18 months. we try to travel and get out-
side to play as much as possible!”
nixon peabody LLp announces the promotion
Colette Dafoe
to partner. she works in real estate
law in the firm’s washington, D.c, office, focusing
on commercial real estate transactions, including
multifamily housing matters, particularly with
respect to the senior housing and care industry.
she earned her law degree at northeastern after
graduating summa cum laude from st. Lawrence.
i visited campus in October (firs time since 2004,
i think!) with
Shea Farrell Carr, Kristy Moe Carl-
son, Jen Beebe Luley, Kathy Crane, Mackenzie
Curtin Monaco
and arlene Dudley ’00. it was a
great time and a typical beautiful fall weekend in
canton. i was very happy to see that not all that
much had changed. t he Dana workers were the
same, the guy at sergi’s--made us feel not so old
after all!
Katie evereth ’02
Marion street #26
Denver, CO 80203
703-517-0071 (
next r eunion: 15
, 2016 (
cluster with ’00, ’01)
greetings classmates! i hope everyone is well.
Jen Fonda Cole
wrote about a fall 2011 three-
week western U.s. road trip with her husband,
christopher. Major stops included the Black Hills,
Mt. r ushmore, Devil’s tower, yellowstone and the
grand tetons. t hen it was on to Durango, col.,
to visit
Missy Gillon Stacy
and see Mesa verde
national park and the Florissant Fossil Beds. Her
most recent news is that“i am a full-time Mommy!
Kelsea carlea cole was born on July 6, 2012, and is
a wonderful baby! i keep in touch with
April Riel
Jen Gotham,
who were both at my
baby shower.”congratulations, Jen!
Eric Gregware
and sarah were married on au-
gust 25, 2012, on the st. Lawrence r iver in clay-
ton, n.y. t he reception was on wellesley island,
so they used an antique shuttle boat as their taxi.
t hey live on the Upper west side of Manhattan.
Tim Salinger, Kieran Pinney
Jon Kaplan
were in the wedding party.
i’ve taken on a new role in the marketing and
advertising department at sports authority’s cor-
porate offices in englewood, col. i started in July
and have been working my tail off i’m re-
sponsible for coordinating all the print and media
collateral that the company sends out for news-
papers, magazine ads and in-store posters and
signage. it’s been busy but i love it!
Keep sending me your updates. i love hearing
from you all.
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